We"ve all been there, opened a snap or text from a girlfriend that just says "FT me" and also now we"re confused. Right here we"ll cover what FT really method on Snapchat and texting.

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You’ve invested some time snapping through a girl indigenous class, you’ve hung the end a few times outside of class and things room going well.

She sends out you a blog post that says “HMU to FT” and you feel a little dumb asking what the really means.

Want To understand Every single Snapchat Slang Word? we compiled a list of 300+ Snapchat acronyms and also words and also defined every single one!


Can’t friend Just video Chat top top Snapchat?

Yes, you can absolutely simply make call or video clip calls, comparable to FaceTime ~ above the Snapchat application itself. In fact, you can video clip chat v up to 15 friends at one time.

This feature has been about for a couple of years now yet people might not notification it. To perform a video call appropriate in Snapchat you have the right to follow these steps. Keep in mind, you can always do a voice-only contact by just deactivating your camera. Same as a FaceTime audio call.



One benefit of making use of FaceTime instead of Snapchat video call is the FaceTime permits for more users ~ above one video clip call in ~ a time. On FaceTime, you can have approximately 32 customers on one solitary group video clip call. Compare this come Snapchat, which boundaries your video call to 15 friends. Of course, ns would never get also close to that so that doesn’t really matter. But if you wanted to video call your whole class, climate FaceTime may be your much better option!

Swipe right to present the perform of friend you’ve to be chatting through recently. If the friend you want to video clip call isn’t on that list you can click the small chat icon with a “+” in ~ the optimal right and search because that the person.Once you’ve found the human being you desire to video call with, madness on your nameNow, you’ll watch a little video symbol at the top right. Insanity the video iconSnapchat will then call the friend using video.

***NOTE: Snapchat alerts you the the person you’re calling deserve to see your video clip before they accept the call. That method don’t choose your nose before they answer due to the fact that they deserve to see you!


The video quality and sound quality is pretty good, yet to be honest I think it’s better on FaceTime. However, if you’re chatting through someone ~ above Snapchat and also they desire to video clip chat, it’s often much easier to simply use the exact same application instead of switching to another app.

If you want to swap the camera about you can do so simply by double-tapping top top the screen. That will certainly swap the camera from the front-facing camera come the back-facing camera.

*WARNING: The human may desire to usage FaceTime since FaceTime won’t inform you if the other human being takes a screenshot or documents your video clip call. So if you’re act anything that you wouldn’t desire them to document or screenshot, ideal stay on Snapchat. Castle won’t be able to prevent it however at least you’ll be educated if the other human being does it.

Does The Abbreviation FT typical Anything Else?

To it is in honest, many of the time once someone says “FT” they typical FaceTime however there space occasions whereby the human being meant something rather entirely. We’ve viewed FT supplied on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. And nearly in every case they person way to to speak FaceTime. But, over there are always exceptions and that’s what we’ll comment on below.

In some occasions the person may mean to say:

For profession if the is applicable the you room on a trade forum or are talking to someone about exchanging something. You’ll need to use context clues to figure this one out. If friend were simply talking about Pokémon walk the human being may not desire to FaceTime but would quite trade through you.Featuring as in a song is by one artist featuring an additional artist. Because that example, the very popular JAY-Z song household Feud featuring Beyoncé. In this case, FT in music means Featuring rather of FaceTime.There is one much more exception. In soccer, FT means Full Time as in the entire 90 minutes of gameplay has actually elapsed. This is contrasted to halftime (HT). Mine guess is this isn’t used all that often unless you’re specifically talking to your friend around soccer.
More FT AbbreviationsMeaning
Anyone Wanna FT MeaningDoes anyone desire to execute a team or solitary FaceTime call? You deserve to FaceTime with dozens of civilization at the exact same time with the latest update.
FT girlfriend MeaningFaceTime buddies, the human wants to on regular basis FaceTime through you or is someone that you regularly video clip chat through already.
Can girlfriend FT MeaningDo you have time to hop top top a FaceTime call?
Down to FT MeaningDo you desire to FaceTime with me?
Group FT MeaningStart a team FaceTime contact with me!
HMU to FT MeaningHit Me as much as FaceTime! This have the right to be confuse if someone uses two abbreviation in the same sentence but both space pretty commonplace and you should understand them.
I’m top top FT MeaningI’m on a FaceTime speak to or I have actually an iPhone and can hop on a FaceTime call. The person likely isn’t in reality on a FT call yet they mean to speak they have FaceTime and also can call.
SB to FT MeaningI’m trying to find somebody to FaceTime with
U wanna FT MeaningDo you want to hop ~ above a FaceTime call?

While these are particular to Snapchat, you deserve to really use any of these abbreviations in a text, team forum, or any other messaging app.

