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Dear Glen,

Thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger"s Terminator 2 catchphrase “Hasta la vista, baby!” people around the civilization have come to be at least somewhat familiar with expressions that begin with ‘hasta’ and also (at least I hope) know that this is Spanish for “see you...” However, as soon as you begin learning, hearne to, and also using Spanish, you’ll uncover that over there are quite a few different means you can finish that expression! each one comes with a slightly various direct translation and also actual intake so stop dive right into these options to assist you decision which one to pick as your own personal catchphrase…


Hasta luego is mine go-to at any time I must say ‘see ya!”

Hasta luego

Rough English translation: Literally speaking, hasta luego converts to “see you later”* and also is the many common means to say goodbye to who in Spain. It also carries the the very least amount that connotation so you space the the very least likely to do a mistake v this one. Feel cost-free to finish conversations through family, near friends, acquaintances, and also even strangers v this one without any sort of party glances.

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Pro-Tip: right here in Andalusia where civilization like to speak quickly and also ‘eat off’ few of the letters of words, nothing be surprised if this expression sounds more like ‘ta wuego.’

Example in context: let’s say you enjoying part tapas in ~ a bar in the city center. Together you acquire up to leave, her friend defines she’s going in the contrary direction for this reason you continue to say your goodbyes. You will do it probably provide her dos besos, and also close the conversation through an ‘¡hasta luego!’ as you walk off in the opposite direction friend pass her waiter who many thanks you for coming, come which you’ll likely solution with “ a ti. ¡Hasta luego!” (Thanks come you. Watch you later!”), too.

Hasta pronto

Rough English translation: Literally speaking, hasta pronto translates to “see girlfriend soon.” However, be mindful that this is no the correct means to speak “see friend soon” to friends who you will see shortly. Instead, this “see girlfriend soon” is supplied in situations in i m sorry you will certainly not watch someone because that a long period of time or once you have actually no idea when the following time girlfriend will view them may be. In fact, I’ve been corrected numerous times by friend in Andalucía together this expression may come across as a cold to world in this an ar who are very warm friendly and also optimistic around further encounters. Instead, this “see friend soon” is more common in organization relationships and is usually perfectly correct to use, yet keep in mind the you cannot combine it with any kind of reference come future plans, i.e. Nos vemos manana, ¡hasta pronto! or “See girlfriend tomorrow, check out you ‘soon’” would certainly not it is in appropriate.

Example in context: when I’ve had friends correct me on the connotation of this term, there are many perfectly normal cases in which you have the right to use this expression. However, it need to NOT be after you’ve made plans to check out someone (because friend will plainly see them quickly in the case) or v close friend or acquaintances you watch regularly. If it’s clean to both civilization that there will, in fact, be a long duration of time before your next encounter this is the method to go! stop say you’re meeting up at that very same bar through your Spanish intercambio to give thanks to them and also say goodbye prior to you return to your home country. In this case, it would certainly be just as valid to close v hasta pronto as it would to close with hasta luego.


Hasta ahora

Rough English translation: precise speaking, hasta ahora translates to “see friend now” however in truth this is the Spanish indistinguishable to “see you soon.” In many cases, if you’ve discovered yourself wanting to usage hasta pronto because you directly translated indigenous English, the an ext accurate, friendly option you’re in search of is in reality hasta ahora. Spaniards will use this commonly to indicate that the time in i beg your pardon you following encounter each other truly will be soon.

Example in context: This expression is especially beneficial when you currently have plans with someone. I personally usage it once said plans room within a couple of hours yet it could arguably be provided anytime your plans space within the very same day or probably longer depending on how you and the world you’re speak with specify ‘ahora.’ Thus, if mine friend and also I to be chatting over Whatsapp to check our plans to accomplish at that bar tonight I can say “¡Vale, perfecto! Hasta ahora” (Okay, perfect! check out you soon).

Hasta entonces

Rough English translation: Literally speaking, hasta entonces converts to “see you then” and this is the helpful translation together well. Again, this expression is only used if you have actually plans v someone or if a details event or occasion has been stated in the conversation. Choose in English, ‘then’ or ‘entonces’ needs to refer to something, for this reason this expression would certainly be inappropriate if such an occasion did not exist.

Example in context: I like to usage this expression as soon as closing a conversation in which i’ve made or shown plans v someone because that a later date, although that can also be used for the exact same day. Thus, if i were talking to my very same friend today about our intentions to meet up ~ above Saturday I could close through “¡Vale! Si algo cambie, car aviso pero si no, ¡hasta entonces!” (Okay! If miscellaneous changes, ok let girlfriend know yet if not, watch you then!”).


Hasta la vista

Rough English translation: precise speaking, hasta la vista converts to something prefer “see you following time” or “until the following time us meet.” i have actually never seen any kind of of the Terminators movies yet from my expertise this essentially way that it’s a poor an option for the Terminator’s closing line as the idea the terminating someone is that you won’t see them again. Nonetheless, because I opened up the short article with a reference to this ax I wanted to in ~ least carry out a translation for anyone hanging ~ above for that one.

Example in context: come be completely honest through you, I’ve never ever heard a Spaniard use this expression unless is to be to quote the movie. At least in this component of the world, i would select one of the above hasta expressions unless you desire to receive a chuckle and hear Spanish impressions the Schwarzenegger. A better alternative because that “until following time” would also be hasta la próxima.

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Hope these rapid explanations can assist you in her Spanish conversations! allow us know if you have any other certain doubts us can help clear up in future Spanish expressions articles.


*Okay, well if we’re gift literal, hasta means ‘until’ however because we nothing say things favor ‘until later’ or ‘until soon’ as a common closing in English I’ll be translating come ‘see friend __.’