What does Papi mean?

The Spanish word because that "Daddy". The hatchet is ubraintv-jp.com in a similar means to "daddy", periodically used between sexual partners v no familial relation.

Other meanings of Papi:

Spanish word because that "father" or "daddy", the expression is frequently used by grown women as a ax of affection because that their sex-related partner.Translates come "daddy" and also is generally used by youngsters to speak to for your father. However, similar to dad in English, it can be used between partners in a relationship.A pet surname for partner, similar in use to "daddy".

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How to use the ax Papi:

Let"s go to the bedroom, papi.

¿Qué estás haciendo, papi?

My papi drive me to institution this morning.

Hola, papi chulo.

Video concerned Papi


Jennifer Lopez - Papi (Official Video) | YouTube A Song the mentions "Papi."

A 2011 monitor by Jennifer Lopez that uses the term "papi" to describe her partner. In the song, she instructs listeners to run for their papi.

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