The story of just how George Lucas attracted from unlikely sources to surname the greatest display villain of all time.

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This month, to celebrate the release of Rogue One, we’re walking to take a deep dive into the secrets and stories neighboring the creation of Darth Vader, starting with a look in ~ the four aspects that comprise this iconic villain — the name, the look, the body and the voice.

The surname ‘Darth Vader’ goes every the way back come George Lucas’ turbulent draft an overview of The Star Wars, completed in may of 1974. In fact, facets of Vader deserve to be uncovered in four separate personalities from that draft.

General Darth Vader, of the Royal space Fleet, to be a “tall, grim looking humanoid”. Lucas has actually indulged in a little bit that self-mythologising and revisionist history over the years, claiming that he always intended Vader to be Luke Skywalker’s father and also that the name meant ‘Dark Father’, but the fact isn’t the straight-forward.

While ‘Vader’ does typical ‘Father’ in Dutch, that pronounced an extremely differently (‘fah-der’). ‘Vater’, the German word because that ‘Father’, is pronounced an ext like ‘Vader’, however. ‘Darth’ doesn’t average anything in netherlands or German, although that does, of course, sound a little bit like ‘Dark’.

But Vader, as originally conceived in the stormy draft, to be a fairly minor character, and it seems exceptionally unlikely that he was intended to be concerned the hero the the story — especially because, in the unstable draft, the hero’s father to be still alive and also was a various character altogether.

At the time, Lucas claimed the name “sort of appeared in mine head one day. I had lots of Darth this and also Darth that, and also Dark mr of the Sith. The early on name was in reality Dark Water. Then I included lots of last names, Vaders and Wilsons and Smiths, and I simply came up through the mix of Darth and also Vader.”

We have the right to assume ‘Darth’ was liked for its phonetic similarity with ‘Dark’, then, however that still leaves a question mark around ‘Vader’ — could anyone really just casually throw about a great last name like ‘Vader’ v generic last names choose ‘Wilson’ and ‘Smith’, as Lucas explains above?

Well, friend probably can if girlfriend went to school with one.

George Lucas went to Downey High school in Modesto, California v Gary Vader, a soccer player that was one year older 보다 him.

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Here’s Gary Vader in the 1960 Downey High college yearbook v a few of his gridiron teammates.