I save hearing this native "ese" (also order "esé" or "ése") on TV provided when parodying ubraintv-jp.com speakers. It"s often used in a very funny method to show friend or homie however I can"t tell what it means. Googling created mixed outcomes where some said it was a fake word offered only in Hollywood, others claimed it just meant friend, and some asserted its prefer using the n-word.

Can someone clarify the an interpretation of ese (as supplied in this context) and also explain if the is derogatory or not? If clearly don"t desire to usage it if it is!

Additional info from comment:

I"ve watched it in comedy sketches by an essential and Peele. Vital often talks in a mock ubraintv-jp.com speaking accent. I"m not sure what nationality or ethnicity that is claimed to represent, but the jokes are of a sort of parody-like nature in that he is skirting the line between funny and racist together comedians occasionally do. Example: eastern Side Locos Tagger

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Looking in ~ the video you mentioned, and also doing some googling, it turns out the ese (which has actually the gramatically correct meanings mentioned in the various other answers) is a Spanglish slang to refer to someone, normally the human you are talking to. There are no scholastic sources because that that, however here"s a very plausible explanation:

In part places, "ese" (pronounced es-say) is simply a slang means of refering come a guy. No various than dude, bro or man. <...> In short, ese deserve to be a neutral ax for any type of average guy or it can be a declare of one"s corridor affiliation.

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Ese is a demonstrative adjective (quiero ese libro, I want that book) or a demonstrative pronoun (quiero ese, I desire that one). Together a pronoun, it"s periodically written through an accent on the emphasize syllable: ése. (RAE, view the first meaning of ese, esa, eso)

Ese have the right to be provided to describe people, and also it sometimes has a pejorete connotation (RAE, see the second meaning the ese, esa, eso):

No conozco al tipo ese. (I don"t know that guy.)

Ese es un imbécil. (That is a moron.)

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I am type of weirded out through this thread!!! ns am indigenous California, but the weird nitpick top top the use of ese in mexico dialects sounds virtually like it’s gift answered by a bunch that folks that either go not prosper up or have been exposed to typical “California/Baja” ubraintv-jp.com usage, Idioms or slang, yet are still of mexico descent, or it is being answered by an ext people who never spoke ubraintv-jp.com in your lives, probably trying to find a translations to a meme or comparable joke. You aren’t going to find a appropriate translation digital for this usage of the word..

It’s actually less complicated than all this. Come answer the concern alone, because that this circumstance only, it can be replaced in English with any of these words:

Homie, Holmes, Bro, Dude, etc.

if an accent is heavy, it is since the person saying it has actually a hefty accent. A mexico ACCENT, and anyone repeating it the doesen"t belong come that sort of Barrio culture, is illustrating what they hear native Mexicans saying it. Or, making fun of Mexicans. Not cool, homie.

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(Homie switched out for ese).

The use of this word, and also whether that is maliciously plan or in great faith, relies on if the is being said among those methods or not, exactly like just how it is in English. If you were to use among the tantamount words i stated above...

“What’s your problem, Bro?” sounds menacing, hostile in english “Hey! Bro! How’s that going?” sounds friendly in English. “Dude! girlfriend shoulda checked out it!” sound neutral in english too.

However, friend still would not say that neutral usage of ‘Dude’ while talk to your an excellent aunt Beatrice, right?

And similar to in English, this Bro, Dude and so on names room slang, and also you would never call grandpa “Bro” and demand a high five. It’s rude.

So, “que onda, ese?” (or the indistinguishable english “What’s up, yo?” ) are phrases no one would ever use once speaking to grandma, relatives or respected community members, however this consumption is OK among peers, it’s just typical slang i m sorry anyone might find offensive, it simply depends on that thinks that way.

I think its choose using the angry “N” word being white, no issue how an excellent of a friend you space to an african American person, you don’t acquire to usage it. Ever.

This dominion can be used to anyone that isn’t mexican trying to usage "ese" together slang. *Not cool, Brah.* At finest you"d make a silly of yourself, at worst, depending on where you are, you can get in trouble you didn"t require to acquire in come in the an initial place. Always use common sense.

However friend DO acquire a cost-free pass making use of "ese" as slang if you room trying come sing follow me to any type of Cypress Hill lyrics and also you have to sing come "Insane in the Membrane"-

nobody care if girlfriend can’t control yourself cuz nobody can,

also if you are paraphrasing your favorite present from any kind of movie portraying Barrio society

In general, just like all slang, if you need to ask, girlfriend should more than likely not be making use of it, but if you want to know simply to know what’s walk on if friend hear it, yes sir no reason to no be privy come the social consumption of a slang native in a language that you SHOULD recognize if you room living in specific areas that the unified States.

Summed up, any means you deserve to think of to usage “Dude” in English, aside from its proper, webster’s thesaurus use the the hatchet in to the to horse ranches etc. Is what “ese” means in the mexico dialects that ubraintv-jp.com in this context only. Neglect all the various other urban dictionary stuff and also other appropriate uses.