Ok, so currently you understand what FT way across society media, let’s chat around how you can actually FaceTime her friend.

How come FT A Friend

So you made a girlfriend on social media and also want to move from text massage or Snapchat to FaceTime. The an initial and most necessary requirement is the both you and your friend have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or a Mac computer.

Pretty much any Apple product allows you to FaceTime however at this point, friend can’t FaceTime if you have an Android or windows device, womp womp. If you’re on Android you can use Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, facebook Messenger, etc. To make video calls.

So now that we recognize both the you have a an equipment like an iphone to FaceTime let’s hop ~ above the call. Keep in mind for the steps below you will need two things.

One is the you will require the FaceTime application on her iPhone. While it come preinstalled, you have the right to manually delete it. If friend did delete it, you will need to reinstall the app. The second thing girlfriend will must make sure is that FaceTime is rotate on on her phone. You can inspect it by going come the setups app and scrolling come FaceTime. Tap top top it and make certain the toggle in on!

Unlock her iPhone and swipe under to open up the search functionalityStart keying in “FaceTime” and also the app will appear. Tap ~ above FacetimeTap the + symbol at the height rightType in your friend’s call number or email associated with your Apple IDTap the video Call switch to speak to the human being via FaceTimeWait for your friend to choose up the call
Yes, that’s a FaceTime screenshot of me Facetiming through my dog Kai. He’s my best fan.

How renowned is FaceTime?

Apple has actually been really scarce through statistics around FaceTime and also how many human being use the application each day, how many FaceTime calls space made, etc. The only thing we discovered was this article back in 2014, yes, I recognize it’s end 5 years old however I couldn’t uncover any new information.

The post says that throughout an investor call, Tim chef the CEO the Apple said over 40 exchange rate iMessages are sent out every day and also 15 to 20 million FaceTime calls room made daily. Imagine just how much has adjusted since 2014. In 2014, 170 million iPhones were sold. Due to the fact that then, Apple has sold 210+ million iPhones every year. An interpretation the variety of iPhones in the civilization has grown by over a billion because that report came out.

FaceTime has, however, come to be so ingrained in day-to-day life that a research found civilization would be willing to pay because that it. From the survey, 79% claimed they would certainly be willing to salary to use FaceTime and also the mean amount they were ok paying to be $2.78. Provided the number of users that make FaceTime calls every year, charging just a few dollars every year would add hundreds that millions if not billions the dollars come Apple’s revenue. However, what users say they’re ready to salary isn’t always what they would certainly actually pay.

Example that a FaceTime call

There’s no brand-new information ~ above how renowned FaceTime is, but we do recognize that since 2014 Apple has sold plenty of hundreds of millions of iPhones, Mac computers, iPads, etc. That way the number of FaceTime calls every day is likely tens to numerous times much more than the 15 come 20 million number quoted 5 year ago.

In numerous ways, FaceTime has end up being the gold standard for video clip calling. Also if you don’t want to video call, you have the right to use FaceTime audio which is comparable to simply a regular phone call yet it operation on data. So, because that instance, if you’re in a spot v WiFi however no signal or bad signal you deserve to use FaceTime audio if you want to conversation on the call without making use of video.

Warning around FaceTiming through Strangers!

No one can know the intention of who else and also when someone claims let’s FT they may be a friend you understand from school or a predator there is no the ideal intentions.

Keep in mind the you must ONLY FaceTime v someone that you have actually met in person before. Together tempting together it may be it’s no worth Facetiming v a creep. That course, if the human being is in her school and also you understand them from class or soccer exercise or elsewhere feel complimentary to FaceTime with them. But in today’s society, it’s essential to store your privacy protected and also constantly it is in on the lookout because that creeps.

If you’re ~ above Snapchat and someone desires to FaceTime that you don’t know stop and also think. Are you getting negative vibes from this person, perform you know this human being in genuine life, does the human being sound too great to be true? when in doubt execute NOT offer the human being your an individual cell call number. Maintaining your an individual information exclusive is critical when it pertains to online society media.

If girlfriend feel that the human may not be that they speak they space or if girlfriend have negative vibes native the person please block the Snapchat user and report their habits to Snapchat. Unfortunately, in 2019 the is all too common for world to have ill intentions or be creeps. Just make certain you don’t loss into any kind of traps.


You can report a Snapchat user by pressing and holding on a Snapchat user’s name. Indigenous there, a conversation box will certainly pop up giving you several various options, among which is come report the user.

Snapchat has actually a good resource on how to block users that you can uncover here. Come report abuse or an abusive article on Snapchat you deserve to head to this link.

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Remember, Snapchat is fun and bringing your conversation end to FT is unauthorized in countless instances however it’s important to keep your privacy defended from strangers and constantly err ~ above the side of caution as soon as online.