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‘‘I"d prefer to dedicate this to mine nanna,’ he stated after extending his career record to 21 wins.’‘My nanna and granddad are in their beforehand 50s, and also they don"t stay old peoples" clothes.’‘My nanna brought me and also my sister up and also she always taught us that what you attain in life come through difficult work.’‘My nanna came in and also helped at first when dad remained in hospital.’‘Dean said he would certainly pick increase nanna and also grandpa morning at the airport.’‘I ordered the residence phone - it to be nanna - letting us recognize that she"s going on a cruise v Alice, her cousin.’‘Ok, probably nanna would let me continue to be on my very own at the coast house?’‘She was doing fine living v her nana and grandpa.’‘My nana provided to crush nasty pills up into a spoonful that jam.’‘I slept end my nana"s critical night and brought everything.’‘‘Okay, see you tomorrow, ns love you,’ he hugs me climate hugs mine nana.’‘My mum was really down after mine nana died, so mine aunty who resides in America determined to treat her to a holiday.’‘Saying she draws she culinary catalyst from she mum and her nana, Lisa is responsible because that bread, biscuits and also chocolates in ~ the hotel and also designing every the sweet menus.’‘My nana to be still strong, even a couple of days before her death.’‘Daniel was my ideal friend, but I didn"t love him choose I did mine nana.’‘And i forgot to say that among my favourite, favourite exclamations is the one the I"ve only heard mine nana, and also latterly mine mother, say.’‘His parents always called his nana or papa once he ended up being sick.’‘Long-gone is the nana that yesteryear, and also with that the timeless image of grandmas at home, knit over-sized cardigans and baking pies.’‘I attended Catholic institution with young polishing girls and also my mother introduced me come the marvels of greek while mine nana continued to be at home and also prayed the rosary.’‘My nana had seven major cancers and also they started I think in her at an early stage 50s and she made it through to around 73.’