2 : to write or say the precise words of (someone) He began his decided by quoting Shakespeare. Deserve to I quote friend on that? <=can ns tell other civilization that you said that?> See much more ExamplesHe to be quoted as saying the there would certainly be additional delays. <=it to be reported that he said that there would be more delays> The reporter quoted the police cook as saying the an investigation would be released soon.Hide

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3 : to compose or speak a heat or brief section from (a item of composing or a speech) that quotes the bible frequently.

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Verb He began his decided by quoting Shakespeare. The reporter quoted the police chef as saying that an investigation would be launched soon. the quotes the bible frequently. Noun every chapter that the book started with an inspirational quote. She included quotes indigenous the poem in her essay. The short article included quotes indigenous the mayor and several councilors. The price quotes gone beyond our expectations. I checked the stock quotes online. title of newspaper posts should be inserted in quotes.
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Recent instances on the Web: Verb Helen place a an individual ad in the document which happens to quote Jessica’s favorite poet and Jessica, despite being fully risk-averse, takes it as a sign and also meets up through Helen. — Rebecca Caplan, Vulture, 25 June 2021 Irey, in fact, chose to quote from a modern editorial released in The Nassau Guardian that wondered about whether the Bahamas had any ethical responsibility to curb this behavior. — Joseph Thorndike, Forbes, 24 June 2021 Sacramento lobbyist Jennifer Fearing has actually long to be vocal about gender disparities in politics, recall journalists to quote more women sources and also organizations come include more women professionals on your panels. — Alexei Koseff, San Francisco Chronicle, 3 Oct. 2021 Bundles have the right to lead come inconsistent line-item pricing wherein the salesperson may use the bundling impact to re-quote certain costs during negotiations. — Ryan Neu, Forbes, 1 Oct. 2021 first the salesman refused to quote a price, and also then the manager refused. — Sally Schwartz, chicagotribune.com, 27 Sep. 2021 Tom have the right to quote Rilke and dance the rumba, whip increase brunch and a rose-petal bath, yet so what? — mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times, 24 Sep. 2021 yet the quote-unquote heist just gets Kai in trouble and binds the Mossbachers closer together. — Jen Chaney, Vulture, 15 Aug. 2021 come quote The September Issue, the documentary that complies with the makings of Vogue"s biggest worry of the year, September is the January that fashion. — Frances Solá-santiago, refinery29.com, 6 Sep. 2021 Recent examples on the Web: Noun once prospective client can’t see clear pricing upfront and also their quote seems inconsistent when compared to a friend’s, nobody trusts the system and also sales cycles get attracted out. — Ryan Neu, Forbes, 1 Oct. 2021 This write-up has to be updated with secondary statement native Robert King clarifying his initial quote. — Chancellor Agard, EW.com, 29 July 2021 however Bauer appeared irritated, a little distracted, during a quick postgame video clip call in which number of of his answers were clipped and also his walk-off quote was tinged through scorn. — Los Angeles Times, 25 July 2021 at least, that’s what civilization remember ideal from his famous quote about the furry companion. — Time, 24 June 2021 However, after being check out her details quote from the prior complimentary Press interview, Werner clarified. — Darcie Moran, Detroit complimentary Press, 15 June 2021 Gohmert responded to his own quote on Twitter but didn"t it seems ~ to know what anyone was yelling about. — Abigail Rosenthal, Chron, 9 June 2021 An previously version that this article, i m sorry no much longer cites him, wrongly omitted the ellipsis native his quote. — Betsy Mckay, WSJ, 27 Apr. 2021 Raducanu ultimately was required to retract from Wimbledon because of medical reasons however thanked Middleton for her support in a quote tweet — and got a imperial like! — Abigail Adams, PEOPLE.com, 6 Oct. 2021

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1582, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1a


1888, in the definition defined at sense 1

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middle ages Latin quotare to note the number of, number references, from Latin quotus of what number or quantity, native quot how many, (as) plenty of as; akin come Latin qui that — an ext at that