to have or assume a pretentious or self-aggrandizing attitude; come think girlfriend are better than others


Idioms v the same or comparable meaning


(to be) full of oneself

to provide yourself airs

to placed on one act

(to be) too huge for your boots

(to be) too large for her britches

Idiom scenario 1

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Two colleagues room talking ...

Colleague 1: have actually you i found it that because Lawrence and Susan received their MBA degrees that they have been acting like they are better than everyone else? Thay have actually started avoiding us plebeians in the lunchroom and also are quite dismissive of ours ideas. Even their selection of vocabulary has changed. Such big fancy native they use now.

Colleague 2: castle are absolutely putting on airs.

Colleague 1: Let's see what we have the right to do to carry them earlier down come earth?

Idiom script 2

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Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Is she yes, really all that? through the way she is exhilaration all arrogant and also haughty and as if she is the absolute facility of attention, she need to be something special.

Friend 2: No. She just likes come put top top airs and act all-important. She father is rich and she think that offers her some kind of superiority. She is just a constant person choose the remainder of us.

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to placed on airs - In the News

to put on airs - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 110

to put on airs - Gerund Form:

Putting on airs, she strutted around as if she own the place.

to put on airs - Examples:

1) because that Philippine did no put on airs once she went the end to sow... She put on Christ.

2) The main point strengthening \"industry\" has tendency to put ~ above airs and also act favor it's crucial not just that you carry out core training, yet ...

3) for though they strut and also talk and also put ~ above airs, their craft walk truly depend on you, to shape the desires that castle ...

4) ... People to bring up a boy to put top top airs over his very own father and also let on to be better than what that is.

5) Gilbert does not put on airs. She voice is natural. She smiles. She makes an excellent eye contact with ...

6) A mediocre summary painter who put on airs, a guy who go nothing but talk big.

7) ns act an ext confident -- perhaps even arrogant. I put on airs like I know exactly what is walk on and understand every subtle cultural nuance.

8) I always think the user is make the efforts to be pretentious (\"put on airs\"). Why not simply use a straightforward word prefer \"questions\"?

9) ... Take it seriously the pretensions the educators who fail to educate, however who put ~ above airs of having actually \"professional\" expertise past the knowledge of only parents.

10) To give oneself airs or put ~ above airs is to act together if one is much better or an ext important than others.

11) the doesn't put ~ above airs of any sort; that feels no specific shame in being her spaniel.

12) ... Their act comes to an end; they deserve to no longer put on airs or hide behind masks.

13) Don't shot to put top top airs or be artificial. Just be you.

14) Firstly ns don't put on airs prefer you and also pretend the they were all wonderful examples of humankind to be placed ...

15) I choose genuine people, not human being who put top top airs and also say what castle think I desire to hear.

16) ... Management in the male, women may be accused that over-confidence or \"putting ~ above airs\".

17) ... You will only sound false, and also as if you space putting on airs.

18) ... And also friends, that acts all cocky and also cool, talking large and putting on airs. And also then he faces his gruff grandfather and also becomes this immature, reckless troublemaker ...

19) We need to be genuine and also down-to-earth, no putting top top airs about our importance or position; we're every the exact same in the last analysis.

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20) Those that insurance claim to notice such minutia most likely go around putting on airs and also are likely to be complete of warm air themselves.