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Fish in Dreams

Dreams that fish swimming regularly represent insights from your unconscious mind, especially when associated with the ocean. Catching a fish to represent insights that have been carried to the surface.

Dreaming of Fish Eggs

Eggs space often associated with potential and new beginnings. See fish egg in her dream may represent a new idea or new direction that is arising from your unconscious.

Fish and also Fertility

Fish are often seen as a prize of fertility and personal growth. See a fish swim in your dream might symbolize conception. World often associate the photo of sperm with fish in the ocean. Some ladies dream of swimming fish when they acquire pregnant.


The fish's place within the food chain might reveal a lot come the dreamer about where lock think they are socially, their level of confidence, and their feeling of power.

A Play-on-Words with \"Fish\"

Common fish-related phrases may link the dreamer come the meaning of his/her fish dream. Take into consideration the following: \"like a cold fish,\" \"fish out of water,\" or something that is \"fishy\" about a situation. Depending upon the nature that the fish, friend may also want to consider phrases connected with gift \"lured\" or \"hooked\" come something (or someone). A dream fish may likewise imply a slippery or elusive situation. Maybe your dream could be informing you the \"there space plenty of various other fish in the sea\" in regards to some partnership issue. Lastly, the dream might relate come \"fishing for compliments\" and show the you have a need for attention and recognition.

Eating or cooking Fish in a Dream

Cooking and eating space often connected with nourishing the soul and also are looked upon as spiritual in general.

Eating fish in a dream is regularly symbolic of the dreamer's beliefs, philosophy, or spirituality. Eat fish mirrors you space incorporating your new realizations right into your identity. Cooking fish in a dream method the exact same thing together eating it but is focused much more on preparation and also the procedure the dreamer is undertaking in order to incorporate brand-new information, brand-new concepts, and new discoveries right into who they space as a human in their waking life. Just how the dreamer is prepare the fish might give vital insight into what the dreamer is struggling with throughout this inner transformation.

Cleaning Fish: Related to cooking and also eating fish, clean fish in a dream says that you are altering your emotionally expression in a method that will be presentable and acceptable come others. The dreamer is censoring him/herself and not expressing just how he/she completely feels.

Dreaming of Dead Fish

A dead fish in a dream signifies disappointment and loss. This loss may be linked with power/wealth, one idea, a spiritual thing of one's life, or infertility. Because fish space often associated with the unconscious, a dead fish may symbolize miscellaneous old giving way to brand-new growth and potential.

Death is crucial symbol in dreams and also can have both positive and negative associations because that the dreamer. The is essential to decipher if the dream is about an ending or a new beginning and if that is confident or negative for the dreamer. Finishing something prematurely can have an unfavorable consequences, yet holding top top something also long can stunt the dreamer's personal growth and also development.


Two fish in two separate bowls may relate to emotion disconnected native others.

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Dreaming of a Fish Tank or Fishbowl

A fish tank is the container of our emotions. The size and general high quality of the fish tank will present the dreamer what state their emotions space in. Fish tanks, in general, show that the dreamer might be compartmentalizing your emotions, i beg your pardon may cause losing touch with their complete being. Dreaming of a fish tank may show you how you keep your feel in check. If you space watching the fish in a fishbowl, you may feel detached from society, as if your life is going i do not have anything or that you are swimming in circles in life.

Dreaming the you room living in a fish tank or bowl might mean you space feeling detached indigenous society, but it may likewise mean the you are feeling the pressure of those roughly you. Take into consideration the phrase \"living in a fishbowl.\" Fish in fishbowls have actually nowhere come hide (catching castle is choose \"shooting fish in a barrel\"). The dreamer might feel judged, criticized, and also scrutinized by others. This dream is many often connected with a household unit, a college setting, or a workplace.


Dreaming of catching a larger fish 보다 anticipated may mean the dreamer feels he/she might not be able to handle what he/she is dredging up from the unconscious, that the idea or details is too big for them come handle.

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Dreaming of someone Fishing

A fisherman in dreams suggests the dreamer is trying to catch something in his/her waking life.

Dreaming the fishing might mean the dreamer is confronting repressed emotions and also bringing them to the surface. Ice cream fishing says the dreamer is breaking with a hardened emotionally barrier and confronting complicated feelings indigenous the unconscious.

Be cautious with over-interpreting a dream. Fishing could likewise simply average the dreamer needs leisure and relaxation.

Dreaming the a Fishing Rod

A fishing stick in a dream to represent the devices and motivation you have vital for her quest and also exploration of her unconscious mind. Girlfriend are all set to face issues and emotions you have suppressed. Dreaming the the fishing pole may suggest to you that you space going come embark ~ above an inner journey the self-discovery. If your dream is concentrated on the tools and planning and not the action of fishing, this may display that you are preparing because that this personal quest and also are near to gaining insight.

Dreaming the Fishhooks

Fishhooks in desires may describe an idea the you have to \"catch.\" The dream may also indicate that you are gaining hooked top top something. A fishhook may also mean the you space being tricked or manipulated into doing miscellaneous or buying into a false idea.

Dreaming of Jellyfish

Jellyfish in dreams can average a couple of different things, relying on the type of jellyfish; some can sting and also are really dangerous, while others are simply harmless and also spineless. A jellyfish might represent pains memories that are arising from her unconscious. There may be surprise hostility or aggression in some facet of the dreamer's waking relationship or situation. Dreaming that a jellyfish may also indicate feel of inadequacy, uncertainty, and a absence of self-esteem. Perhaps you are having actually trouble standing up for you yourself in a particular situation in your waking life, or probably you feel together though you have actually no spine and also are no upholding her morals and also what friend believe and stand for.

If the jellyfish in your dream seems like a positive symbol, it may relate to going v the flow. Jellyfish relocate with the ocean. Perhaps you've been brushed up up through something larger than yourself and also have found serenity.


Dreaming of Fish: The Christian perspective on Dreams

The fish is likewise an old symbol of Christianity and dreaming of a fish might refer come the dreamer's beliefs and experiences in ~ the Christian church. Watch in any illustrated Christian book and also you will find images that Jesus on a fishing boat. Also the apostle were described as fisherman or \"fishers of men.\" common proverbs such as, \"Give a guy a fish and you feed him because that a day; teach a man to fish and also you feeding him for a lifetime\" may likewise give definition to a dream the fish.

