Origin of the surname Chelsea:

Borrowed native the surname of a London borough ~ above the northern bank of the Thames. Var: Chelsie.

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From A civilization of baby Names by Teresa Norman.

US popular of Chelsea end Time


Andrew Ashley Brandon Brittany Cameron Charlotte Courtney Dylan Emily Hannah Jacob James Jessica Joshua Justin Kyle Lauren Madison Megan Michael Nathan Quinley Rachel Ryan Zachary
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Chels, Chel, Chelly Belly, Chelly, Cela, Charlie, Chellie, Cello, Chela, Chi Chi, Chelita, Chavela, Chellie Belle, Chelserita, Red warm Chelsea Peppers.

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Meanings and history of the surname Chelsea

Old English in derivation. Chelsea method "a harbor of ships" or "chalk landing place"; that"s why you have Chelsea in London and Chelsea Piers in brand-new York City.

Famous real-life people named Chelsea

Chelsea happiness Handler, American comedian and also actressChelsea Victoria Clinton, daughter of former US President invoice ClintonChelsea Cooley, miss USA 2005Chelsea Kane, actressChelsea Quinn Yarbro, writerChelsie Hightower, experienced ballroom dancerChellsie Memmell, 2008 American Olympic gymnastChelsea Crockett- Youtuber, beauty GuruChelsea Clark, Canadian actressChelsea Houska, teen Mom

Chelsea in song, story & screen

Music:-Song "Chelsea Morning" by Joni Mitchell (1969)-Song "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" by Leonard Cohen-Song "Chelsea Girl" by Nico (1967)-Song "Midnight in Chelsea" by Bon Jovi (1996)-Song "Chelsea Rodgers" through Prince (2007)-Song "Chelsea" by Stephy (2006)-Song "Chelsea" by The Summer collection (Chelsea Kane Staub) (2009)-Song "(I Don"t want to walk to) Chelsea" through Elvis Costello (1978)-Death steel band called "Chelsea Grin"

Books:-"Are girlfriend There, Vodka? It"s Me Chelsea" through Chelsea Handler (2009)-"Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" through Chelsea Handler (2010)

Film & TV:-Jane Fonda"s character in "On golden Pond" was named Chelsea (1981) and greatly popularized usage of the name-The movie "Chelsea Girls" (1966)-The film "Chelsea Walls," collection in NYC"s Chelsea Hotel (2001)-Daryl Hannah"s character in "Legal Eagles" was called Chelsea Elizabeth Deardon (1986)-There is a character named Chelsea Melini ~ above the sitcom "Two and a fifty percent Men" (2009-present)-"Chelsea Lately" is a U.S. TV talk present starring Chelsea Handler (2007-present)-"Chelsea Does" Netflix initial series