a reduced of meat native the heavy-muscled component of a hog's rear quarter, in between hip and also hock, commonly cured.

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We can talk till we're blue in the face about this quiz ~ above words because that the shade "blue," however we think you need to take the quiz and also find out if you're a whiz in ~ these vivid terms.
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before 1000; center English hamme,Old English hamm bend of the knee; cognate with middle Dutch, center Low German hamme,Old High German hamma; akin come Old norseman hǫm buttock; maybe akin to Greek knḗmē shin, Old irish cnáim bone
halve, halvers, halves, halyard, Halysites, ham, Hama, Hamadan, hamadryad, hamadryas, hamadryas baboon
First videotaped in 1880–85; brief for hamfatter, ~ The Hamfat Man, a black minstrel track celebrating an awkward man
hard as a motherfucker: in very high-energy manner; to an excellent degree (a euphemistic acronym supplied as a summary of intensity, there is no explicit vulgarity): Nothing can stop me indigenous partying HAM this feather break!

To walk ham is to put in one extraordinary, also aggressive, quantity of effort. If friend went crazy eating ham, you’d it is in going ham on some ham. In this sense, ham may stand for tough as a motherf****r.

Hard has been used in hip-hop v a couple related meanings because the 1980s. If you do something through intensity, you perform it hard. Rappers have actually been bragging around rolling and hustling hard due to the fact that the 1980s. A person can additionally be hard, an interpretation they’re “tough.” In 1988, for example, sir Mix-a-Lot bragged about being “born in the ghetto, tough as metal.” Q-Tip exit a song titled “Go Hard” in 1999.

So, what if who is (or goes) even harder 보다 that? then they might be tough as a motherf****r. An internet forum short article from 1999 described Ice Cube as “hard together a motherf****r.” The expression even found its way to at the very least one international hip-hop scene, as a 2003 book on Australian hip-hop said two regional groups, Brethren and Def great Cast, “hit difficult as a motherf****r.”

The acronym H.A.M. Uncovered widespread popularity in 2008. The January, Gucci Mane exit “Go Ham top top Em.” later on that year, Soulja boy released his own song through the same title.

In 2011, Jay-Z and also Kanye West teamed increase on “H*A*M,” whereby they bragged around going harder than anyone else in the game.

deshaunwatson) February 5, 2012

There’s also a sportswear brand called H.A.M. Even e-sports players can go ham. In 2015, a player that the video game Heroes that the Storm to be heard utilizing the phrase on one ESPN2 broadcast.

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Of course, you can go ham in ~ anything you want, prefer say, dancing. Though the words ham stands in for may not be agree in polite society, ham chin isn’t considered offensive. In 2018, a Philadelphia news station used the term for a video of a pug and also some pigs walk ham ~ above a pizza, mirroring just how mainstream the slang has come.

More instances of ham:

“With David Gordon Green’s Halloween set to premiere in ~ this weekend’s Toronto worldwide Film Festival, Blumhouse has unleashed a brutal brand-new trailer — and also we do mean brutal. Unequal the an initial trailer, this sneak emergence finds Michael Myers walk H.A.M. Throughout Haddonfield, Illinois, terrorizing cheat or treaters together he moves favor a go nightmare from within the shadows.”—Michael Roffman, an effect of Sound, September, 2018