Here are scriptures verses which point out fish:

Mark 1:17: \"Come after Me, and I will make you fishers the men.\"Matthew 12:40: \"...Jonah was three days and three nights in the ship of the good fish, so will certainly the son of guy be 3 days and three nights in the heart of the earth.\"Matthew 14:17: \"And they claimed to Him, 'We have here only five loaves and two fish.'\"Luke 5:6: \"And once they had actually done this, they caught a an excellent number the fish, and their network was breaking.\"Luke 24:42: \"So they provided Him a piece of a broiled fish and some honeycomb.\"John 21:6: \"And He claimed to them, 'Cast the net on the appropriate side the the boat, and also you will find some.' for this reason they cast, and also now they were not able to attract it in due to the fact that of the multitude that fish.\"1 Corinthians 15:39: \"All meat is no the same flesh, but there is one sort of flesh of men, another flesh the beasts, another of fish, and another the birds.\"

According to \"When endangered by Romans in the very first centuries after Christ, Christians supplied the fish mark meeting places and tombs, or to identify friends from foes.\"

The fish prize is still offered to represent Christianity today. We regularly see fish bumper sticker labels on cars, for instance, as we drive on the highway or civilization with fish symbols on necklaces or t-shirts.

Dreaming that Fish: different and cultural Perspectives

Dreaming the a fish may relate to historical and/or cultural meanings of fish. Perhaps the dreamer is one of two people from, is influenced by, or has actually studied this cultures.

Pagan: Great mother goddess to be often depicted as a fish or a woman v a fish over her genitals.Chinese: Kwan-yin was regularly symbolized together a fish.Indian: The goddess Kali was dubbed the \"fish-eyed one.\"Egyptian: Isis was called the great fish that the abyss.Greek: The Greek indigenous delphos method both fish (dolphin) and womb.Astrology: Fish room often associated with the astrological sign of Pisces.Mediterranean: various religions supplied fish, wine, and also bread for your sacramental meal.Scandinavian: Fish was eaten in the an excellent goddess Freya's honor. The sixth day that the main was called \"Friday\" after ~ her.Middle Eastern: The goddess the Ephesus was illustrated as a woman v a fish over she genitals.


Sue B. (author) on February 14, 2016:

Kristen Howe-

Thank friend for your comment and also for sharing her dream experience. I have regularly heard authors have tendency to combine dream experience in their an imaginative works. What an exciting symbol to weave into your writing!

Kristen Howe indigenous Northeast Ohio ~ above October 11, 2015:

Sue, this is a an excellent hub around fish signs in dreams. I did have actually a jellyfish dream a decade ago that made a small appearance in one of my novels. Quite work!

Sue B. (author) top top June 19, 2013:


Thank you because that submitting her daughter's dream. Exactly how old is she? gift in water just above her head would relate come feelings of overwhelm. Due to the fact that she is frightened of this fish, I would wonder if she is has linked this feeling v this image and also is now carrying this fear. My just suggestion to cope through the are afraid is to explore fish further and also begin to study them and learn about them. I would likewise suggest attempting to identify what feeling overwhelming and help her failure the worry into smaller sized and an ext understandable pieces.

Sue B. (author) on may 31, 2013:


Thank you because that sharing her dream. In her dream, this fish seems to be related to fertility and also may additionally relate to insights. Due to the fact that it is a plaque and also not an really fish, you are still gaining a representation of the symbol and also not rather the real thing. This would present me that you quiet aren't in touch with the whole message therefore the confusion about the definition would make sense. Perform you want to it is in pregnant? are you pregnant? pregnancy could additionally relate to being pregnant through promise and the potential to grow and develop. Will something you develop or placed forth begin to have a life of its own?

ellabr on may 14, 2013:

My daughter had actually a dream the She was in water just over her head and She to be feightened due to the fact that there was a 1.5 foot long fish about five customs from her face..She can't stop thinking about this fish that keeps

Freighteing her... What does this dream mean?

Sue B. (author) on may 05, 2013:


Thanks because that sharing your dream:

*** for years i have had the exact same dream when in a while around me forgetting that I have actually a fish tank and also I have actually not fed the taken care if it because that so lengthy that there's almost no water in it but my fish room still alive. Critical night I had actually a dream that a fish to be swimming around my head biting me and getting captured in mine hair. But I wasn't in water. I'm 42 and no opportunity of ending up being pregnant. I review that that why I'm dreaming around fish. I really want to recognize why i keep having those dreams. Thank you.***

My an initial impression around your dream is the fish are representing emotions because that you and also the fish tank would be a ar in which you keep your emotions. The dream sounds like it is highlighting self-neglect. As soon as fish room biting you and also getting captured in hair, I would certainly wonder if the relates to just how your thoughts and also beliefs are getting in the method of your emotional management and emotional expression.

Ginger77 on march 21, 2013:

Last nite In my dream I maintained seeing a grey stone plaque on a wall surface with a fish style in the center of it all of it rock and a deep voice to be repeating in mine ear you room pregnant it was a really deep n clear voice male ns think but I couldn't watch anyone and don't recall something else about just the stone n voice. Is the my point of view trying come tell me something deserve to u phone call me the meaning it was a an extremely clear solid dream prefer it to be real

Wbelinda on march 07, 2013:

For years ns have had actually the same dream as soon as in a while around me forgetting the I have a fish tank and I have actually not fed the taken care if it because that so lengthy that there's virtually no water in it however my fish space still alive. Last night I had actually a dream the a fish was swimming around my head biting me and also getting captured in mine hair. However I wasn't in water. I'm 42 and no opportunity of becoming pregnant. I read that the why I'm dreaming about fish. I really desire to know why ns keep having those dreams. Thank you.

Sue B. (author) top top January 21, 2013:


My an initial impression of your dream around a fish farming in her ear is that you may have actually heard something that has caused a painful insight into self, into the world, right into a relationship , etc. Due to the fact that your ear to be bleeding, it would present you the you are losing energy over this brand-new knowledge. It might be time come rebalance yourself.

Sue B. (author) top top January 21, 2013:


This dream around the beta fish sounds prefer it refers to emotions you are burdened with and have attempted to disown. Your husband might be symbolizing an aspect of self but he could additionally be demonstrating her relationship's dynamic. Has actually your marital relationship in some means brought soon feelings you were hoping to bury? are you angry these feelings store coming to the surface?

The fish babies can relate to either the problem or feelings growing in dimension or it would relate come potential brand-new growth you room not happy about. I did discover it interesting you want the mrs removed and also the male to treatment for the babies. The made me wonder if you space attempting to remove yourself and also leave your husband with managing stressors or an overwhelming emotional situations.

