Definition: The Lorenz curve is a method of showing the distribution of income (or wealth) within an economy. It was arisen by Max O. Lorenz in 1905 because that representing riches distribution.The Lorenz curve shows the cumulative share of revenue from different sections of the population.If there was perfect equality – if everyone had the exact same salary – the poorest 20% that the populace would acquire 20% of the complete income. The poorest 60% of the population would acquire 60% that the income.

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Diagram the Lorenz curve

In this Lorenz curve, the poorest 20% of families have 5% that the nation’s complete income.

The poorest 90% the the populace holds 55% of the complete income. That method the richest 10% of income earners gain 45% of complete income.

Shift in the Lorenz Curve


In this example, there has actually been a reduction in inequality – the Lorenz curve has moved closer come the heat of equality.

The poorest 20% the the population now get 9% of total incomeThe richest 10% of the populace used to get 45% of total income yet now only obtain 25% of total income.

The Lorenz Curve and the Gini Coefficient

The Lorenz Curve have the right to be supplied to calculation the Gini coefficient – one more measure that inequality.

The Gini coefficient is area A/A+B

The closer the Lorenz curve is come the line of equality, the smaller area A is. And also the Gini coefficient will be low.

If there is a high level of inequality, then area A will certainly be a bigger percent of the total area.

A rise in the Gini coefficient shows a climb in inequality – it shows the Lorenz curve is further away from the line of equality.

Lorenz Curve and also wealth

Wealth Inequality and also Lorenz curve

The Lorenz curve shows the cumulative wide range of each wealth decile. It mirrors that the lowest 38% of individuals have zero property wealth. The peak 10% own practically 50% of residential property wealth.

With gaue won wealth, inequality is even greater through 60% of the population in debt and an adverse wealth. The top 10% have actually 80% of the countries financial wealth.


Gini Coefficient in the UK

This mirrors that since 1979, the UK has seen a rise in inequality – especially throughout the 1980s.

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The initial Lorenz Curve


American statistical Association June 1905 JSTOR

Interestingly, the original Lorenz curve had percents of complete income and also percents of the populace on various axis.