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Now, Words and Their Stories, a regimen from VOA finding out English.

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On this program, we take English expressions and also explain where they come from and also how to usage them.

In every languages, pets often discover themselves in the center of many usual expressions. English is no different. This day we focus on the goat!

People have actually been dealing with goats for a long time. A website ~ above the history of goats, The Goat Guide, states their story dates earlier many centuries. It insurance claims that people began using the animals as food over 9,000 year ago!

Goats room nosy, social animals. They are solid and have the right to live in any variety of environments. They deserve to eat nearly anything and also a the majority of it!

Among all domesticated animals, goats probably have actually the most going because that them. Milk from goats never expenses a lot. And also goat milk is simple for the human body to digest. Your meat is tasty and also can be prepared in various ways. In addition, goat hair is provided to make several of the finest and softest clothing money can buy.

With together a long background and so much going because that goats, you would think that English has countless expressions with words goat.

But the doesn’t.

We only found two. And one is just a noun: the word goatee.

Now, goats have actually small, tufts of hair on the lower component of the face. So a goatee is face hair in about the same part of the chin top top a man. The looks a little like the moustache on a masculine goat.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary cases that words goatee first appeared in 1841. At the time, a goatee only meant hair cultivation on a masculine chin, lot like a goat’s. However, by the 1990s, the word had concerned mean any facial hair the is on the chin however not higher up ~ above the cheeks. Therefore it also involved men wearing a mustache. Some would argue -- and also people who research men"s facial hair do -- that a true goatee is just hair ~ above the chin.

The next goat-related expression is an ext interesting -- to get someone"s goat.

Hearing this expression the first time, you might think it means to steal someone"s goat. Yet that is wrong.

If someone gets her goat, they do you angry.

But why?

That’s a an excellent question. The prize is … we’re not so sure.

A dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English states that “to acquire someone’s goat” may come from the French expression prendre la chevre, which method to take it the goat.

Apparently, one way people might get milk to be from a goat. Therefore naturally, taking the animal would anger its owner.

Another explanation needs to do through horseracing.

In the 1900s, human being who trained steeds were said to have put goats near racehorses to save them calm. Just before the race, the goat was removed. This would, supposedly, do the equine nervous and also ready come run.

However, there is no evidence to assistance this explanation. People who study languages for a living have actually a surname for that -- folk etymology. An additional term for it is one urban legend.

In earlier times, “to get your goat” had another meaning. If something gained your goat, it might have made friend nervous or worried.

In his book Smoke Bellow, American writer Jack London tells the story that two males crossing a bridge that is really high turn off the ground. The command character, Smoke, makes it safely throughout and shouts a warning back to the other.

"Your turn," he dubbed across. "But just keep a-coming and also don"t look at down. That"s what obtained my goat. Simply keep a-coming, that"s all. And also get a relocate on. It"s almighty rotten."

Here, he means looking under made him feel frightened. Americans don’t really usage the expression in this means any longer. That is a great example of how the an interpretation of an expression can adjust over time.

Let’s talk about some various other words that typical the exact same as "got someone"s goat.”

We have already used the word "annoy." Some comparable words are aggravate, bother and also bug. Girlfriend can additionally irk and vex someone. So, something that gets your goat is irksome or vexing. And if who has acquired your goat, friend could additionally say that or she has rubbed girlfriend the not correct way.

With all of these expressions, it have the right to be an activity that gets your goat or a person who gets her goat.

Let"s say you work with someone who doesn"t clean increase after herself. You deserve to say, she yes, really gets your goat. Or if you desire to make it less personal, you deserve to say, "It really gets my goat as soon as she makes a mess at the coffee machine."

Now, if something regularly gets your goat or rubs girlfriend the not correct way, the can become a pet peeve. Pet peeves are those seemingly small things the get on her nerves.

While a person can gain your goat or obtain on your nerves, that or she can not be referred to as a “pet peeve.” yet their plot can!

For example, one pet peeve that mine is when one human being takes up two seats ~ above a crowded train, especially if a pregnant woman or enlarge adult needs a seat! Is the a large deal? No. Yet it gets my goat, nonetheless.

And that brings united state to the finish of this Words and also Their Stories.

So, what gets her goat? What rubs friend the wrong way? execute you have any type of pet peeves? permit us understand in the comment Section!

I’m Bryan Lynn.

And ns Anna Matteo.

"Something around the means you tasteMakes me wanna clean my throatThere"s a message to your movementsThat yes, really gets mine goat

I searched for sniffy liningsBut you"re rotten come the coreI"ve had actually just around all I can takeYou know I can"t take it no an ext ..."

Anna Matteo wrote this story with some literary recommendations from a 1992 story created by Deborah Potter. George flourish was the editor. The track at the finish is Devo singing “Gut Feeling.

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Words in This Story

domesticate v. to breed or train (an animal) to need and also accept the care of people : to tame (an animal)

digest v. to change (food that you have actually eaten) through a biological procedure into easier forms that can be supplied by the body

tuft a tiny bunch the feathers, hairs, grass, etc., that grow close together : tufts of grass : A tuft that hair stuck the end from under his hat.

folk etymology n. the change of words so regarding give castle an noticeable relationship to other better-known or better-understood words

urban legend n. a story around an unusual occasion or incident that many people think is true however that is not true

character n. one that the persons of a drama or novel

aggravate v. informal : to make (someone) angry : to stroked nerves or bother (someone)