This dream might be prompting you to take it on a brand-new approach, attempting to hide from these feelings are only making castle grow much more and would rise a feeling of overwhelm.

Since the army is also in this dream, it could refer to authority within her life. Perform you feeling someone is forcing you in some way to face something you perform not feel you require or want to?

Focail on January 15, 2013:

Hi I had a dream that something was farming in mine ear and also got larger and also larger and also painful and also my confront swelled up. Then a couple of minutes later I felt the tail that a fish and my friend pulled out a big like goldfish from my ear and also it was so painful and the fish to be still alive. It had been growing in my ear. Then after that was the end my ear dropped v blood. If you might let me know the meaning that would certainly be great thanks.

AnexRavensong indigenous France top top January 11, 2013:

Today i dreamt that i came house to discover my husband had actually bought a fish. Reportedly we had actually a male betta and he purchase a mrs betta for this reason there would certainly be eggs and also baby fish. As soon as I discovered out, i yelled in ~ him to take the female out after for this reason the male might take treatment of the babies (there to be eggs in the balloon nest). I was a little mad to discover he had actually spent money us didn't have to buy a fish and also now us would have babies come take treatment of too. The most shocking component was that once he took the end the woman betta, she was HUGE! around the dimension of a basketball, she had some words on her earlier (as if she remained in a container the was too tiny with increased words ~ above it and also they left marks), ns couldn't make them out. Ns complained in ~ my husband for spending so lot money ~ above the fish and also he told me that \"it's ok, the army paid because that it\". (He is not in the military & would never ever be accepted as result of esotropia, additionally he is French and we reside in France) We put the fish in a shallow aquarium on the soil with another aquarium inside that one laying on its next to make a sort of cave. I remember being an extremely angry about this huge fish that we had no location to save properly and no money to feed it, the male and also coming babies.

Sue B. (author) ~ above January 05, 2013:


Thank you for sharing her dream. The small fish in this dream sounds as though it could represent \"there are other fish in the sea\" and also you had trouble capturing one. This may show you the you still have some feelings around your ex and are working things out because that yourself. The unknown home would represent you and could present you that you are not fully aware the yourself and your feelings. The human being underwater in a swim suit could be girlfriend navigating your emotions and sounds favor a confident symbol.

A car tends to stand for our ability to navigate our route in life. The very huge fish sounds like it can be a very big insight from her unconscious or a very big relationship potential. That sounds choose this is whereby you feeling you are headed. Ns would watch this together a really positive dream uneven your feelings are indicating otherwise.

LFF ~ above December 31, 2012:

In mine dream i experienced me in one unknown house, near to a window, and i was talking to mine ex girl friend on the phone. Ns asked her exactly how was she doing, if she was ok. Then i observed a person, v a swimming suit, underwater, trying to catch a small fish v a harpoon, with no success. In this particular part of the dream, the house, and myself, were gone. Over there was just water, the fisherman and also the fish. After the scene, i was again at the home window and ns watched a very big fish emerge out of the waters, v a auto behind it.

Sue B. (author) ~ above December 23, 2012:


It sounds favor you were influenced by her book; however, the fish sound prefer a metaphor for deeper emotions you might be becoming mindful of. A fish within a fish offers me the sense of walk deeper or peeling earlier layers like an onion. Because you feel bad for the salmon and kill it, i wonder if you room feeling bad emotionally some means and block the expression that the emotion.

Sue B. (author) top top December 23, 2012:


This is an exciting fish dream. That sounds like the fish might relate to emotions girlfriend may disregard or compartmentalize. These could be emotions coming into your awareness. Because you operation from one, the sounds favor you room running away from engaging in your feelings. Due to the fact that you do not want to touch it, the sounds choose you carry out not want to it is in in touch through these feelings.

You may want to shot to visualize the dream and get in touch with the fish and shot to acquire to understand them. It sounds prefer you are regulating your emotions in a means that is not good for you and you may need to contact these emotions even if they room unpleasant.

Sue B. (author) on December 19, 2012:


Water/ocean generally represents our unconscious and/or emotions. The fish-man would be a part of self that is much more aware of our emotions. Because he is slaughtering people, I would wonder if you struggle with feeling endangered by your feelings. The people you see in the cavern would relate to aspects of self that are coming right into your awareness. The an enig of immortality might be spiritual knowledge for friend or the an enig to keeping what is vital to you as you continue to face what is in her subconscious.

Sue B. (author) ~ above December 16, 2012:


Thank you for sharing your dream. This sounds prefer a part of her unconscious you are attempting not to annoy or confront and also are finding means to navigate and resolve it. The cat would likewise represent an facet of self- perhaps instincts. The shark sounds prefer it is what endangers you. The sounds choose tiptoeing about a part of self is a the majority of work and is confining, probably you might explore this component of me further.

les-online top top December 14, 2012:

I dreamed last night of pulling a live salmon indigenous the ship of a bigger white-gray fish. The salmon flopped around and I felt negative for it, so ns pressed that is mouth down right into the dirt to death it quickly. I had actually been analysis a book collection in Alaska that did describe gutting fish, so that plainly played a part! however wondering why ns pulled up this photo of every things. Absolutely there to be no fish within a fish in the book!

jrfish05 on December 10, 2012:

Hi Sue,

I had actually a dream 2 nights ago about 2 fish sitting side by next on the dresser in mine apartment. One fish to be a dark grey color in a bowl. It was such one unassuming color and had together a complacent mood the it wasn't till my eye scanned past it, and also I did a twin take the I experienced that it was a fish. That wasn't till I woke up that ns realized that it was pretty big for the clear fish bowl that it to be in. That didn't show up uncomfortable or skirmish though, it to be oddly calm. Climate to the ideal of it was a big very bright orange/yellow fish the end of water sit on the dresser alongside the grey one. I remember thinking for a split second that it was dead, yet I i found it its eyes close. It then clicked to me that it to be alive. As soon as i realized it to be alive, it jumps up and starts chasing me. Every one of this takes location in my apartment which appeared as it generally does. The glowing orange fish didn't seem typical or prefer it want to ache me, yet I feel a need to run from it. At one point I went in my closet to escape it and closed the door since the fish was close behind. Ns noticed the I had accidentally recorded the fish in the door and also felt fear that ns hurt it. Its human body looked misshapen in the center as it retract a little, however I somehow i knew i hadn't damaged it past a allude it would certainly heal from. I kind of feel like it wanted me to choose it up and maybe (wasn't also sure) want me to placed it in part water. Ns hoped some man that ns knew only in the dream, would certainly come by so the he can put the in the water. That's all i remember from the dream. Because that some factor I think ns was grossed the end at the thought of touching the fish, yet knew deep down that if it required my attention, the I would prob obtain over that like every little thing else that needs to be excellent that ns don't at first want come do. Perform you understand what this can mean? ns a pisces through the way, lol.

the2cyn ~ above December 06, 2012:

I had actually a strange dream entailing a strange fish-man that was going about town slaughtering people. Climate somehow I finished up in a strange cavern filled with water, with small mounds on all four sides, with human being of all ages standing top top them. The world told me the the fish-man's waters held the an enig to immortality.

