Last Updated: may 8, 2021

What walk CTFU mean?

CTFU method cracking the f*ck up.It could likewise mean cracks the f*ck up.

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CTFU MeaningFind out what CTFU way and just how it is used.CTFU is one initialism that represents cracking the f*ck up (or crack the f*ck up). The is very comparable to the much an ext popular acronym LOL in that it’s used to to express amusement or display that you found something funny.

Where is CTFU used?

CTFU is generally used in texts or online conversations.

CTFU is offered on the follow platforms and places:

textingonline conversationDiscordFacebookFacebook MessengerInstagramSnapchatTikTokTwitchTwitterYouTube

An instance of the initialism CTFU in a message message.An example of the initialism CTFU in a text message.

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How is CTFU used?

CTFU is used to phone call others the you found something funny. It is often used together a response to who who states something funny. That can additionally be offered in a comment together a an answer to a funny photo, video clip or meme.

Do human being say CTFU the end loud?

No! They just laugh!

Example uses of CTFU

On online conversation:Did you see how funny the cat video clip was? CTFU