Are you wonder what the definition of the color aqua is? Stick around as us share some interesting information around this color and what the means.

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Aqua is the color of the ocean, that’s why in Latin, the meaning of this word is water. In the exact same way, if girlfriend think the this color, you can probably picture the azure-blue s or the clean skyline.

The color that friend see, Aqua, is a hue somewhere in between blue and also green. The is named for the shade of the water, representing a strong, intense eco-friendly color, with clues of blue and also the lack of red.

Aqua, at very first glance, might look like blue-green, however these are two different colors with unique qualities.

Are friend trying to paint using aqua acrylic paint? Keep analysis to find out the finest colors to incorporate with aqua and also what colour you deserve to use to do this hue.

Properties that Aqua Color

In the RGB shade model, aqua leans more towards blue and also green, there is no the primary color red. This is because of the properties of light and water current in the color.

When irradiate travels v water, red wavelengths are absorbed, and blue and also green escape the absorption. With this, deep water appears blue or blue-green.

If you study bodies the water, some may look clearer 보다 the others. Components such as light, depth, and mineral contents make the color of water different.


Note that putting too much yellow right into the mixture can develop a various shade of aqua. It is vital to mix a smaller quantity first, then include as you walk to get your desired shade. An additional color mixture to gain aqua contains combining pale green, blue, and also yellow.

In color mixing, what’s essential is using enough quantity of each color. For aqua, girlfriend don’t need to mix equal amounts of blue, yellow, and also white, due to the fact that yellow have the right to intensify the lightly of aqua. Experiment through your brush and mix evenly, then see if you should add an ext of the discussed colors.

Meaning of Aqua Color

The lightness of the shade can median clarity that thought and also calmness. This is the factor why the beach is linked with easing stress and pressure. The turquoise waters and blue skies calm the psychic and provide a sense of clarity.

Aqua can mean balance and also stability, as well as peace, growth, and energy. If your favorite color is aqua, it represents your inner peace and gentle personality.

Additionally, this color encourages inside healing, enhances empathy, and also shows care.

Overall, this color means tranquility and also being at peace. The reason why some human being paint their child’s room aqua is due to the fact that it is light, fun, and calming. The shade is easy on the eyes and also can make anyone feel at ease.

Aqua in inner Design and Branding

The color of water or aqua is provided by a the majority of brands, including Skype, Twitter, Windows, and Dell since of the attractiveness that the color. Not to cite the standout high quality of aqua, which provides brands dominant.

For internal design, aqua simply makes spaces feeling bigger and also brighter. With natural light comes in, the shade can make a residence feel calming and also fresh. The finest color combinations because that aqua space pastel pink, gray, white, gold, and also navy.


Aqua is a good color that can be conveniently paired with various other colors. Due to the fact that of its light appearance, aqua is associated with peace, clarity of thought, and healing.

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The following time you use aqua in your art project, you will have the ability to readily distinguish it from various other colors such together turquoise and cyan.