I'd be interested in what this dream means.

debrakz ~ above November 28, 2012:

I to be dreaming there to be an oblong tank (4x10) and i was standing top top the edge, up against a wall watching a little (3 foot)shark swim around and also wanted to get to the various other side to get down there is no attracking the sharks attention. My cat began running across the water as if it to be glass and also jumped down. The shark began swimming a bit faster and also I jumped to the other side and rolled top top the floor.

Sue B. (author) top top November 24, 2012:


Thank you for sharing your dream. Ns would find this dream positive. The fish jumping up could symbolize the exciting new insights you space receiving from her unconsciousness. Your friend could represent a supportive partnership or an element of me that girlfriend are likewise becoming closer to.

Sue B. (author) ~ above November 17, 2012:


Thank you for sharing a dream in your comment.

These fish sound like they might represent emotions and unconscious facets of self. The dead fish could reflect losses, points you have actually disowned, or things that you have actually neglected. Perhaps you have actually mixed emotions in her waking life. The carry in some means sounds choose it is a method you are processing emotional baggage. It is too full and also you are sorting. The fish that are alive might relate come your an individual expression blue) and also your soul (gold). The dead fish may relate to disowned or represssed elements of self or lost opportunities and also past concerns bogging you down. You execute look in ~ the bright side of things and focus on eat the fish. Possibly this sorting is spiritually or emotionally nourishing because that you. Probably you are also finding a new means to reclaim and integrate this fish right into yourself. Due to the fact that it is her mother's favourite fish, probably it relates come your partnership with your mommy or her influence over you and/or her life.

angel200002 ~ above November 12, 2012:

I had actually a dream yesterday my Friend and also I to be roming close to seashore and we experienced 2 fishes jumping out of the sea ago to back....Can you please tell me what is the an interpretation of this ? I clearly remember this dream and not able to forget the ...

mirajo ~ above November 05, 2012:

Hello Sue,

My dream has actually left me feeling perplexed yet pleasant. In mine dream there was a tote of fish sit in front of my front door. Ns looked in come the tote and also called my mother. Ns asked her did she establish that many of her fish had died. I was thinking of and also calling this fish cat fish since they looked choose catfish and also that's my mother favorite fish. However the fish were all various colors and also sizes. There was one medium size fish which to be gold like a gold fish. The the smallest fish to be shiny silver and around the size of a smelt it to be dead. The largest fish was a grayish feather silver and also it was dead. The one and also only gold color fish was alive and swimming. There was additionally a blue fish and also it to be alive. That was complicated to watch all the fish so i don't recognize how countless were live and also how numerous were dead. I think there was a complete of about 25 fish in this tote. I tried to pick it up and carry it come the kitchen to eliminate the dead fish and shot to save the living ones. I was thinking about all the cat fish we were gonna eat for dinner. As I lifted the dead the water start to splash around and also one of the dead fish virtually spilled out. I could see the live gold fish in ~ the top and also I didn't desire to hazard him falling out. I put the tote earlier on the floor and also started to traction it towards the kitchen but it was still rocking and also too full. For this reason I went to get an additional container to eliminate the dead fish. I had actually mixed emotions. Ns was sad that they were dead but happy ns was about to eat good. One point that has me puzzles is the truth that they to be catfish. Mine fish of an option is buffalo. So this has actually me reasoning that this dream has actually something to carry out with my mommy who loves catfish.

Additional info: i am my mothers major caregiver. I have actually never had actually children. My mother have the right to no longer had children. Ns am hope to have kids one day really soon.

Sue B. (author) top top October 10, 2012:


Your dream about giving bear to a fish may relate to a new potential for expansion recently realized. Has actually something come right into your awareness recently? This dream sounds choose it might be best at the point where you room just start to view something new. At an initial you don't understand what that is and also it seems rather gross. Climate you start to see more to this thing and also realize the is a entirety fish. I would associate the fish together something from her unconscious the is now coming right into your awareness. It deserve to represent other spiritual, something emotional, or an essential aspect of me that has actually been \"asleep.\"

Sue B. (author) ~ above October 10, 2012:


Your dream sounds like a nice one! being the fish would relate to navigating the unconscious or the unknown symbolized through the ocean. This would certainly relate to her ease in your travels. Since you are practically eaten, it would relate to fears the you room threatened. If us accept things that are bigger than united state we often almost lose ourself or our concept of our identity. This sounds favor something you necessary to adjust to. Cleaning off your fins and tail could relate to releasing emotions and negativity so that you can proceed to move ahead.

Overall, ns would uncover this to be a very positive dream of an individual development and also growth.

Sue B. (author) on October 09, 2012:


The ocean can frequently represent our unconscious in ours dreams. To be breathing quickly underwater would certainly relate to experimenting your unconscious comfortably. The guy would be an element of self within the unconscious the is slowly entering her awareness. You do not watch his face yet due to the fact that it is quiet unfamiliar come you. Cuddling through him can represent a reconnection.

The fish would also represent what is bubbling increase from the unconscious into your awareness. Overall, this is a powerful dream around achieving peace within self.

MrsDeJuan native Australia top top October 05, 2012:

Hello to all,

I'm hoping that someone can offer me a clear peace of mind about my dream critical night, it's really fresh on my memory right currently so I'm going to share it right away prior to I miss anything. You re welcome bear v me as I share to you which store me puzzling since this is actually the 2nd time i dream this.

It goes prefer this:

As i was lying down i felt my stomach had a kick and something to be poking me like when you're pregnant the baby kicked, it's a feeling favor that, but it's not exactly like that. Once it kicked, I began feeling the the lump is beginning to prosper (i can nearly feel the sensation of the movement and kick) and also it feels prefer it want to come out, and also as that tried to push upward ns felt the movement and also a shape choose a capsule.

