In this great we are going to find out which is the easiest method of comparing 2 natural numbers, exactly how to to compare integers and also to use mathematical signs of comparison.

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In the most typically used base-10 positional system, the value of a position in a number is constantly smaller 보다 the value of the location to that is left. Also, the worth of a position in a number is constantly larger 보다 the value of the positions to its right. These statements space true no issue which numerals room in those positions.

How come compare organic numbers?

The easiest way to compare numbers is to draw a number line and mark the number you desire to compare on it. On the number line, the worth of the number is raising from left come the right.


The conclusion is the if the number $A$ is positioned to the right of the number $B$, climate the number $A$ is larger than the number $B$. In opposing case, if the number $A$ is positioned come the left the the number $B$, then the number $A$ is smaller than the number $B$.


Comparing integers


The “rule of number worth increasing” from the left to the best on the number line stated over also uses to integers.

You need to recognize their “position” on the number line and also then check out if the number $A$ is positioned to the left or come the ideal of the number $B$. The worth of integers decrease together their absolute value increases and also reverse. That is likewise useful come remember the the value of an unfavorable numbers is constantly smaller than the value the confident numbers (unless we’re talking around comparing their pure values, i m sorry are always positive).

Imagine the ahead picture, yet with a minus sign before the numbers (integers). The result of the to compare of these numbers will certainly be opposite come the an outcome of the comparison because that their hopeful counterparts.

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Signs supplied for comparing numbers

In mathematics there space six signs that us use when comparing numbers. The most essential signs are:● Larger 보다 (>)Smaller than (● Equal come (=)

The easiest way to mental these indicators is to remember the the guideline of the arrow is constantly on the next of the smaller sized number and also wide component of arrow is always on the next of the bigger number. We have the right to tell that: “the arrow sign constantly points to the smaller sized number”.

The other indicators are combine of the indicators mentioned above:● Larger 보다 or same to (≥)Smaller 보다 or equal to (≤)Different than (≠)