OOTD MeaningFind out what OOTD way and just how it is used.OOTD is an initialism and also a hashtag. The is frequently used top top Instagram by world posting photos of us wearing pretty outfits. At the moment of writing, the hashtag #ootd has been used on end 358 million Instagram posts.

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Where is OOTD used?

OOTD is provided most frequently on Instagram as a hashtag. That may likewise be supplied on Facebook, Twitter or TikTok, yet not as often as ~ above IG.

OOTD is supplied on the follow platforms and places:


An example of the initialism OOTD in a text message.An instance of the initialism OOTD in a message message.

How is OOTD used?

OOTD is used as a hashtag top top Instagram articles featuring photos or videos of someone wearing a pretty outfit.

Do human being say OOTD the end loud?

No, never. That course, civilization still compliment each various other on wearing nice outfits or clothing.

Example supplies of OOTD

On Instagram:Got this cool new shirt! #OOTD

Someone"s inscription on an Instagram write-up of a photograph of castle wearing a new shirt.

On Instagram:Love this sweater! #OOTD #OOTW #fashion

The subtitle of a fashion blogger"s Instagram short article of a picture of her wearing a stylish sweater the she likes.

On Instagram:Spent the job cleaning out my closet and also trying on clothes and I absolutely think this is mine #OOTD. #favoriteoutfit

A subtitle on an Instagram post of a photograph wearing their favorite outfit.

In a message message:You should post an OOTD picture on Instagram. Girlfriend look pretty today!

A text between friends encouraging a girlfriend to make an OOTD short article on Instagram.

On Snapchat:#OOTD

A selfie on Snapchat taken by who wearing a quite outfit.

Who provides OOTD?

OOTD is generally used by fashion bloggers and also influencers on Instagram. It appears to it is in much an ext popular amongst women than men.

History that OOTD

First Use

OOTD was an initial defined ~ above Ubran dictionary in 2010. According to Google Trends, searches for it started in late 2010 and also early 2011. This is about the very same time the Instagram was founded.

Data native Google Trends mirroring the popularity of searches for OOTD.Data indigenous Google Trends mirroring the popular of searches because that OOTD.

Rise in Popularity

Google searches because that OOTD increased dramatically in 2012 once the hashtag was quickly increasing in popularity on Instgram.

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What was used prior to OOTD?

Nothing. Instagram was a new social network and not many were making use of hashtags on your fashion image on Twitter.

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