developed 1853. Words Alameda is obtained from alamo the Spanish surname for cottonwood or poplar tree, and means a “grove of poplar trees.” The surname was used both come the southern part of the county (La Alameda) and also to the present running v it (Rio de la Alameda) as early on as 1795.

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created 1864. It obtained its name from the English native alpine meaning “of, pertaining to, or linked with, the Alps.” Lying together it does on the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountains, that geographical place makes it an especially an alpine county, and hence that is name.


created 1854. The ar is called for Jose Maria Amador, soldier, rancher and miner, that was born in san Francisco in 1794, the child of Sergeant Pedro Amador, a Spanish soldier who cleared up in California in 1771. In 1848, Jose Maria Amador, through several native Americans, created a successful gold mining camp near the current town the Amador. In Spanish, words amador method “lover of meaningless objects.”


developed 1850. Its surname is acquired from the Marysville or Sutter Buttes, which lay in ~ the boundaries when it to be created. The word butte is acquired from the Teutonic word an interpretation “a blunt extension or elevation.” In the French language, it signifies “a small hill or mound of earth detached from any kind of mountain range.”


developed 1850. The an interpretation of the word calaveras is “skulls.” This ar takes its surname from the Calaveras River, i m sorry was supposedly so designated by very early explorer as soon as he found, ~ above the banks of the stream, numerous skulls of native Americanswho had either died of famine or had been eliminated in tribal disputes over hunting and also fishing grounds.


developed 1850. Named after two Mexican land grants; Coluses (1844) and Colus (1845). The name of the county in the initial state legislative act was spelled Colusi, and often in papers was spelled Coluse. Words is obtained from the surname of an native American people living top top the west side of the Sacramento River.


created 1850. The surname signifies “opposite coast,” since of its instance opposite san Francisco, in one easterly direction, on mountain Francisco Bay. In 1853, Alameda ar was developed from are originally included in this county.


developed 1857, from are formerly contained in Klamath County. The name of this county signifies “the north,” and also the county derived its surname from that is geographical position in the too much northwest edge of the state.


produced February 1850. El Dorado — the far-famed fabulous an ar of genial clime and also never-fading verdure, whereby gold and also precious stones are as usual as rocks and pebbles, where wines gently circulation from fountains. The name, meaning “the gilded one” in Spanish, appears at the beginning of the 16th century together that that a mythical aboriginal American chief who was claimed to have actually been spanned with yellow dust throughout the performance of religious rites. As soon as the exploration of gold by James W. Marshall at Coloma in January 1848 became known come the world, California, and specifically that ar where gold to be discovered, was called “El Dorado.” from this reality the county received its name.


developed April 1856. Named after Fresno Creek. Fresno in Spanish signifies “ash tree” and it was since of the diversity of hill ash or ash tree in the county the it got its name.


created 1891. The county was produced out the the northern part of Colusa County and was called for Dr. Hugh J. Glenn, that was the largest wheat farmer in the state during his lifetime and also a man of an excellent prominence in political and commercial life in California.


produced 1853. The county acquired its surname from Humboldt Bay, i m sorry was gotten in by a sea otter party in 1806, however was no rediscovered till 1849. In 1850, Douglas Ottinger and Hans Buhne entered the bay, specify name it Humboldt in respect of the great naturalist and also world explorer, Baron Alexander von Humboldt.


produced 1907. It obtained its surname from the imperial Valley and also is the “youngest” that California’s The sink was named for the royal Land Company, a subsidiary of the California breakthrough Company, which in ~ the turn of the century had reclaimed the southern section of the Colorado desert for agriculture.


created 1866. This county derived its name from the aboriginal American name for the mountains in its area. The meaning of words inyo is “dwelling place of the great spirit.”


produced 1866. The county acquired its surname from the Kern River, i m sorry was named for Edward Kern, topographer of general John C. Fremont’s 1845 expedition.


