With end 2.45 billion energetic Facebook users, if you room not top top the platform, you miss out ~ above the fun and also convenience it brings.

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Like all other social media platforms, on facebook will assist you develop those much-needed connections and also develop relationships. That makes communication easy, fun, and also convenient among its users v its application dubbed Messenger.

Every time you go online, her friends seem to know. Is it just a coincidence, or is someone spying top top you?

Blame that on the renowned green dot.

The eco-friendly dot functions both ways. The same method your friends deserve to tell as soon as you go online is the same means you will know when castle do. The green dot will display on your profile.

Places facebook Will display You the green Dot

On on facebook Messenger

We begin by clarifying some confusion here.

A friend might accuse friend of skipping their texts or calls on Messenger since the green dot is visible on your App versus your facebook name on your end.

But how could you neglect them while you have actually not been using the Messenger app all day?

Here is the clarification; as long as girlfriend are active on Facebook, even if it is on Messenger, Website, or the App, the environment-friendly dot will show on Messenger.

On on facebook Website

Now, let’s to speak you decided to check out a high school friend top top the on facebook website. Luckily, her friend has not readjusted his or she name, and also their on facebook profile pops up. If friend spot the environment-friendly dot, you are in luck.


You just uncovered your long-lost buddy, and he or she is online. Meaning you two deserve to connect and also catch up best away.

Next to The video Icon

The Messenger app brings your friends best in prior of your confront so that you can choose to either talk to lock or not. It provides the search easy for you. Once you have chose who you would choose to connect with, madness on your name, and that will certainly lead you come a web page that will provide you three alternatives to contact that friend. Girlfriend can choose to either do a voice call, a video call, or conversation them via message message.

If you should make a video clip call to your friend, very first confirm a eco-friendly dot beside the video icon at the optimal of the page. If the eco-friendly dot is absent here but available at the Messenger, your alternatives are minimal to text message and also call.

There room two factors why the video clip icon could not have the eco-friendly dot:

If you have actually not connected your device’s camera to your on facebook accountIf her friend’s machine does not have actually a camera or the or she has actually not attached their camera to their on facebook account.


So, just just how reliable is the eco-friendly dot yes, really — is the foolproof?

No, no really.

If you are not in the habit the force-stopping your facebook App, the remains active in the background many of the time. That is not surprising as plenty of other apps law the same way. If that happens, the environment-friendly dot will save displaying, sending out the wrong post to other Facebook users.

For clarity’s sake, on facebook will display screen the words “Active now” just below the user’s name together a check of their digital presence.

Privacy top top Facebook

At some point in life, us all yearn for some privacy. There could be those moments as soon as you require some quiet time online and also not necessarily catch up through friends on society media. However that may be the minute most of your friends want to capture up.

Does Facebook market some privacy?

Well, on facebook does not believe t\it owes you privacy.

But, castle do provide you through the option to go private when you need to. So, if you room a private person, her friends don’t always have to know when friend go virtual or offline.

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The environment-friendly dot may have actually a lot of affect on how you communicate with your virtual friends. However, deciding who and also when you desire to record up or relax and enjoy every little thing Facebook has to offer is yours. Ultimately, you have the strength to identify what the environment-friendly dot will typical on her profile or if it will be clearly shows at all.