Origin of the name Freya:

Feminine form of Frey (lord, he who is foremost), Freya has actually the definition \"lady, mistress, noblewoman.\" In norseman mythology, Freya to be the goddess of fertility. A daughter the Njord and also a sister that Frey, Freya to be the many beautiful the the goddesses. She owned the Necklace the the Brísings, the Brísingamen.

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From A world of baby Names by Teresa Norman.

US popularity of Freya over Time


Amelia Anna Ava Cerys Elijah Ella Emily Finn George bother Heidi Imogen Ingrid Isaac Jacob Kol Mia Niklaus young name Odin Oliver Olivia Rebekah Saskia Tristan
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The surname may an ext formally it is in pronounced FRY-a. Yet commonly the anglicised FRAY-a

Norse goddess linked with love, beauty, destiny, fertility, war and death

Scandinavian variations incorporate Frøja, Freja, and also Freyja

Famous real-life civilization named Freya

Dame Freya Madeline Stark(1893-1993)British explorer and travel writerWrote an ext than 2 dozen books on her travels in the center East and also Afghanistan, and also several autobiographic works and also essays. One of the an initial non-Arabians to travel with the southern Arabian deserts.

Freya valve den Bossche(born 1975)A Belgian, Flemish politician and daughter of prominent former Belgian politician Luc valve den Bossche. She was the youngest ever before minister appointed in Belgium.

Freya North(born 1967)A british writer, energetic since 1996, and one that the precursors that Chick-lit. She novels, which have actually been critical and financial successes, centre around solid female characters and also their raunchy exploits.

Freya Christine Clausen(born 1978)A Danish singer/songwriter and television personality, based in Copenhagen. Also known by she mononym Freya.

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Freya Ross(born 1983)A Scottish long-distance runner who represented Scotland in the 2010 commonwealth Games.

Freya in song, story & screen

Freya (song), a song by doom steel band The sword from their 2006 debut album period of Winters

Freya (band), a metal/hardcore tape from Syracuse, NY

Freya (video video game character) in final Fantasy IX

Freya Beauchamp - personality in the T.V. Display \"Witches of eastern End\" based on the book by Melissa de la Cruz. Character play by Jenna Dewan Tatum. The ran from October 6, 2013 - October 5, 2014