In the first part the the answer define the context in i beg your pardon the over quote is claimed by the author.

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In the next component explain what execute you understand by the quote. This quote deals with the examination of life, i.e. Introspection. Introspection helps us in our quest of wisdom and also search for the truth. But the quote can likewise be counter-argued by stating that every unexamined stays are no worth life is unreasonable. For many, life in itself is precious living even if it is it is check or not.Also cite how the quote applies in the existing context in the life that a human in society.


Socrates was considered by many to it is in the wisest man in old Greece, his talked words are still listened to and also followed today.

Meaning that – one unexamined life is no worth living.

Through this statement, Socrates method that one unexamined human being life is deprived the the an interpretation and purpose of existence. Come become fully human method to usage our highly arisen faculty of assumed to raise our existence above that of only beasts. For if we don’t think, we space no an ext than animals, simply eating, sleeping, working and also procreating.

Importance of check life

Just favor a seed needs soil, sunlight, and water for its germination, person life requirements introspection and also examination because that its growth. An knowledge of the experiences got in life in ~ any specific time enriches one’s engagement with the self and also the universe.Mahatma Gandhi’s examination of self v his autobiography ‘My experiments through truth’ highlights the definition of have fun on life. Mahatma Gandhi was not only able to map his weaknesses and also vulnerabilities through the examination however was additionally able to inquiry his prejudices and understand his strength as a person being.This an extremely ability to reflect ~ above life adds an ext depth to the character of ‘Arjun’ in Mahabharat than many of the other personalities like Bheeshm, Yudhishthir or the Kauravs. Rather of following the norms and fighting through his clan, Arjun questions the meaninglessness that the war and the function of his life.The fast-changing societies and also consumerist society in the modern-day world leave much less time for humans to examine and also think about the changes. Adaptation to transforms has come to be automatic and unquestionable.

The present relevance of the statement

The quotation has solid relevance in the existing times where people are burdened with the backgrounds of war, colonization, nationalization, erosion of principles in the scientific and technical advancements and the sense of spirituality uprootedness.

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It is in these times that one needs to cave deeper right into the conscience to find the objective of existence and also engage in a more meaningful manner through society.