developed 1893. The ar was created out that a component of Tulare County; some 100 square miles of territory from Fresno ar was included in 1908. It obtained its name from the queens River which, follow to Padre Munoz’ diary the the Moraga expedition of 1806, was found in 1805 by an experimenting expedition and named Rio de los Santos Reyes (River the the holy Kings).


created 1861, from region formerly consisted of in Napa County. This county obtained its name because of the plenty of charming lakes in the area, most prominently clear Lake.


developed 1864. The county’s surname was acquired from mountain Lassen, which was called for Peter Lassen, one of basic Fremont’s guides and also a famous trapper, frontiersman and Native American fighter. That was killed by the Paiutes in ~ the base of the mountain in 1859.


produced 1850. The indigenous los angeles literally mean “the angels” and are a contraction of the initial name Pueblo del Rio de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula (the city of the river of our Lady, Queen the the Angeles). In 1781, branch Felipe de Neve issued orders because that the facility of the pueblo top top El Rio Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles. The pueblo in time became known together the Ciudad de Los Angeles (City the the Angels), and also it is from this contraction the the current name is derived.


developed 1893, indigenous a section of Fresno ar lying phibìc of the san Joaquin River. Madera in Spanish signified “timber.” The county acquired its name from the town of Madera, called when the California Lumber firm built a flume to bring lumber come the railroad over there in 1876.


created 1850. The beginning of its surname is not clear. One story claims that the ar was named for chef Marin, of the Licatiut tribe of indigenous Americans who inhabited that section and waged fierce battle versus the beforehand Spanish military explorers. The various other version is the the bay in between San Pedro and San Quentin clues was called Bahia de Nuestra Senora del Rosario la Marinera through Ayala in 1775, and also it is quite feasible that Marin is simply an abbreviation of this name.


produced February 1850. The county take it its name from Mariposa Creek. The area to be so named by Spanish explorers in 1807 once they discovered great clusters the butterflies (“mariposas” in Spanish) in the foothills that the Sierras. Some say this butterflies were yes, really butterfly lilies.


produced 1850. The county derived its name from Cape Mendocino, which was most likely named in honor of one of two people Antonio de Mendoza, Viceroy of new Spain, 1535-1542 (who sent the Juan Cabrillo expedition to this coastline in 1542), or Lorenzo Suarez de Mendoza, Viceroy native 1580 come 1583. Mendocino is an adjective form of the household name the Mendoza.


created 1855, native a part of Mariposa County. The county obtained its surname from the Merced river of El Rio de Nuestra Senora de la Merced (River of our Lady that Mercy); called in 1806 by one expedition, headed by Gabriel Moraga, which come upon it in ~ the end of a warm dusty ride.


produced 1874, native an eastern section of Siskiyou county. It obtained its surname from a fierce indigenous American tribe that live at the Pit river headwaters. One historian argues that the word modoc means “the head of the river.” one more states that words is acquired from the Klamath word moatakni an interpretation “southerners,” i.e., the people living southern of the Klamath tribe.


created 1861. The ar is called after Mono Lake, which, in 1852, was called for a aboriginal American people that populated the Sierra Nevada from phibìc of Mono Lake come Owens Lake. The tribe’s west neighbors, the Yokuts, called them monachie, meaning “fly people,” due to the fact that the pupae of a paris was their chief food staple and trading article.


created 1850. It derived its surname from the just of Monterey. The word itself is written of the Spanish indigenous monte and rey, and also literally method “king the the mountain.” The only was called by Sebastian Vizcaino in 1602, in respect of the Conde de Monterey, the Viceroy of new Spain.


produced 1850. Called after Napa Valley. Words napa is of native American derivation and also has to be variously translated as “grizzly bear,” “house,” “motherland” or “fish.” that the plenty of explanations of the names’s origin, the many plausible appears to be that it is obtained from the Patwin native napo meaning house.


