at the danger of saying something foolish, ns won"t attempt to price the concern myself. I know that all 3 synchronically much more or much less equivalent and also substitutable, however it would be rather nice to know the traditional usage notes on the abbreviations.

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shouldn't the acceptable abbreviation for web page be pg. And the others? my teacher has been spelling that her whole life?
As much as i know, pg. is not an agree form, at the very least in formal writing. The correct develops are p. because that a solitary page, and pp. for a range.

In countless cases, actually, you don"t need any of them. Quite typically you"ll uncover references in the type volume:page(s), favor 5:204 or 8:99–108 (or, for works of a single volume, something prefer Blah lol Blah 108).

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The APA style of referencing, which I have most typically used, calls for that p. Is supplied for single page references or citations (Book Title, p. 13) while because that multiple pages friend must mention it as (pp. 35-40). So p stands for page, pp represents pages. I have not encountered pg to it is in used, but I execute use it in informal keep in mind taking.


Per Strunk and also White"s facets of Style, p. Is used to denote 1 page, pp. To denote a range of pages. This type of quote is provided when you space using brief/in text citations. Otherwise, one would use the citation layout for the form of formal paper that you are writing, because that example, MLA would be "don"t do it wrong" (Author"s Last surname 45) where the numbers show the page number wherein the quote is found, and the author"s full name will certainly be detailed (along with various other details around the source) in your functions cited list.


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space these mispronunciations by my British text-to-speech engine a reflection of an really British usage?
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