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myna, mynah, my name is mud, Mynes, Mynheer, myo-, myoarchitectonic, myoatrophy, M.Y.O.B., myoblast, myoblastic

Myo- is a combining kind used like a prefix an interpretation “muscle.” it is regularly used in clinical terms, especially in anatomy.

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Myo- originates from the Greek mŷs, an interpretation “muscle” and also “mouse.” Mouse? Yep, discover why at our entry because that muscle.

What room variants of myo-?

When an unified with native or word facets that begin with a vowel, myo- i do not care my–, as in myalgia.

An instance of a word you may have encountered that functions myo- is myocardium, “the muscular substance of the heart.”

We understand myo- means “muscle,” therefore the -cardium part of the word? that’s right, -cardium refers to “heart,” native the Greek kardía. Myocardium literally translates to “heart muscle.”

What are some indigenous that use the combining form myo-?

What room some other forms that myo- may be frequently confused with?

Not every native that begins with the precise letters myo- or my- is necessarily making use of the combining forming myo- to denote “muscle,” e.g., myopic or myriad. Learn why myopic method “shortsighted” at our entry because that the word.

Break that down!

Given the myo- way “muscle” -ology way “study,” then what is myology?

How to usage myo- in a sentence

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before a vowel my-

combining form

Word beginning for myo-

from Greek mus muscle

Medical meanings for myo-


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columbariumnoun | SEE DEFINITION
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