created 1851. Named after the mining city of Nevada City, a name acquired from the hatchet “Sierra Nevada.” the word nevada in Spanish means “snowy” or “snowcovered.”


produced 1889. This ar was offered the surname of Orange come sound favor a semi-tropical heaven in order come encourage immigration.


developed 1851. Placer is more than likely a convulsion of the words plaza de oro (the place of gold) and in Spanish way “a place near a river whereby gold is found.” The county obtained its name from the countless places where the an approach of extracting gold from the earth, called placer mining, was practiced.


created 1854. The Spanish originally called one the the tributaries the the Sacramento flow El Rio de ras Plumas or the “River that Feathers.” In developing this county, the state Legislature provided it the surname Plumas because all of the plenty of branches of the Feather River have their beginnings in that mountains.


produced 1893. This county was produced from portions of san Diego and also San Bernardino and also derived its surname from the City the Riverside, christened once the top canal of the Santa Ana River got to it in 1871.


developed 1850. The ar was called by Captain Moraga ~ the Sacramento River. The word Sacramento signifies “Sacrament” or “Lord’s Supper.”


created 1874. Named after mountain Benito Valley. In his exploration in 1772, Crespi named a small river in honor of san Benidicto (Saint Benedict), the patron saint the the married, and it is native the convulsion of this name that the county take it its name.


created 1853. Saint young name is the patron saint of hill passes. The surname Bernardino method “bold as a bear.” The Spanish provided the name mountain Bernardino to the snowcapped top in southern California, in honor of the saint; from that the county obtained its name.


created 1850. Called after san Diego Bay, which had been rechristened through Vizcaino in 1602, in honor of the Franciscan, mountain Diego de Alcala de Henares, whose surname was borne by his flagship.


created 1850. The sixth mission in California was developed here through Padre Junipero Serra ~ above October 9, 1776, and also was called Mission mountain Francisco de Asis a la Laguna de los Dolores (Saint Francis of Assisi in ~ the Lagoon the Sorrows). The mission is now recognized as “Mission Dolores.”


developed 1850. The ar takes its name from the mountain Joaquin River. In the beforehand 1800s lieutenant Moraga, commanding an exploration in the lower great main Valley of California, gave the surname of san Joaquin (meaning Saint Joachim) come a rivulet that springs from the Sierra Nevada mountains and also empties into Buena Vista Lake.


developed 1850. In 1772, the Mission san Luis Obispo was created here through Padre Junipero Serra and also named because that Saint Luis, the Bishop the Toulouse. The county’s name comes from the mission.


created 1856. The county bears the Spanish surname for Saint Matthew. Together a place name, St. Matthew shows up as early on as 1776, and also the arroyo, the allude and the settlement at the unofficial san Mateo Mission are all so designated ~ above the beforehand maps. Until about 1850, the name showed up as mountain Matheo.


developed 1850. The Santa Barbara Channel got its name from Sebastian Vizcaino as soon as he sailed over the channel waters in 1602. In 1782, Padre Junipero Serra dedicated a site near the channel because that a presidio and also on Dec. 4, 1786, he started the adjacent Mission Santa Barbara (Saint Barbara). The ar derives its surname from the mission.


produced 1850. The county is named after Mission Santa Clara, i m sorry was developed in 1777, and also named for Saint Clara the Assisi, Italy. The surname Clara means “clear” or “bright.”


produced 1850. In the original act, the ar was provided the surname of Branciforte ~ the Spanish pueblo founded there in 1797. Much less than 2 months later, the name was changed to Santa Cruz. Established in 1791 and completed in 1794, the Santa Cruz Mission was destroyed by earthquake in 1857, however a smaller-scale replica was erected in 1931. Santa Cruz signifies “holy cross.”


created 1850. This ar was named after mount Shasta. The surname Shasta is obtained from the English tantamount for the surname of a aboriginal American tribe that once lived in the area. The surname of the people was order in various means until the present version was supplied when the county was established.


