What go coño mean?

Coño is vulgar Spanish slang because that “female genitalia” à la the English pussy, often used in daily speech through the versatile force damn or fuck.

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Coño is a Spanish word obtained from the Latin cunnus, which part have associated to the English cunt.

Coño is uncovered all around the Spanish-speaking world, indigenous Spain to Chile, and also its provides widely very. Coño is sexual slang identical to the English cunt or pussy while in Cuba, coño can be choose an exclamatory Holy shit! or Wow! Coño also shows up in a number of profane expressions, together as coño de tu madre, or “your mother’s pussy.”



It’s claimed that Rafael Trujillo, the Dominican dictator, shouted Coño! when he to be assassinated in 1961.

I’m for this reason confused. So currently sexy lingerie and dresses room out, but hairy armpits & “pink” hats average I’m empowered. Exactly how about, ns wear every little thing the hell I want because, wait because that it, NOT every little thing IS around F*IN POLITICS. Mine body. Mine closet. Mine fashion. Mine MTHFCKN choice. Coño.

Coño is taken into consideration vulgar in Spanish, especially when offered of female genitalia, however that doesn’t protect against it from being incredibly versatile.

my mommy rly purchase a shirt that says “coño”… and also wore it come the club…

— nylaah! (
notnylaah) October 14, 2018

Outside that its usage as sexual slang, it can variously to express surprise, dismay, and also anger, choose shouting Fuck! or Fucking hell! in English.

niggas yelling “Coño” gotta it is in the funniest shit ever

— Jala (
mfjlaa) October 15, 2018

Expect to conference coño in the sexed-up and slanged-up lyrics of reggaeton, a Latin-American lab that started in Puerto Rico.

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Needless to say, you don’t desire to be saying coño roughly your abuelita.


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