TASC Probation is a special type of probation the is available to criminal defendants who have substance abuse issues and elect to obtain treatment for your disorder. It’s a possible sentence the I have actually explored transparent the year to assist my clients stop a criminal conviction and be maybe to relocate on with their lives. TASC represents “Treatment options for safe Communities.” This not for profit organization has offices throughout the State of Illinois in every ar that offers treatment services for adults who have substance abuse issues. TASC probation is various from constant drug probation in the you execute not have to be charged through a drug crime to receive TASC probation.

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Under the Illinois Alcoholism and also Other medicine Dependency act you have the right to ask the the court act you together someone who has a medicine problem. Once you make the request you will certainly be lined up because that an evaluation with a representative that the TASC program. They will interview you and determine whether you are acceptable for their program. Mine experience has been that TASC will accept you if they determine that they have actually a routine that lock think will assist you and also if they recognize that you are being honest and are prepared for help. They desire to make sure that you space seeking your services due to the fact that you really want assist for your substance abuse issues and not simply trying to avoid a criminal conviction for her criminal case.

You space not instantly eligible because that TASC probation. Over there are particular things about your case and also your lift that could make girlfriend ineligible for TASC Probation. If you room being charged v a violent crime, or you space being charged v a DUI, or if you have two or more convictions because that a violent crime, or if friend have one more pending felony, or if girlfriend are already on probation or parole, or if you have actually been admitted to a treatment program two or more times in the past, or if you have actually been judge of a Residential Burglary and also have one or an ext felony on your background, you might not be accepted into the program. There may be other things about you and also your case that may make friend ineligible because that TASC Probation. That’s why you have to consult v an proficient criminal defense lawyer that can aid you with TASC therefore you could avoid having actually a criminal conviction on her record.

Once friend are accepted into the TASC routine you will certainly plead guilty come the criminal charges but a conviction will certainly not go on her record. Your situation will be ongoing for 24 months and the court will order that you be put on probation and also be forced to do particular things. You will certainly be compelled to do at the very least 30 hrs of neighborhood service. You’re no going to be enabled to possess a firearm or use any illegal drugs. You’ll be compelled to send to random medicine testing and pay all fines fees and costs. In addition to these an easy requirements the court may add other problems to your probation depending on you and also your situation. Transparent my years of practicing criminal law, I’ve had cases in i beg your pardon judges have ordered my customer to gain a project or continue looking for a job, obtain a High institution or GED diploma, or experience drug, alcohol, psychiatric and also mental wellness treatment. The added requirements count on the specific case and also the specific individual before the court.

You may be required to appear periodically in court for the judge to see just how your probation is going. Yet if you do whatever that girlfriend are an alleged to do and do not commit any kind of crimes and do not test positive for any type of illegal drugs, as soon as you show up at the last court date and the court is informed that you efficiently completed the regime the case will be dismissed and you will no much longer be facing criminal prosecution. Not just is your criminal case over however you will certainly not have a criminal conviction on your record and also if anyone ever before asks friend if girlfriend have ever been convicted of a crime you deserve to answer truthfully that you have not to be convicted. However, if you do not successfully finish the probation you will be brought earlier into court and also you will certainly be sentenced for the crime the you plead guilty to as soon as you were placed on TASC probation.

In certain cases, TASC probation might be the best option for successfully resolving a criminal case. Every case is different. That’s why you should talk to an lawyer who has experience handling cases involving possible drug abuse. You have options if the attorney the you rental knows what they room doing and also knows exactly how to acquire results because that you.

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