produced 1852. Sierra nevada in Spanish way “snow saw,” used to the Sierra Nevada mountain chain since of the jagged, serrated, sawtooth peaks developing the skyline.


created 1852 and named ~ the mountain range. The beginning of words siskiyou is no known. One variation is the it is the Chinook word because that “bob-tailed horse.” another version, offered in one argument prior to the state Senate in 1852, is that the French name 6 Callieux, meaning “six-stone,” was provided to a ford on the Umpqua flow by Michel La Frambeau and a party of Hudson Bay company trappers in 1832, because six large stones or rocks put in the river whereby they crossed. Still others attribute the name to a regional tribe of native Americans.


created 1850. The ar derives its name indirectly from the of the Franciscan missionary, dad Francisco Solano, whose surname was offered in baptism to the cook of among the native American people of the region. Prior to receiving the surname Solano, the cook was dubbed Sem-yeto, i m sorry signifies “brave or fierce hand.” at the request of basic Mariano Vallejo, the county was named for chief Solano, who at one time ruled over most of the land and tribes in between the Petaluma Creek and also the Sacramento River.


developed 1850. Sonoma is a Chocuyen native American name analyzed by some as “Valley the the Moon” and by others as “land or tribe of the cook Nose.”


produced 1854. Words Stanislaus is a corruption of Estanislao, the baptismal surname of a mission-educated renegadechief that led a tape of indigenous Americans in a series of battles against Mexican troops. He to be finally defeated by general Mariano G. Vallejo in 1826. The county is named for the Stanislaus River, first discovered by Gabriel Moraga in 1806, and later renamed Rio Estanislao because that the chief.


produced 1850. Sutter county was called after basic John Augustus Sutter, a native of Switzerland, who obtained a large land give from the mexico government and also called his first settlement brand-new Helvetia (now the City that Sacramento). In 1841, the general established a an excellent stock ranch in this area to which he retirement in 1850 when gold seekers deprived him of most of his holdings at Sacramento.


produced 1856. The county is called for the City of Tehama. Suggested feasible roots room the Arabic indigenous tehama (“hot low-lands”), the mexican word tejamanil (shingle), or “high water” in the dialect of local native Americans.


developed 1850. The takes its surname from the Trinity River, called in 1845 by major Pearson B. Reading, who was under the mistake impression the the stream cleared into Trinidad Bay. Trinity is the English version of Trinidad.


produced 1852. While searching for deserters in 1772, Commandante Fages found a great lake surrounding by marshes and also filled with rushes which he called Los Tules (the tules). The is from this lake that the county derives that is name. The root of the surname Tulare is discovered in the mexican word tullin, designating cattail or similar reeds.


created 1850. The name Tuolumne is of aboriginal American origin and also has been given various meanings, such together Many rock Houses, The floor of hill Lions and also Straight up Steep, the later on an interpretation of william Fuller, a native Chief. In his report come the very first state Legislature, Vallejo said that words is “a corruption of the indigenous American native talmalamne i m sorry signifies “cluster of stone wigwams.” The name may mean “people that dwell in rock houses,” i.e., in caves.


created 1872. In 1782 the Mission mountain Buenaventura was started as mountain Buenaventura (now well-known as Ventura). Buenaventura is composed of two Spanish words, buena definition “good” and ventura definition “fortune.”


developed 1850. In the original act that 1850, the surname was assignment “Yola.” Yolo is a indigenous Americanname variously thought to be a corruption of an tribal surname Yo-loy meaning “a ar abounding in rushes” or the the name of the chief, Yodo, or the thevillage the Yodoi.

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developed 1850. The was called after the Yuba flow by Captain john A. Sutter because that the indigenous American village Yubu, Yupu or Juba close to the confluence that the Yuba and Feather rivers. Vallejo proclaimed that the flow was named Uba by an exploring expedition in 1824 due to the fact that of the quantities of wild grapes (uvas silvestres in Spanish) which lock found cultivation on the banks.