In mine dream I know I'm city hall it and also I'm trying come follow whereby it's going. The went progressively down in the direction of my uterus climate cervix; then the end it goes. In ~ this time, it felt favor it's so genuine as it progressively went down and also I experienced from my panty liner what it looks prefer a sphere of blood; then i look up, over there I saw this medium size capsule on height of a small bench, then every one of a sudden it ended up being a round shape. (If it was real) the didn't took more than a minute and that \"thing\" began to decomposed then explode.

Seeing the it was opened, I witnessed what that looks favor a FISHTAIL...then i look about it, ns saw other stuff like various other stones or a blab or a jellyfish head type. Then i look in ~ it again.. There i experienced a \"WHOLE FISH\".




This is my second dream, the first one was when i feeling the poke and the movement,then the was it.. Last night was the continuation and the ending. I'm not really sure if it's the ending.

Can any one, aid me analyze this dream. I've Google search this but there's simply too many to put things in relevant.

I would truly appreciate if any medium perhaps deserve to reach come me by reading my dream.

Thank girlfriend so much

KDV775 top top September 28, 2012:

Hello Sue, so glad I uncovered your page! I had a dream that ns was a fish swimming in the ocean. I practically got eaten yet I obtained away and also then someone aided me by cleaning off my fins and also tail which i felt glad about and I preserved swimming... It to be so strange - ns can't wait to check out your analysis ;)

Kami9510 on September 24, 2012:

So in my dream ns was floating in the ocean. The water to be clear however I to be breathing together if the water was air therefore in other words ns was breathing normal underwater. There's additionally a guy, who I couldn't view his face, however we were floating and spooning/cuddling at the very same time an initial it was me behind that holding him and also then it to be he behind ns holding me. Fish to be swimming approximately us and also like yes, really really large fish or pets or something was swimming roughly us as well. Whatever was calm and peaceful. Choose the fish weren't upset or anything like that. The guy and I were to spooning prefer we were trying to go to sleep...but rather of us being in a bed us were instead floating in the open s under water. What walk this mean? I'm a 20yr old female.

Sue B. (author) ~ above September 14, 2012:


This dream sounds like it can relate to biting off an ext than you can chew or not being able to swallow whatever you have actually attempted to take it in. This could relate to feeling choose a message, a belief, a directive has actually been shoved down your throat. Regardless- this dream sounds like you are unable or unwilling to manage it and are now rejecting it.

Although this is fairly gross, i would certainly say this is symbolic that something related to thoughts and emotions and also not actually physical. The toilet can relate to just how you are managing your emotions and also ridding you yourself of emotionally residue.

Sue B. (author) top top September 14, 2012:


The closet is another symbol of hiding something or repressing something. If fish often tend to relate come what is bubbling up from ours subconscious, this dream is a twin symbol. This fish are the things you can't seem come avoid and also ignore any longer. Its time to come out of the closet through something and reveal your true feelings, true self, true thoughts.

Betty top top September 12, 2012:

Hello mine dream was around me pulling chunks of fish fillet indigenous my neck then i was flushing them down th toilet any idea of what this dream means?

LHTcertified on September 06, 2012:

Had a dream the there were four large fish in the closet I opened up the door and the fish fell out. What does that mean?

Sue B. (author) top top September 05, 2012:


your dream makes me curious to know what has been walk on because that you lately. The yellow fish might represent facets of her subconscious that you have actually cherished and also have nurtured. What has actually disrupted this for you?

The fish room dying which can relate to you not obtaining something friend need. Execute you feel favor a fish the end of water at all lately? miscellaneous is not working in this dream. The question I have actually is, room you not getting something girlfriend need since of a disruption exterior of you yourself (stressful instance for example) or space you not acquiring something friend need since of the method you are managing your emotions and also unconscious? back the beginning of the dream sound pleasant and you think you space taking great care that them, is compartmentalizing and also isolating what these fish represent working? carry out you need to get in touch with something within your psyche and face something important?

Sue B. (author) ~ above September 05, 2012:

hi The huge Dreamer-

Your dream provides me the impression the you are beginning to call some unconscious emotions and information that has previously been exterior of her awareness. Because the water is shallow, you have not gone too deep just yet and are taking things slow. Overall, the is a confident dream- enhanced awareness is important for our an individual growth & development. That sounds favor you space becoming aware of perhaps some icky feelings and also it is positive you have not reaction in fear and continue come sit v what you room learning.

sonia430 ~ above September 02, 2012:

I had actually a scary dream that I had actually this large tank of yellow fish and I was trying to conserve them. They were every gold fishes and actually I have a 10 gallon wrinkles fish tank. Ns take great care that them. Well, in this dream I had actually a big tank and every one of them were dying. In which method they acquired out and also I to be trying to placed them earlier into the huge fish tank. I can see your mouths gasping...In the dream i was for this reason sad together most had died and also I can even odor them..I woke up v my love pounding..

Sue B. (author) on respectable 31, 2012:

Tasha Matt-

I would certainly associate her dream with bringing unconscious emotions come the surface. Because you worry it will try out and you throw water ~ above it, i wonder if this could relate to preventing a \"fish the end of water\" feeling and also being careful to take care of this emotion/insight carefully.

Sue B. (author) on respectable 31, 2012:


Dreaming of your biggest enemy could relate to your biggest opponent within yourself. Maybe the best way for you to fight character flaws is to increase your in its entirety awareness that self. Fish are regularly representative of self-awareness and also what we are becoming aware of within our unconscious.

The huge Dreamer on respectable 30, 2012:

Good job Sue.

I had actually a dream this week whereby I to be sitting in shallow water, more than likely a flow or so. I was enjoying the water and the fish in my dream were really distinct. I was a little grossed the end by them since they to be swimming yes, really close come me, I often felt them touching my legs. Ns do believe that they were the focus of mine dream, i wasn't uncomfortable wherein I was but I am normally scared of fish and a lot of other animals, reptiles, insects and also the like... The dream has been sticking through me for the last 2 days or so and also I am really curious to uncover out what this can mean? Your aid would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you so much.

Tasha Matt on respectable 28, 2012:

Last night i dreamed that ns was fishing, and also the fish to be jumping around and also suddenly I recorded it I put it in the boat and started cram water over it so he would certainly not dry out i can't mental the rest, what go this mean?

I dreamed of dealing with my biggest foe with fish. What does that symbolise.

Sue B. (author) on august 24, 2012:

Rick- throwing increase fish I would certainly associate v rejecting what the fish space symbolizing. Since fish have the right to be associated with feel or thoughts, placing lock in a bowl may be a way in i m sorry you space containing them instead of either expressing them or completely them into who you are.

