Increase her vocabulary find out the English suffix -ISH

The SUFFIX -ish can mean = it’s like, or has the top quality of:foolish – choose a stupid / stylish – has great style / childish – choose a child 
For a country’s world or things:From Sweden – sweden / from Britain – british / indigenous Ireland – Irish-ish with other adjectives:My new suit is bluish-gray.

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In this post you will learn exactly how to use the English suffix – ISH in organic conversation. Sound as with a indigenous speaker.Watch the English video that supports this lesson in ~ the finish of the short article to improve her English listening skills.
What is a suffix?A suffix is a letter or team of letters included to the finish of a word come make another word.

to do the comparative form of one adjective big – biggerto change the word form (adjective come noun) happy – happinessLet’s learn how you deserve to use the suffix -ish to conveniently increase your English vocabulary.-ish can median = the like, or has actually the high quality of
How to usage Modal verb – Can could May could (Quiz)

Uses because that the English suffix -ish

foolish – prefer a foolstylish – has good stylechildish – prefer a child

Here are some more examples:“I can’t wear these shoes, they’re my sisters! They’re as well girlish because that me.”(These shoes look choose a girl would certainly wear castle so i don’t want to undertake them. I’m no a girl!)

When Linda was young she was kind of boyish, she was always playing sports and also fishing with her brothers.I request my girlfriend Martin exactly how he was emotion today? He stated he wasn’t emotion great. He had a headache and also felt a bit feverish.Do you know what a fever is?So can you assumption: v what feverish means?feverish means having actually or mirroring the symptoms of a fever.Martin said he was feeling a bit feverish so perhaps he doesn’t have a fever, but he feels the symptoms a small bit.


For a country’s civilization or things

We can additionally use ~ish to describe something from an area or country~Someone or something native Spain is Spanish.Spanish rice, Spanish dancing, and the Spanish language.Someone or something indigenous England is English.A common English breakfast, we have the right to talk about English weather, and of course the English language. Someone or something native Scotland is Scottish.A Scottish man, put on Scottish clothes, play Scottish music.
More nation examples that usage the suffix -ISH:From Finland – FinnishFrom Sweden – SwedishFrom brothers – BritishFrom Ireland – IrishFrom Denmark – DanishOf course, this doesn’t job-related for every nation so it is in careful!I’m indigenous Canada yet I’m Canadian, not Canadaish!Read, listen, and learn through my Canada pilgrimage story Pt. 1 HERE!

Use -ish with numbers

It’s very common to usage -ish v numbers to average approximately, or about that number.We frequently use the suffix ~ish as soon as we talk about time.“I’ll come by around 7-ish.” = i’ll come through at about 7:00.Also with someone’s age.“I’m no sure exactly how old Carl is, i think he is 35-ish?”This means about or close to 35.

Adjectives v -ish.

We can additionally use -ish with various other adjectives.Colors are very often used with -ish to typical very comparable but no exactly, or a combination of 2 colors.“My brand-new suit is bluish-gray.”“The sunlight turned the skies reddish-orange this morning. It to be beautiful.”
Transitive and also Intransitive verbs through PDF downloadOther adjective too. Other adjectives with ~ish frequently usually typical a weaker version of the adjective.“My coffee is kind of warmish now, I like to drink it hot. Time because that a refill!”This means the coffee is a tiny bit warm, indigenous this example we get the emotion that it’s not warm enough.

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You can discover a much bigger list that words making use of the suffix -ish at the attach below. native speakers use -ish a lot to define things, and also they often make up completely new words! English speakers recognize that if they include -ish to the end of a native it will certainly be understood as “like that thing” civilization often use it with points that are renowned or fine known.If someone’s hair looks like a celebrity’s hair we could say…“I like that male hair, it’s type of George Clooney-ish.”His hair is prefer George Clooney’s hair.
The English suffix -ISH videoWatch the video listed below to review the grammar and also improve your English hearne skills!
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