Question: Can friend please describe the difference between OEM and NOS parts? When and why would you pick one end the other? Answer: I’m request this question all the time, for this reason I’m surprised that we never ever touched ~ above this before. In short, OEM method Original devices Manufacturer and NOS means New Old Stock…a confusing ax if there ever was one. Various other related terms that you can encounter in your find for parts are NORS (New Old replacement Stock) and Reproduction Part. One NOS part is one the was developed long back specifically for usage by the manufacturer that an vehicle to be used in the production of the automobile, or maybe for perform in the components department the a brand-new car dealership, or a distribution center. It may have been created by the automotive manufacturer, or by an external supplier. It would certainly not have actually been uncovered in an automotive components store. Sometimes found in its original packaging, i m sorry will always have the part number, the is considered the “holy grail” of replacement parts. Problem of NOS parts vary greatly as by meaning (at the very least as it uses to classic cars) they have actually been sitting in warehouses, or on parts shelves, or in garages, or cornfields for many decades. Depending upon the rarity of the part, the condition, and its application, the price of part NOS parts have the right to be staggering. Because that example: one NOS set of former shock absorbers for a 1964 GTO, in the initial box, newly sold top top eBay for $990.00. I’ve viewed NOS fenders sell for countless dollars and other rarely NOS parts deserve to sell for much more. OEM parts would have actually been developed by an external supplier, however it would have to be the exact same supplier that initially supplied the part to the manufacturer. These parts would frequently have to be shipped to certified dealer to replenish inventory, and also to automotive components stores. OEM components are functionally the very same as NOS parts, yet there is no guarantee that they room cosmetically identical. In fact, countless are not, and can vary significantly in appearance indigenous the initial part. One OEM set (in this case manufactured by Delco) of prior shock absorbers for the exact same 1964 GTO would offer for a fraction of the expense of the NOS set. Maybe $150.00. NORS components are just aftermarket replacement parts. They would have actually been found in automotive stores, however they would certainly never have actually been found in a dealer list or parts department. In most instances the packaging and also the component would be badged v the name of the parts manufacturer, such as Fram, TRW, Moog, or NAPA. An NORS set of prior shock absorbers for a 1964 GTO would certainly probably expense in the variety of $50.00, possibly also less. Reproduction parts are reproductions that original, presumably NOS parts. These components are generally reproduced in response to a large demand native the collector vehicle market. Reproduction parts are very popular and very common top top collector cars, and also they are much less high-quality than equivalent NOS parts. Lock are likewise subject to wide variations in quality. For example, some reproduction body parts are regularly dimensionally different from the initial parts that they are intended come replace. Several of the significant manufacturers such as general Motors and also Ford have actually licensed the rights to give birth original general Motors components for the collector automobile hobby. These parts are normally high quality and are frequently indistinguishable indigenous the original parts that they room intended come replace. A reproduction set of front shock absorbers for a 1964 GTO is advertised ~ above a significant website for $74.00. As soon as the need arises to change a component on a collector car, the resource of that component can potentially become important. How necessary it becomes is determined by the originality of the collector car, and your desire to keep that level of originality, together originality translates right into value.

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I completely agree with you, the desire to keep the level that originality issue a lot. Many thanks for this blog!

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