If you’re brand-new to the world of the app, you will do it be wanting to recognize what every one of the Snapchat slang means. In this guide, fine let you in ~ above what a many the Snapchat abbreviations meanings, for this reason you understand what everyone is on about when using the app. Discover Snapchat Slang terms meanings below, consisting of the likes of wcw, smh, and asl. Ngl, that quite complicated to save up v all the slang and shortened words these days.

Snapchat Slang | definitions of Snapchat abbreviations and also acronyms


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If you’re over 15 years old, or if you’re brand-new to the app, you may well be puzzled by all of the Snapchat slang and abbreviations. Thankfully, we’re right here to let friend in ~ above the meaning of a load of the slang terms on the app.

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If you’re looking come up your slang video game on Snapchat, we’re right here to help. If girlfriend don’t know your “rofl” from your “smh,” this is the guide for you.

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Use this Snapchat slang definition checklist to find the meanings behind a good number the the abbreviations and also acronyms friend may uncover on the app:

amosAdd Me top top SnapchataslAge, Sex, location (If human being ask, you have the right to say what nation you live in, don’t give your actual deal with to strangers)atmAt The MomentbrbBe right BackfffFollow because that FollowfpfFavorite human being FridayftFaceTimegcGroup ChathmuHit Me UpilyI Love YouilusmI Love girlfriend So lot (could additionally be ILYSM)lolLaughing out LoudlmaoLaughing mine Ass OfflmpLike my PiclmsLike mine StatusmcmMan to like MondaymcwMan like WednesdaynglNot Gonna LienrNo ReplynrsNo Replies, SorryomgOh my GodROFLRolling top top the Floor LaughingSSRStreaks and Recents or slow Reply (they might be slow to reply)sbSnap BacksfsShoutout because that Shoutout smhShaking mine HeadsmlSo lot lovesmtSend Me ThatstaSent come AllsteSent to EveryonesuSwipe UptbhTo be HonesttbtThrowback ThursdaytctTotal to like TuesdaywcwWoman crush Wednesday (wce way Woman crush Everyday)wrWon’t Reply