When a man does something, can you tell even if it is he"s really right into you or simply toying with your heart? learn what his moves typical straight indigenous the playbook itself!

THE SIGN: he is fairly physically affectionate v you.

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BIG FLIRT: He touch you since he think it"ll attract the 2 of friend closer. Interestingly enough, he also does it v a most other girls—yup, even when you"re around.

JUST FRIENDLY: he sees you as among the guys, and also as such, is not over giving you the sometimes tap on the arm v a close up door fist. Men are likewise known to support each various other in jest, so save reminding her friend the you are still a girl.

INTO YOU: He"ll it is in much more gentle and also respectful with you. He"ll put a hand on your elbow to guide you with traffic or casually drape his arm approximately your shoulder. An open palm ~ above the upper component of the tiny of your earlier in specific situations is additionally a good indicator that something"s up.

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THE SIGN: the asks you the end to dinner and also a movie.

BIG FLIRT: friend hear about him asking another girl out to perform the exact same thing the following day.

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JUST FRIENDLY: that asks you to come along with some of his other friends. And he doesn"t foot the bill.

INTO YOU: the takes treatment of everything, if making sure that it"s just you and also him walking out. That treats you choose royalty because that the totality of the evening.


THE SIGN: He has a sweet nickname because that you.

BIG FLIRT: He has actually a sweet nickname because that everybody. And also everybody knows he deserve to be a bit, er, chauvinistic in ~ times.

JUST FRIENDLY: the calls girlfriend by your special, "secret" nickname…because that heard among your friends using it and found the amusing.

INTO YOU: He creates a distinct moniker because that you alone, and also tells you just how you motivated him come come up through it. The doesn"t feeling the have to tell everyone else, since he desires that name preserved just in between you two.

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THE SIGN: the keeps calling friend on your landline, cabinet phone, Skype, or every little thing voice communication an innovation happens to be well-known at the moment.

BIG FLIRT: He has you on speed dial—along with every various other girl in your school, street, or general neighborhood.

JUST FRIENDLY: that calls you to gain the scoop top top today"s homework, or come learn more about the latest gossip. In fact, it"s currently become something of a daily ritual for the 2 of you.

INTO YOU: He provides it a suggest to speak to you at the very least once a day, and always wants to know just how you are prior to anything else. In fact, most of the time that"s the just reason the calls!

THE SIGN: that keeps commenting on your social media posts.

BIG FLIRT: He"s a guy of the world, and also he pays particular attention to creating of a much more personal nature, such as blogs, in order to present how "worldly" and "sensitive" he is—while impressing you in the process, that course. Pay fist to "Wow, you"re for this reason galing"—type posts, without further elaboration.


JUST FRIENDLY: that finds her stuff funny, and also makes it a point to tease you or to speak something quasi-witty. Us say quasi, since the wit could only it is in existent in his very own world.

INTO YOU: He wants to recognize the factors behind every little thing you deigned to create at a certain moment. While the finds your writing interesting in itself, he"d like to know much more about the surname behind the pen (or keyboard).

THE SIGN: he keeps text massage you or chatting v you at any time he records you online.

BIG FLIRT: He"s got more than a couple of hundred girlfriend in his directory, however he doesn"t also know most of them that well. He"s just hoping who cute will respond favorably.

JUST FRIENDLY: all of his friends space stuck in class or the end of town. You"re who to speak to, and also it will show by the wide range of object he"ll lug up, conquered mostly by his own interests.


INTO YOU: He messages or chats to find out what exactly you room doing or thinking. And when that asks what you"re thinking, it"s a pretty sure bet that you"re really much top top his mind.

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THE SIGN: He complies with you around an ext than your Shih Tzu does, and sometimes, he will certainly not walk somewhere if you"re not going.

BIG FLIRT: He"s more likely to monitor you than to no go to a party there is no you. That sees you together someone that can present off to various other guys, or at the very least as a an essential to acquiring to recognize other girls. In a party, he can vanish as conveniently as he came up to say hello.

JUST FRIENDLY: He may stick to you like glue since he"s not comfortable through anyone else in a certain setting. In the exact same way, the won"t desire to go to an open up party or any similar event if friend won"t be there. However once he it s okay to the party and also spots among his buddies, he"s gone.


INTO YOU: that refuses to leave her side since he truly find you fascinating. Thus, he"ll constantly it is in doing little things to do you an ext comfortable such as holding your seat or acquiring you a drink. For this guy, a party is no funny without you there, for this reason he"ll suggest something else to execute if friend can"t do it.

THE SIGN: He always compliments friend on the means you watch or act.

BIG FLIRT: This is a means of buttering girlfriend up, and also it normally comes normally to him. The telling sign here is that he compliments girls freely and easily, while various other guys get the complete opposite treatment from him.

JUST FRIENDLY: This male will give you the typically male kind of backhanded compliment. "Pare and also ganda mo ngayon ha! Para kang magde-debut," partnered through the requisite guffaw. However, this might just as easily develop into something more than simply "male" bonding.

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INTO YOU: that will notice the smallest things around you, choose a new pair that earrings or recently trimmed hair (believe us, for guys, this things room small). He will certainly compliment girlfriend freely, and also it won"t be complied with by an obnoxious laugh. And most importantly, he can took straight into your eyes when he says it.

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This post originally showed up in the December 2009 issue of candy Magazine.

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