Piggy is the first boy Ralph encounters on the island after ~ the crash and remains the most true and loyal girlfriend throughout Lord of the Flies. One overweight, intellectual, and also talkative boy, Piggy is the brains behind countless of Ralph’s successful ideas and also innovations, such as utilizing the conch to call meetings and building shelters because that the group. Piggy represents the scientific and rational next of humanity, supporting Ralph’s signal fires and helping to difficulty solve on the island. However, Piggy’s asthma, weight, and also poor eyesight do him physically inferior to the others, do him vulnerable to scorn and also ostracism. Piggy is likewise the just boy who worries around the rule of English civilization, specific what the grownups will certainly think once they uncover the savage boys. Piggy trust in rules, timeliness, and order, and also as the island descends into brutal chaos, Piggy’s position comes under hazard of extreme violence.

Piggy’s independence and thoughtfulness stop him from being fully absorbed through the group, for this reason he is no as vulnerable to the crowd mentality the overtakes plenty of of the other boys. However, like Ralph, Piggy cannot prevent the temptations that savagery on the island. The morning after the frenzied dance, Piggy and also Ralph both recognize to taking some component (although they remain vague) in the attack and murder the Simon. When Piggy do the efforts to convince himself the Simon’s murder was an accident, his participation says that his willingness come be accepted by the team led him to betray his very own morals and much better judgment. Piggy’s death says that intellectualism is delicate to brutality. While Simon’s death can be viewed as an accident or an escalation of crowd mentality, Piggy’s killing is the many intentional and inevitable ~ above the island, and also the moment when the group’s last tie to civilization and also humanity is severed.

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