LSLong Snapper (pre-1970 this may suggest Left Safety)
RSRight Safety
DBDefensive Back

What does ta median in NFL?

The definition of TA abbreviation is `Tavon Auptin` in Football.

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Has any quarterback thrown a perfect game?

In the nationwide Football organization (NFL), the highest official passer rating the a quarterback can accomplish is 158.3, which is referred to as a “perfect passer rating”….List.

Ray Mallouf
October 17, 1948
Chicago Cardinals

What place is G in football?

offensive guardIn gridiron football, a security (G), otherwise known as an offensive guard (OG), is a player that lines up between the center and the tackles on the attack line the a football team ~ above the line of scrimmage used primarily for blocking.

What does ta typical in stats?

TA stand for total Attempts (volleyball statistic)


What walk STF was standing for in commonwealth terms?

Acronym an interpretation STF Supremo Tribunal commonwealth STF summary Tape paper (US Census) STF save the family (various locations) STF unique Task pressure

What are the abbreviations in a soccer stat sheet?

Abbreviations In football Stat Sheets. Listed below is a perform of the abbreviations offered on VidSwap’s device Soccer Stat Sheets: “ATHLETE” STAT SHEET: “SHOTS”: -G = goals By Athlete. -A = Assists by Athlete. -Pts = clues By Athlete. -Sh = Shots by Athlete.

What execute the abbreviation stand because that in football?

The tight end is abbreviated together TE. Vast receivers in general can be symbolized together WR, or they can be broken down in categories together as break-up end, or SE, to add flanker, or FL. A slot receiver or slotback might be abbreviated together SL or SB. The quarterback is recognized as the QB, TB stands for tailback, HB because that halfback and also FB for fullback.

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What is the abbreviation for solid safety in football?

A solid safety is abbreviated as SS and a free safety together FS. If your team supplies a fifth protective back, or nickleback, the position might be abbreviated together NB, or occasionally as 5¢.

What does ” STF ” mean for pitchers in write-up game stats?

Stf = stuff (just the Pitchers are given a “stuff” rating because that each game. This rating is hidden during the game, yet is displayed in package score when the video game is finished. “Stuff” represents the differ-ences in a pitcher’s capability from day come day.

What go the abbreviation ST was standing for in football?

ST – Striker. A similar duty as the center and wing forward. IF – inside forward. In the old work an offensive line might consist of 5 attackers and also include two inside forwards positioned between the soup forwards and also the center forward and also normally a little behind the various other three.

Close X football Glossary Stat abbreviations Abbreviation definition A aid Att do the efforts Avg Average big Big plays Blk blocked Kick BT broken Tackles BT% broken Tackle portion Cmp Completions FC Fair catches Lost Fumbles-Lost FF compelled Fumbles FG ar Goal FGA

What walk the G was standing for in football?

Games (G) The number of game a player has played in ~ a given position. Games Started (GS) The variety of games in i m sorry a player has started in the video game at the position. Ago to top Offense. Passing. Attempts (ATT) Player throw the round forward, attempting to contend a pass. Completions (COMP)