Erica on respectable 17, 2012:


Thanks because that your response and input. I do think that I have been managing things in a passive aggressive means and feel like I don't have regulate over mine life ideal now. Friend don't realize what manifests in dreams however I guess you never obtain a rest from \"real life\" .

Sharks on respectable 15, 2012:

Thanks again for her response, your appropriate deep inside thers a lot of those worries that's up in the air because that me appropriate now, simply floating roughly .

I'm stressing to much most likely.

it's just i don't dream and having those v my mothers meaning to them fine freaked me the end a bit , the desires themselves was simply to graphic .

But her imput ns think sums that up just haven't to be looking at it that way.

Sue B. (author) on august 15, 2012:


if you click on my file you could find my article on dreaming of cars. I would certainly agree that dreaming the a automobile crash could be a sign you to be living too recklessly.

Fish might relate to pregnancy/birth in some method (actual or metaphorically). They could absolutely mean a lot and also I think it is vital to get many perspectives and also find the one that appears to click for you. You know what friend dream method once you one of two people think of it you yourself or listen the an interpretation from who else.

Sue B. (author) on respectable 15, 2012:


I would certainly disagree v your mother. I have found many people worrying that desires indicate death and also they live in fear (and store living!). What else could this mean? What might you it is in losing? What execute you mean by crown? If this relates to teeth, it could relate to battles with feel of impotence, insecurity, powerlessness, and self-consciousness.

sharks on august 14, 2012:

and the fish is bear what carry out you think? critical time i actually dreamt to be 12 years back i dreamt my (dead)father watching me as i crashed into a tree v a red car . Ns made some major changes in my life in the following year even got married. I think i took it as a sign i was living come reckless

sharks on august 14, 2012:


thanks for your response

i do think i have actually a soul as for the an interpretation of life i perform ask concerns sometimes tough not to.

but the weird thing is ns don't dream at least not come remember i had another dream i was playing through my brothers the exact same one daughter (ramping/horseing around) like i normally do with her father and also my crown dropped out my mom says that's death .

Sue B. (author) on respectable 13, 2012:


Interesting dream. I commonly see fish as what is bubbling up into our awareness from our unconscious. Although, fish are usually in water and also the water is usually representing ours unconsciousness. Come not view the water at all is ironic due to the fact that we space not aware of ours unconscious.

Do you have a \"fish out of water\" form feeling currently that you are dealing with?

Driving in the auto in the passenger seat deserve to relate to the absence of control in her life and also having a passive approach. Possibly this is what you room battling in this dream.

My impression is you may not be mindful of repressed or denied emotions that must be expressed and managed in a healthier way. Seeing a bigger fish bite off the top of the smaller sized fish might relate to something the feels destructive. Space you denying emotions and also producing this carnage?

Sue B. (author) on august 10, 2012:


What a terrible dream! This dream sounds like it is processing some intense an unfavorable emotions such as anxieties, fears, etc. Your brother in this dream can relate to him but could also relate come an facet of self. What a horrible endure this dream portrays. My very first instinct is this dream may be showing spiritual/meaning the life problems you space grappling with at the moment. What is the an interpretation of life? Who are we really? are we just a bag the meat? Is over there something more?

This dream also highlights a loss. What execute you fear you will lose within yourself? carry out you believe you have actually a soul? perform you fear you don't and this dream might be highlighting the fear of losing this concept within your belief system?

I would certainly love to have actually your feedback!

Erica on respectable 07, 2012:

I had actually a dream that ns was sitting in a automobile in the passenger chair when and also a small fish (looked prefer a gold fish) to be swimming toward me. Together the tiny fish got closer to me I started to role up the window so the couldn’t come in. At that moment I started to think it to be crazy because that this fish to be swimming and there to be no water. Climate from nowhere my sister and brother pertained to the auto holding your breath together if they to be submerged in water and also walked come the car. Together they gone into the car I experienced a larger fish (green v fins ~ above the next of its head) come and bite the head off the smaller sized fish and blood was floating v the water.

What carry out you think this dream means? you re welcome help.

2sharks on august 05, 2012:

I dreamt i witnessed 2 sharks swimming in a vast tank my brothers was through me then as soon as i walked the end the door i had actually a bag in mine hand through meat the emotion in the dream was the shark ate mine brother and it was in a bag in mine hand in the end i was crying telling my mother and also his wife .

Sue B. (author) ~ above July 14, 2012:

nadine- the dream have the right to mean so much to me! right here are the possibilities I might think of:

- friend feel prefer your boyfriend is unfaithful- catching an additional fish in the sea

- friend feel your boyfriend is happen up better awareness in ~ himself

- you feel her boyfriend is happen up higher awareness in ~ you

- you feeling you are gaining greater awareness about your relationship

-your friend represents a masculine aspect of self and you are obtaining insight into this other side the you.

nadine ~ above July 14, 2012:

I had actually a dream that my boyfriend recorded a fish

William Benner native Savannah GA. On July 08, 2012:

Thanks for her perspectives, castle are rather illuminating!

Sue B. (author) on July 08, 2012:


If this buddha bass dream seems to have that an interpretation for you, then it is likely the meaning. It certainly sounds favor a really positive dream. Maybe a search within yourself with a murky pond (I would frequently see this as negative or painful emotions that have actually not been expressed, do not have an outlet) is helpful and permitting you to grow psychologically and also spiritually. It seems to have actually a feasible message the there is something positive a there is expect within the darkest parts of self. The dark walk not always have come relate to something poor or evil- it deserve to be the unknown, the parts of her unconsciousness and also spirituality you perform not recognize or understand just yet. This have the right to be fairly unpleasant to search through yet, in this dream, sounds prefer it is beneficial and there is something to get from this introspection.

William Benner indigenous Savannah GA. Top top July 08, 2012:

Here is an additional dream I had when i was practicing Buddhism..I had a dream that i was fishing in a murky pond and caught a base that ns cleaned and found a glowing bass inside. Ns then turn to girlfriend of mine and said \"look a Buddha bass!\" so does median that also in the dark and murky components of subconsciousness minds, us can discover enlightenment?

Sue B. (author) on July 07, 2012:


understanding her perspective of Lilith is important. The is likewise important to discover the factors why you are selecting Lilith to stand for your feminine aspect of self. If you room demonizing this facet of yourself, you are repressing it, casting it aside, and may no be expressing or acknowledging vital aspect that self. You might want to consider reading information around the anima, a concept from Carl Jung. The anima is the unconscious feminine facet of self that men have actually repressed and also have actors aside as external of their identity and also not appropriate in some way.

