In mexican Spanish, mijo is a slang word that human being use to describe their sons. It can additionally be offered informally as a synonym for ‘boy’ or an affectionate means of referring to a friend. Mija is its feminine form and is only used when introduce to girls, daughters or young women.

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Both mijo and mija are very popular words in mexico Spanish. Since you can use them also if you don’t have kids, in the adhering to sections, okay explain and show you how to use these words into your conversations.

What go ‘mijo’ and also ‘mija’ median in Spanish?

In Spanish, ‘mijo’ and also its feminine kind ‘mija’ are informal indigenous that people use to call their children and other kids. The can also be supplied as one affectionate method to describe a girlfriend or your significant other. Relying on the context, ‘mijo’ and ‘mija’ might have different translations:

‘Mijo’ and ‘mija’ can be analyzed as ‘son’, ‘daughter’, ‘kid’, ‘honey’ or ‘sweetheart’ when used to call your children.If provided as one informal way to call a kid, young guy or young woman, ‘mijo’ and also ‘mija’ deserve to be interpreted as ‘boy’, ‘girl’ or ‘kid’When provided as one affectionate means to call a friend or her partner, ‘mijo’ and also ‘mija’ are close in meaning to ‘honey’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘dude’ or ‘pal’.

As slang terms, ‘mijo’ and also ‘mija’ are only used in not blocked or casual situations. Additionally, these words are famous in mexico Spanish, yet they can also be used in various other Latin American Countries.

As an informal means to call your kids

In Spanish, mijo is a convulsion of ‘mi hijo’ if mija is the brief version that ‘mi hija’. As a result, among the most usual uses of these words is as an affectionate and also casual way to contact your kids in Spanish.

Since their direct translations ‘son’ and also ‘daughter’ could sound too formal in English, ‘mijo’ and also ‘mija’ are likewise close in meaning to ‘boy’, ‘girl’, ‘honey’ or ‘sweetheart’. Save in mind that, in this context, this words space only offered to directly speak to or name your kids.

Notice that, depending upon the situation, you might need to usage its feminine, masculine or plural forms.


Quiubo, mijo, ¿cómo dare fue en la escuela?How is the going, son? just how was school?

Mijas, córranle. Nos vamos en 5 minutos.Girls, hurry. We’re leave in 5 minutes.

Feliz cumpleaños, mija, car amo.Happy birthday, daughter, ns love you.

A ver, mijitos, aquí se hace lo que yo digo.Okay, kids, here you do as i say.

In this context, you can likewise use the diminutive form mijito and mijita. These variations room a bit an ext affectionate, but with the appropriate tone the voice castle can likewise be used to scold your kids. Once I to be a young girl and also I heard mijita, I knew ns was in huge trouble.

As casual synonym that ‘girl’ and also ‘boy’

Since they deserve to be interpreted as ‘kid’ ‘kiddo’, ‘boy’ or ‘girl’, in Spanish, mijo and mija can also be provided to call any kind of kid the is no yours. To put it in basic words, this terms deserve to be supplied when referring to other kids in your household or to kids whose names friend don’t also know.


Oye, mija, ¿estás bien?Hey, girl, are you okay?

Mijos, díganle a su abue que la comida ya está.Kids, go to tell her granny the the food is ready.

De nada, mijo, me voy a esperar hasta que llegue tu mami.You’re welcome, kiddo, okay wait until your mother arrives.

With this meaning, ‘mijo’ and also ‘mija’ are also used together an affectionate means to contact a person that is considerably younger than you. In this case, they have the right to be analyzed as ‘honey’ or ‘dear’.

Buenos días, mija, ¿qué vas a llevar?Good morning, dear, what execute you need?

Mijito, ¿me puedes ayudar con estas bolsas?Honey, can you aid me v these bags?

As a nickname between friends and couples

Since ‘mijo’ and ‘mija’ are affectionate terms, mexico speakers additionally use these words as nicknames or cute ways to call either your friends or their far-reaching other. So, if introduce to her friends, these words space close in meaning to ‘dude, ‘buddy’ or ‘pal’.

But, together a nickname because that couples, ‘mijo’ and ‘mija’ can be analyzed as ‘honey’, ‘sweetheart’ or ‘babe’. Just like any kind of other nickname, making use of these words with their far-ranging other depends on every person’s preference.


Oye, mija, ¿cómo sigue tu mamá?Hey, sweetheart, how is your mother doing?

No, mijo, Carlos se va la semana que viene.No, dude, Carlos leaves next week.

Mijo, ¿a qué hora llegas hoy?Honey, what time execute you arrive today?

How to pronounce ‘mijo’ and ‘mija’ in Spanish

In Spanish, ‘mijo’ and ‘mija’ have actually a frame sound due to the ‘j’ pronunciation in Spanish. In various other words, the ‘j’ in this terms has actually a similar pronunciation to the English hard h. So, in this case, ‘mijo’ and ‘mija’ are pronounced precisely the exact same as you would pronounce ‘hold’, ‘home’, ‘ham’ or ‘hard’.

Synonyms because that ‘mijo’ and also ‘mija’

Here are other words the you deserve to use to change ‘mijo’ and ‘mija’ in various contexts.

Hijo is the direct translation that ‘son’. As a result, you deserve to use this word instead of ‘mijo’ as soon as calling her son.

Hija means ‘daughter’. Parents have the right to use this word in an ext formal contexts together a way to speak to or describe their daughters.

Wey is a mexican slang native that way ‘dude’, ‘buddy’ or ‘pal’. Therefore this word can be used to call or describe your friends.

Niño is the straight translation that ‘boy’ or ‘kid’. In Spanish, we use this traditional term as a means to call, name or describe a son that we don’t know. Its feminine form is niña.

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Mi amor is analyzed as ‘love’, ‘my love’ or ‘honey’ and is a typical term that world can use as an affectionate nickname for their significant other.

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