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What Does william Mean?

The surname William is a timeless classic with English roots the date earlier almost a thousands years, yet is still popular today. It means "resolute protector" or "strong-willed warrior" and also comes indigenous Wilhelm, of Old German origin. ~ the name was presented to England by william the conquer at the time of the Conquest, it got status together a fashionable moniker.

Several kings named William have actually ruled in the british Isles, as well as in other empires. Prince William, duke of Cambridge, is a existing member the the British royal family and will it is in the ultimate heir come the brothers throne.

Origin: The name originates from Germanic source Wilhelm which is composed of the aspects wil (will or desire) and helm (helmet or protection).Gender: William is historically the masculine type of the name. Feminine variations include Wilhelmina, Wilma, and Billie.Pronunciation: WIL-lee-yahm

Although many baby names are separated by gender, Verywell family believes that sex walk not need to play a function in her name selection process. It's important to select a name that you feeling suits your brand-new baby the best.

How famous is the name William?

William is a classic name the has endured for centuries. Not just is it well-known in the English language, but it has its tantamount in other legacies as well.

Since 1900, the surname William has consistently ranked in the top 20 surname for guys in the unified States. It has actually continually to be a renowned boy name, enjoying top 10 status during the very first 75 year of data arsenal by the Social security Administration.

William started progressively climbing the charts again ~ that and is at this time ranked No. 5 in popular in the United claims in 2020.

Guillaume (French)Willum (Scots)Willian, Guilherme (Portuguese)Viliamu (Samoan)Guillermo (Spanish)Liam (Irish)Wilhem (German, Polish, Swedish)Willem, Wilhelmus (Dutch, low German)Wallam (Persian)Vilyam, Vilyim (Turkish)

Famous civilization Named william

Notable Williams selection from British majesties to American presidents and also Hollywood film and also television stars. The popular of the name William in the English language likely began with the intrusion of England in 1066 by william the Conqueror, who came to be the first Norman king of England. Now, renowned pop-culture symbols named William use their nicknames professionally, consisting of Billy Idol and also Bill Nye the scientific research Guy.

well known Williams and Wills:

William Shakespeare, English playwright recognized as the biggest writer in the English languageWilliam Shatner, actor/director most well-known for function as Captain Kirk in the "Star Trek" franchisePrince William, fight it out of Cambridge and also heir come the brother throneWill Arnett, Canadian-American actor and also Emmy nominee for "Arrested Development," "Bojack Horseman," and "30 Rock", American rapper, singer, songwriter, and also record producer

famous Bills, Billy's, and Billie's

President bill Clinton, served as the 42nd president of the joined StatesBill Murray, American actor, comedian, and writerBill Nye the scientific research Guy, American mechanical engineer, scientific research communicator, and also television presenterBilly Idol, English musician, singer, songwriter, and actorBilly Graham, prominent American evangelist and evangelical Christian figureBilly Ocean, British/Trinidadian record artist the the 1970s and 1980sBillie Eilish, American singer and songwriter found at period 14Billie Joe Armstrong, American musician and also lead vocalist of the rock band environment-friendly DayBillie Holiday, American jazz singer who influenced the genre

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