America loves their Dallas Cowboys. But aside from the eco-friendly Bay Packers, practically no various other NFL franchise deserve to rival the Chicago Bears in terms of overall history. Once called the Decatur Staleys in 1920, the Chicago Bears have retired 14 jersey numbers; the most in the NFL and also the 3rd most in expert sports. If this is the can be fried tribute come the club"s former players, a more far-reaching tribute has actually been worn on the sleeves that the Chicago Bears" uniforms for 30 periods now. 

"GSH" was included to the sleeves of the Bears" uniforms before the begin of 1984 NFL season to respect it"s starting father - George Stanley Halas. Frequently referred to as the "Papa Bear", Halas to be the Chicago bears owner native 1920 come Halloween that 1983 when he passed far from cancer. The kid of Greek-Slavic immigrants, Halas created the bear in 1920 as soon as he take it a task with A.E. Staley, a starch manufacturer in Decatur, Illinois. Just they weren"t dubbed the bears at the time, they were the Decatur Staleys. 


Not only was Halas the owner and also coach however he additionally was a vast receiver because that the Staleys. (Oddly enough, George additionally played baseball because that the brand-new York Yankees for one season earlier in his career.) Two year later, Halas helped shift the APFA (American skilled Football Association) into the NFL (National football League) in Canton, Ohio. The league was seen as a haven because that the less than mainly football players throughout the country. The all readjusted over time together Halas recruited players prefer Bobby Layne, George Blanda, Red Grange and also Sid Luckman come come play for the Bears. 

The Chicago bears uniform has changed many times since they were the Decatur Staleys in the 1920"s yet have seen few adjustments because 1984. In 1984, the "GSH" was included to the left sleeve the every player"s jersey. The Bears also began put on white jerseys through navy trousers for away games that year. If friend would choose to see a complete history of the Chicago Bears" uniforms over the years, you can do therefore on their website at 


George S. Halas (Pictured Right)

Image Credit: Jim Summaria (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Unfortunately, "Papa Bear" never lived to watch the Bears win their lone Super key in 1985, just two periods after his passing. He did, however, aid assemble that an extremely team who many call the greatest protective team assembled in NFL history. Halas to be the integral component of the bear eight NFL championships which were titles before the Super key era began in 1967. Six of those NFL championships were winner while Halas was the head coach the the Bears, the many in NFL coaching history (tied with Curly Lambeau that the green Bay Packers). 

Today, a part of George lives on v the Chicago Bears. His earliest daughter Virginia McCaskey is the majority owner that the team. If the team hasn"t been as dominant these last couple of seasons, teams prefer the Bears never ever stay on the NFL"s "irrelevant list" for also long.

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The NFL"s talent will proceed to shake from year come year and also the passionate Chicago fan base will continue to rally behind your beloved Bears.