For you, that sounds choose as you fix this issue and acknowledge this facet of self, you will watch this feminine together a various character- one that is no demonic-- and also a number you are much more likely to accept.

William Benner native Savannah GA. ~ above July 07, 2012:

From my previous experiences I linked Lilith through the demonic...however, ns am mindful that some check out Lilith as a symbol female of empowerment and also creativity. If you would review some of mine hubs girlfriend may much better understand my point of view!

Chris top top July 07, 2012:

Thank you so lot Sue..It all makes sense, ns won't do it a long story however Jono almost passed once he was a baby, ns told my daughter the week before that he had actually a selection of going earlier home increase till he to be 5, then he is below till 18 then ns couldn't see any more, i left the day before he was taken to hospital and also I have always had guilt over it..I have actually 19 grandchildren and also 3 great grandchildren yet he's the only one I have actually guilt over and his brother Trent (He's autistic and also I had actually a bond with him since birth)..The ocean (water represents emotions come me) so you are appropriate on track around Jono and the water and the fish..My husband passed in 91 (Paul) and I remarried in 2003(Peter) but there has constantly been guilt, caring around another man, Peter and also another guilt is thinking around Paul as soon as I'm v Pete..I recognize Paul is happy whereby he is and he quiet visits..So there is guilt and also mixed emotions..Just since I'm psychic doesn't work for my own emotions, i can help many others however when it involves myself climate I need help...LOL..You are spot on..

Thank friend again Sue B..

Sue B. (author) top top July 07, 2012:

highvoltagewriter- if girlfriend think her dream is mirroring a darker female aspect of me then this is likely the case-- you are the dreamer and also are ultimately the skilled of your dreams. My inquiry for you would be- why is this darker? can feminine attributes exist and be honored in your current belief system and also how deserve to you balance this?

William Benner native Savannah GA. On July 06, 2012:

This dream was during a time duration that i was exploring several spiritual options. Ns am mindful of the myths concerning Lilith and I always wonder if it had to execute with part darker female facet of myself?

Sue B. (author) top top July 06, 2012:


Thank you because that commenting. Yes, dreaming the fishing have the right to mean you reap fishing. Dream symbols are unique to each human being which is why there have the right to be so countless possible definition to our dreams. Fishing can additionally reflect a need for a break and also relaxation- an outlet.

Fishing can likewise be a metaphor for what we are looking for and what we may uncover within us. Since the s is often symbolic of ours unconsciousness, the fish we record can relate to what we are just becoming conscious of.

I read your profile and also I would endeavor to guess your fishing dream relates to seeking the truth both in ~ yourself and within her spirituality. Lilith might be an exciting biblical reference. In ~ the story the Adam and also Eve, over there is reference to Lilith- Adam's very first wife. The name Lilith often tends to relate to feminine empowerment- Americans may remember the Lilith Fair because that instance.

When ns put every one of this together, ns wonder if girlfriend are at this time exploring your anima, the unconscious facet of me that Carl Jung theorized is current yet repressed in all men. In stimulate to attain inner balance and a feeling of completion, we strive to re-integrate this element of self we have actually somehow learned to leave behind because it did not fit right into who we believed we must be.

Interesting dream, many thanks for sharing!

William Benner native Savannah GA. On July 06, 2012:

Maybe when you dream of fishing the only means that you choose to fish and you think around it a lot? the is why i felt that ns have numerous dreams about fishing. But I perform wonder....what if you dream about fishing because that a type of fish that does not also exist? ns once had a dream around a fish called a \"Lilith fish\" in mine dream. Carry out you have any type of ideas top top what might represent?

Sue B. (author) top top July 05, 2012:


This have the right to mean a most course. This sounds prefer you are acquiring in touch v someone unconscious come you. What it is, just you really know. What is it the is just past your awareness? one ancient part of self? A past life? a component of you the has constantly been there however has no been component of your conscious mind? due to the fact that this is a man's name and also I'm assuming her a woman, this might be her animus, her unconscious woman unconscious element of self. If you space working on her animus girlfriend may uncover that your dreams adjust over time and this masculine facet becomes an ext and more familiar come you in the dream till you totally integrate this aspect earlier into her identity.

Sue B. (author) top top July 05, 2012:

Hi Chris,

Thank you because that sharing your dream. A dream indigenous a psychic may not be my forte however I can absolutely give girlfriend my view on her dream.

Psychics are human being so despite popular belief, psychics have dreams that space reflective the psychological/emotional states. I have actually noticed desires can become more confusing for a psychic because the an interpretation of the dream is less frequently assumed as reflection the self.

I'm curious to understand if friend have any further understanding into this dream. The sounds prefer one that has troubled you.

In general, the ocean have the right to represent the unconsciousness and also the fish are parts of the unconscious that we space becoming aware of. In this dream, you seem to have a negative reaction and also are resistant to this awareness as if girlfriend are preventing confronting something. Because that spiritual people, the unconscious can additionally encompass spirituality within the dream. I would perceive this s as girlfriend although i am curious to know if you additionally perceive this ocean as a cumulative consciousness, something higher than yourself, etc.

The kids are fishing- are they reminding you of or happen this up the you would quite leave alone? it seems favor you don't desire memories or something within my love or psychic to it is in disturbed, leave every little thing as is- don't rock the boat/make waves.

The white fish sounds like it is connected with her husband. The is exciting that girlfriend realize within the dream that what space you saying are excuses-- it's too tiny when the isn't, you didn't want to death it. White has tendency to be associated with spirituality and/or someone who has passed away.

The blue fish appears to have actually disturbed girlfriend the most. This have the right to be reflecting worry for your grandson Jono however it can additionally reflect an element of self that you would associate through Jono. My very first impression was the this blue fish can represent an unfavorable emotions for you such as depression associated with the pass of your husband and also how this depression (or comparable emotion) is threaten your partnership with her grandson, is threaten him somehow more directly, or is threatening the childlike pleasure you have within.

Hearing a track with native \"hold on\" sound proper to me. This sounds choose a article directed come you emotionally. That sounds prefer you should pull stamin from within and also get through a challenging time.

I hope this help at the very least spark additional insight!

Brenda top top July 03, 2012:

I had actually a dream through a big, colorful fish the told me, before I was who im currently I to be Joseph... What is the meaning?

