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When purchase a graphics card you will have most most likely come across the various tiny descriptors at the finish of the model; Super, XT, Ti. Have actually you ever before wondered what they mean? Well, generally speaking, they show a boost in performance, a much more powerful version of the same graphics card the you can pick up at a higher cost 보다 the original. This day we room looking in ~ Nvidia graphic cards answering the inquiry “What go Ti typical in a GPU”.

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In this article, we space going to go over the definition of Ti, just how these cards compare to the initial models, and ultimately occupational out if you should be choose one up for your following build.

Ti is supplied on Nvidia graphic cards and also stands because that “Titanium”. Ti, just like the other descriptors top top GPUs, suggests a much more powerful card that will certainly in turn give you much better performance when compared to the non-Ti version.

Titanium or Ti was used by Nvidia plenty of years back around the GeForce 200-400 era come differentiate in between the class of cards in a similar fashion to GT, GTS, and GTX. That wasn’t till the GeForce 500 series we experienced it being provided as a clever marketing tool, describe you space buying a slightly improved GPU.

We have currently mentioned the main difference and also that is, that course, performance. Ti GPUs generally feature more CUDA cores, much more memory, greater memory speeds, and also generally use more power.

To visualize this differences and the effects they have the right to have on your gaming, let’s take a closer look.


As you have the right to see the 1660 Ti is carefully spec’d to the initial 1660, v a few subtle distinctions in speed. These small differences equate to a greater average FPS in most game titles and enable superb 1080p gameplay in maxed-out settings.




The recent Ti GPU is the RTX 2080 Ti, a monster that a card capable of some outstanding performance at 4K resolutions v graphics maxed out. This comparison reflects a line of GPU the you may be an ext familiar with, with the RTX 20-series instead of the highly regarded GTX 10-series.These two GPUs feature countless differences and also that is never ever clearer than once looking in ~ the price, through the Ti version practically costing double for part aftermarket models.



What does Ti typical in a GPU? Extra performance, baby! Ti cards at the short to mid-range are considered a stepping stone to the following one up, a type of middle ground the will expense you a smaller sized amount to upgrade and gain an ext FPS. In ~ the higher end, however, Ti GPUs room as powerful as a graphic card can possibly be and will price you the same as a luxury gaming PC just for the map itself.

If money is no object and also you are a hardcore pc gamer, a Ti GPU is walk to be the finest investment girlfriend have ever before made. For the remainder of united state that construct our pcs with a budget, the lower end Ti cards are a more realistic ingredient to go for. Nevertheless of i beg your pardon you finish up choosing, simply know that with a Ti card on her side more FPS is inevitable.


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