Using Microsoft Word, you"ve produced a skilled high quality report in ~ work, or a resume if friend are in search of a job. It"s ready to be published to the target reader. The only difficulty is, it"s complete of red (potential spelling mistakes) and also green (potential grammar mistakes) squiggly underlines.

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Adding all the words that are underlined in red come your thesaurus will only impact your own computer. As soon as the file is opened up on someone else"s computer, those lines will be earlier and friend won"t even know it.

Is it possible to remove not only the red but additionally the green squiggly underlines for good? Absolutely. Just follow the straightforward instructions below.


Maximize the quality of your creating by always turning spell checking and grammar checking earlier on when you walk to make alters to the document.
Did girlfriend Know? Canadian English is no the exact same as U.S. English and also is different from U.K. English. Always select the exactly language come ensure native is using the exactly spelling and grammar rule in your document.

The first step should always be to spell check and grammar examine your document. Make certain Word isn"t actually right. Bad spelling (red squiggly underlines) and also grammar (green squiggly underlines) can often remove every the credibility you accumulated in an otherwise very professional looking and sounding documents.

The next measures to follow will rely on the version of Microsoft Word that you are using.

Word 2010 | native 2007 | word 2003

Word 2010

Start by pushing CTRL-A to select your entirety document.

1. Click the Review tab in ~ the peak of the window and climate on the Language button. Click Set Proofing Language…


Click ~ above the name of the language in the status bar at the bottom that the screen.

2. Include a check mark in the Do not examine spelling or grammar option and also click OK.

All the red and also green squiggly underlines have to be gone.

3. If you space there, come ensure that the recipient sees things precisely as friend do, make certain that you collection the document display to Final.

Word 2007

Start by pressing CTRL-A to pick your totality document.

1. Click on the Review tab at the top of the home window and then on the Language button. It"s the one with a globe and a checkmark in the proofing section.


Click top top the surname of the language in the status bar in ~ the bottom the the screen.

2. Add a examine mark in the Do not inspect spelling or grammar option and also click OK.

That"s it. The red and also green squiggly underlines should have actually vanished.

3. When you room there, come ensure that the recipient look at things specifically as girlfriend do, make sure that you set the paper display come Final.

Word 2003

Start by pressing CTRL-A to choose your whole document.

1. Click on the Tools menu at the peak of the window, then on Language and also then on Set Language…. If girlfriend don"t check out Language in the menu, double-click on the Tools menu to broaden the list.


Click ~ above the surname of the language in the standing bar at the bottom of the screen.

2. Include a check mark in the Do not inspect spelling or grammar option and click OK.

There shouln"t be any kind of red or green squiggly underlines left.

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Add yours


hasn’t do a single bit that difference. Ns in the middle of writing a 60 page record to a quick deadline and also everything started showing up in red writing with a line down the side too and also ive tried whatever to acquire it stopped. Ugh!

Michael Milette

Hi Rachael, i m really sorry to hear the you space having challenge with her document.

What you room experiencing is not a problem with the grammar/spell check. Your file is in reality in review tracking mode.

This is a beneficial feature once you desire to track changes someone is do to her document.

If her teacher/employer/client has actually asked you to make revisions to her work, he/she may have turned ~ above this tracking setting so that transforms can it is in easily established without having to review the whole paper again.

You have a couple of options:

One is that you might tell Word come just display the last version that your document without displaying wherein all the transforms are. Review tracking will proceed to track your alters if the is valuable to you.

The other choice is to revolve revision tracking off fully – specifically if it could have been turned on through accident.

You’ll find all the revision tracking choices in word 2007 and also 2010 in the “Review” tab. The section is called “Tracking”. I think it is quiet in the same location in Office 2013 / Office 365.

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Hope this helps. Leave one more reply right here if friend need help figuring out the options here.