Thank u!!!

Sue B. (author) top top July 03, 2012:

Ice in basic can relate come something frozen-- generally frozen emotions for me. What have actually you been keeping on ice or no expressing?

Catching fish method you room finding life within what is frozen and also having a reawakening of sorts. You assumed the fish to be dead but there is new life in what girlfriend are learning or rediscovering. To have 3 certain fish might relate to vital trilogy to you-- past/present/future. You are killing the fish, how did this feel? If this to be negative, i would watch this as a new method you room attempting to protect against some uncomfortable thoughts/emotions that should be addressed.

Sue B. (author) on July 03, 2012:


Since fish tend to stand for what is bubbling increase from our unconscious, this dream sounds prefer it is relating to your excitement about what you have actually recently become much more aware of. Have you gained more insight right into yourself recently?

Chris on July 01, 2012:

Hi Sue..I hope you can assist me with a dream I had last night..Being a psychic i have plenty of strange dreams..I don't psychic everything around the dream however I mental bits and also pieces, One part of the dream had actually my husband that has passed (1991) and also I was wait for that plus others, my 2nd eldest daughter was additionally in the dream, then ns looked in the direction of the ocean and also the kids were fishing, there to be 2 fishing rods in the sand and also I screamed that the rods had fish on them, the first rod I got hold of the fish and it was a white fish, i was stop it waiting for hubby come come look, ns didn't desire to kill it and said it was to small but it wasn't, i looked over to the second rod and also my grandson was running the end of the water since this really pretty metallic blue and other colours was chasing him and also I couldn't understand why it to be chasing Jono(my grandson) and bypassing all the other children in the water...When i woke I had a tune with the native \"Hold on\" in my head..As I stated before, I constantly have strange dreams and can usually work out what castle mean however then I have actually some yes, really strange ones choose this one..Any assist much appreciated..Thank you

Sue B. (author) top top July 01, 2012:


This dreams gives me the impression you are attempting to take care of yourself. Overall, it sounds like a optimistic dream and also is revealing come you your present progress and also your current struggles.

Cleaning in desires usually means to me that i am clean myself-- are you attempting to cleanse yourself? who knocks over a key of water. Ns would view the bowl of water together emotions the you have consisted of into something and also have forgotten about. Although you space cleaning, knocking end the water sounds like it was valuable to you- this fish required to be revealed.

These fish sound choose they space important aspects that space jut coming to her awareness now. You space protective that them and see their worth to your all at once well-being.

The crow sounds like it might relate come something that threatens you. Is this likewise symbolic the something interior for you? Is the crow her shadow? your an adverse thoughts? depression? What is threatening your wellbeing and also happiness?

It sounds like you may have had actually a time in which you were temporarily depleted that energy and also your soul/heart/mind to be undernourished. During your cleansing, you to be able to placed things ago where lock belong.

Sue B. (author) on July 01, 2012:


there is a related hub on snakes here:

The unknown human I would certainly perceive together an aspect of you. Due to the fact that this is a friend in your dream, this may relate to her animus (this is the unconscious masculine aspect of self). As you will read in the snake article, snakes can symbolize a lot. In this dream, they might be concerned what endangers your life's path. If I had actually this dream, ns would want to explore the unknown person further due to the fact that this suggests there is a component of you the you do not have actually insight into. I would also want to check out if this snakes must be killed. Back ridding oneself of what we no much longer need (emotional baggage, letting go of the past, an adverse thoughts, etc.) we also want to be mindful we space not death of what is essential for us (unconscious aspects of self we may not like but are essential for us to feeling whole).

Sue B. (author) on July 01, 2012:


This sounds prefer a spirituality dream because that you. Are you buddhist? If not, the sounds choose you may be tapping right into unknown spiritual territory for yourself. Because you were trying to put your feet in the pond yet were afraid of small fish, it sounds prefer you space fearing what girlfriend will find out if girlfriend gain additional self-knowledge. Before we see and also confront our inner truths and core emotions, we deserve to experience are afraid of the unknown and also fear the what we will find out about ourselves.

The koi fish is a typical symbol of spirituality. That is looking in ~ you which could mean the you are additionally looking at it. This sounds prefer a dream showing you your development towards your very own spiritual enlightenment.

Victor top top June 30, 2012:

I remained in my dream yesternight and i dream once i was recording fish in ice cream water and the fish space very large at very first i thougth the fish is death however i found out the the fish is moving a little so i use a hook to record of to three fish and also use knive to kill them you re welcome i require an interpretation to the dream thanks.

Emah on June 28, 2012:

Hi sue,

I had a dream lastnight and all the stood out was the fish swim they to be in a very big tank and i simply remember them swimming. An initial it was 3 fish but then there were 2 i psychic me being overly excited around watching this fish swimming in an over sized glass tank the was countless to how much the fish went. I referred to as a family member end to watch them swim and when the family members member acquired there she too was too many excited and we began celebrating and by the end of the dream there were several household members and by then it was much more like a party. I am so confused by what it every meant, do you have solution to this dream ? it to be so weird and also i don't know why we so happy that the fish to be swimming.

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Sue B. (author) on June 27, 2012:


since fish and fish tanks have tendency to relate come emotions that are bubbling up from ours unconsciousness, the sounds favor these tiny fish space your feelings linked with your crush. That sounds like these feelings space growing.

YukiAsh top top June 27, 2012:

I had actually a dream around fishes. I was cleaning and someone knocked over this bowl of water. Come to find the end i saw beautiful fishes that were so colorful lying on the carpet. Ns didn't understand how numerous we're originally in the bowl yet I retained finding more fish top top the carpet come the suggest where the bowl was end flowing with bright colorful fish. I had actually to protect the fishes too because the end of i do not have anything a crow came and tried to dart because that the bowl while ns was saving the fishes off of the carpet and I also got little bit by the crow trying to protect the fish. At very first I thought the fishes to be jumping out together I was conserving then yet they were actually brand-new fishes every time i found another on the carpet. The amazing component was I assumed they were dead and when I put them into the water ther eyes pierced at me and also then they started swimming again. Mine last photo was opened my hand end the fish bowl together seeing all the colorful fishes safe and also sound. What does this mean?

Blue on June 27, 2012:

Hi, This dream is really important come me and it will average a many if you deserve to interpret it because that me. I choose a guy very much and also I witnessed him in my dream and suddenly i was standing in prior of a substantial fish tank, the dimension of a room. There to be uncountable fish in it and were tiny but white and pretty. 보다 th