ubraintv-jp.com has two share words for school: escuela and also colegio. I have heard different explanations because that what phases that schooling each word refers to. For example, I"ve been told that colegio refers just to high institution and additionally that it can describe any school every that method down to kindergarten or very first grade.

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Other institution words are more obvious: primaria method primary school, secundaria method secondary school, universidad method university. However for escuela and also colegio, what great or age range do they most frequently refer to? space there any major regional distinctions from the norm?



I am including this an introduction following what was questioned in Juntemos en respuestas wiki ras respuestas cortas específicas de regiones / Let"s use ar wiki to summarize collection of short region specific answers. Feel free to edit to add the term supplied in your country or region.

Argentinaescuela: main school colegio: an additional school
Chileescuela (1): public major school (1° básico come 8° básico). escuela (2): greater education institute, component of a university or university (ex.: Escuela de Arquitectura de la Universidad X). liceo: public second school (I medio come IV medio). colegio (1): personal school, primary and second (1° básico to IV medio). colegio (2): generic school ("Se acabaron las vacaciones, de vuelta al colegio"). Periodically it used to do an financial or social distinction: "escuela" and also "liceo" space free, "colegio" is paid.
Colombiaescuela: main school, usually a public one colegio: all institutions, both primary and an additional Both words are likewise used for some universities names. An college covers the "college" time add to "university" time,
CubaThere is no difference in between ir a la escuela and ir al colegio. Both refer to the exact same institution. Colegio es used method less typically than escuela.
Españaescuela: college colegio: main and secondary school instituto: prep-school all of them + superior: college
Guatemalaescuela: public institution colegio: personal school Both words could additionally refer come elementary or high-school level.

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Mexicoescuela: school, normally grade institution level (but in unshened speech deserve to be provided to refer to any education setting) colegio: university (this can be faint -- safer choice is universidad) escuela secundaria: high institution universidad or uni for short: university secundaria: corresponds to the us junior high or middle school preparatoria, or prepa for short: synchronizes to us "high school" Colegio técnico: a college the teaches a special profession without taking all the extras needed for a higher degree.