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It is a proverb:

The grass is always greener top top the various other side of the fence

People are never ever satisfied with their very own situation; they always think others have actually it better.


The idiom derives indigenous a an ext recent version of an ancient proverb and also exists in many variations. The roman poet Ovid, for example, quote the proverb “ferilor seges est alienis semper in agris,” an interpretation “the harvest is always much more fruitful in another man’s field.” Although dozens of execution of the proverb can be found, “the grass is constantly greener” is the favorite American way of express the sentiment.

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that is speculated that the expression came from the habit of livestock of grazing through the fence top top the grass the the surrounding field, or escaping from one pasture to an additional through a damaged fence line, in search of brand-new grass come eat.


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answered jan 3 "19 in ~ 8:01
ÖzgünErdemCeylan - yes, it may express likewise that concept. It constantly comes under to the idea the others room in a much better condition 보다 you are.
january 3 "19 in ~ 8:08
ÖzgünErdemCeylan No. The proverb doesn't really average that ~ above its own. Used to that certain situation, that doesn't speak the person has at some suggest been to that other country. It just way that one always thinks the others have it better. (But this is obviously an absurd sentiment since if anyone thinks that around everyone else...)
january 3 "19 at 13:29
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