I"ve seen all of these supplied to typical "pretty", back "hermosa" seems to average beautiful and "guapa" appears to typical handsome. Are there any type of subtle differences them?

For instance, in English gift beautiful is a much higher compliment than being pretty. Perform these words have various levels of worship to them as well? have the right to guapa be supplied for females and males? How can I learn which one to select for a provided situation?



I have heard part say.... Anda bien "guapo" that is really guapo.. In a for this reason drunk terminology... Of food its also slang since it actually makes no sense...
I will try to do a comprehensive answer top top the subject.

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First the all, Guapa(o), Hermosa(o), Linda(o), Bonita(o), Bella(o) are all synonyms to part extent, so one can be offered in the place of the other most the the time. Although some are an ext appropriate than others depending upon context, review further.

Second, let"s define every one of these state according to the RAE, this alone may help you watch the subtle differences between them.


(Del b. Lat. Boniton).

m. Pez teleósteo comestible, parecido al atún, pero más pequeño.

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bonito2, ta.

(Del dim. De bueno).

adj. Grande (‖ que supera a lo común). Tiene un bonito mayorazgo

adj. Lindo, agraciado de cierta proporción y belleza.

bello, lla.

(Del lat. Bellus). 1. Adj. Que tiene belleza.

adj. Bueno, excelente.

□ V. Arte bella bellas letras bello sexo

lindo, da.

(Del lat. Legitĭmus, completo, perfecto).

adj. Hermoso, bello, grato a la vista.

adj. Perfecto, primoroso y exquisito.

m. Coloq. Hombre afeminado, que presume de hermoso y cuida demasiado de su compostura y aseo.

lindo don Diego.

m. Coloq. Lindo (‖ hombre que suspect de hermoso).

de lo ~.

loc. Adv. Lindamente, con gran primor.

loc. Adv. Mucho o con exceso.

□ V. Linda pesca linda pieza

hermoso, sa.

(Del lat. Formōsus).

adj. Dotado de hermosura.

adj. Grandioso, excelente y perfecto en su línea.

adj. Despejado, apacible y sereno. ¡Hermoso día!

adj. Coloq. Dicho de un niño: Robusto, saludable.

guapo, pa.

(Del lat. Vappa, vino estropeado, hombre vil, vagabundo).

adj. Coloq. Bien parecido.

adj. Coloq. Animoso, bizarro y resuelto, que desprecia los peligros y los acomete. U. T. C. S.

adj. Coloq. Ostentoso, galán y lucido en el modo de vestir y presentarse.

adj. Coloq. U. En vocativo, vacío de significado, como expresión de cariño, a veces con retintín o con tono de irritación. Cállate un poquito, guapo

m. Hombre pendenciero y perdonavidas.

m. En estilo picaresco, galán que festeja a una mujer.

m. Pl. Vulg. Prendas que se ponen en días de fiestas y ocasiones muy señaladas.

~ y apoyado.

loc. Adj. Coloq. Ven. Dicho de una persona: Que tiene respaldo de los gobernantes.

Now the we identified those terms we can see the bonito is likewise a type of fish, that lindo is likewise a guy with female mannerisms or the guapo have the right to be apparel or a vain guy who lies.

You ask if guapa deserve to be provided for both males and also females, well guapa is inherently used to females, yet if you desire to use it to males you need to say guapo. Guapa(o) is, many of the time, offered for young people and especially for males (i.e., the masculine form guapo, at the very least in some regions). Guapa have the right to be supplied for females and it isn"t taken into consideration weird or uncommon, however bonita for females is preferred over guapa, simply as guapo is preferred over bonito for males. Guapa(o) have the right to be offered for someone that you wouldn"t really treat formally even if girlfriend don"t recognize the person. If you room young and also she/he is young, too, girlfriend would hardly ever treat this human being as usted, because of this there"s no have to use a word an ext formal 보다 guapo. Guapo is virtually never supplied to explain a thing, except if you room teasing. (Please keep in mind that in numerous regions the Spain, guapo is provided to define something the is cool, pretty or awesome. Nonetheless, in Latin America, it is largely used because that people.)

On the various other hand, if the person you room describing or addressing is someone the you would treat formally such together an old person, or a "respected" person, it can be better to use bello or bonito / lindo. Save in mind that bello is much more often offered in literature works and also grandiloquent expressions, or by someone who desires to display off his vocabulary skills.

Hermoso is periodically used to explain someone but an ext often used to explain something in nature, a i or something the is very majestic, such as these images here. Also so, you will discover that some use the word come other things as well. The RAE definition for hermoso also includes one that is specifically provided for kids (see hermoso, meaning #4 above). Interpreted into English, it basically means that hermoso can be used to explain a healthy-looking child, and, as a aboriginal speaker, I can attest the this native is widely supplied in this context.

For a more general native lindo or bonito is what you room looking for. Both words can be provided in any kind of context, to define a person, young or old, formal or informal, to explain things or noþeles you can think of.

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Note: ns am a indigenous speaker and also this is based largely on experience with a grain of opinion. From region to region, you will certainly find differences in usage and meaning. I will admit that i don"t understand all those in existence, specifically those uncovered in central America, the Philippines and also Equatorial Guinea, however my knowledge of what these words mean and how they are used do apply to other regions to some degree.