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Essential French Expression

Meaningin fact, as a matter of fact, actually
IPA <ɑ̃ fɛt>

Usage notes: The French expression en fait is provided to contradict something and also offer an explanation. It’s an extremely common, however in fact probably not as typical as you think – see keep in mind at the end of this lesson.

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Par exemple…

– Tu n’as pas de chien.– En fait, si.– you don’t have a dog.– Actually, i do.
– Tu vas être en retard si tu ne pars pas immédiatement.– En fait, je ne travaille pas aujourd’hui.– You’re going to be so late if girlfriend don’t leaving immediately.– Actually, I’m not functioning today.
J’ai dit « oui », mais en fait je trouve que c’est une très mauvaise idée.I stated "yes," however as a matter of fact, ns think it’s a disastrous idea.
J’allais commencer à 9 heures, mais en fait je me suis réveillé trop tard.I to be going to begin at 9am, yet in truth I overslept.

 En fait in action

Examples the en fait in real-life videos indigenous Lawless French Immersion:

Bref ce geste … est en fait loin de faire l’unanimité.In short, this gesture … is in truth far from gift uncontroversial.
Video: Kneeling gesture at Euro 2021 sparks controversy
Parce qu’en fait, quand t’es un acteur, Lupin c’est le personnage idéal.Because in fact, when you’re one actor, Lupin is the right character to play.
Video: one interview with Lupin’s Omar Sy
Exactement, et en fait il y a un terme qui existe to water désigner ce form de differentiate linguistique.Exactly, and also in fact there is a word for this form of linguistic discrimination.
Video: French regional accents and also linguistic discrimination (and an ext than a dozen other uses of en fait in this video!)
Donc en fait si on parle de la programmation musicale…So in reality if we’re talking around musical programming…
Video: exactly how to theorem your very own festival?
En fait, j’ai du mal à réaliser parce que tout va tellement vite.In fact, it was difficult for me to realize due to the fact that everything went so fast.
Video: Basketball: Tony Parker talks about his job highlights
Donc des réservations qui ne sont jamais arrivées, en fait.Bookings that never ever came, in fact.
Video: French families hit ski slopes throughout winter break

Somewhat synonymous

à vrai dire – come tell (you) the truthau fond – actuallyen l’occurrence – in the eventen réalité – in reality

  Potential confusions

1) many French students use en fait indiscriminately to average "in fact," but this is frequently a mistake. Sometimes, the correct French translate into is en effet.

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2) regardless of its seeming similarity, the expression au fait has actually an entirely various meaning.