Hi Daniel, I have actually a question from the listener’s perspective. Those the difference between “versus, &, feat” and other weird things in the track’s name? i mean, if i listening to something like “A vs. B & C feat. D (E Remix)”, and I would choose to find similar tracks, which artist have to I look right into — A, B, C, D, or E?

To give a sense of context, here is what I’m talk about: Liquid heart vs Zyce ft Solar Kid – we Come In Peace (Talpa Remix). Ns hope my inquiries is not too aer for your blog :)


No worries Laura, over there is naught to be ashamed of, ns sure many listeners roughly have the same question. Stop clarify those things:

&“And” is a collaboration between two or more artists with equal legal rights and contribution, i.e. They room co-producers. In other words, this artists made it together.

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Vs.Pretty lot the same as above, other than that versus likewise might be provided for some sort of DJ battles whereby one DJ competes with one more one.
Feat.“Feat.” stand for featuring, and usually, it method a short or guest appearance. A most usual example — a vocalist.
Pres.Often used when artists existing his brand-new alias to the public, usually less known. For example, Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze – “Bliksem”, wherein both of these are projects of Sander.
RmxA “remix” is a track transformed by another artist, therefore the name. The artist dubbed a remixer.
IDSometimes you may see “ID” rather of a track title in DJs tracklistings. If you room curious around what walk it average and what it happens, i recommend reading in-depth Max Graham’s explanation.

Now to the second component of your question.

If you prefer “Liquid spirit & Zyce ft. Solar Kid – us Come In Peace (Talpa Remix)”, climate I’d imply checking out an ext of Talpa. In general, the remixer specifies the mood of the track, for this reason it’s Talpa in this case.

I hope it makes things easier.

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