Recipes that require a the majority of ingredients can obtain confusing at times, particularly with different herbs, spices, and also extra add-ons. A common resource of confusion is the difference in between celery seed and also celery salt. If you’ve ever before wondered those the difference in between celery seeds vs celery salt, we’re here to help!


What is Celery Seed?

Celery seed is just one of the most usual spices that you can discover in supermarkets. That is a good addition to your meals, as it gives several health benefits such together lowering blood pressure and acts as a diuretic too.

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This specific spice originates from the seed of wild celery, occasionally ground right into a celery powder, which has a stronger taste compared to the usual celery you purchase in supermarkets.

What is Celery Salt?

Celery salt is actually a mix of celery seeds and common table salt. It’s as simple as that!

This spice functions to include a hint of salty and celery odor to your food. Celery salt might not it is in something that people used often, however it is still critical part that the pantry. As a matter of fact, you deserve to make your own homemade celery salt if friend forget to get one indigenous the market.

Celery seeds vs Celery Salt

Celery seed and celery salt space the exact same in terms of their celery seeds component. The difference lies in the enhancement of salt, which affects that taste. While they are somewhat the same, that is risky to substitute one for the other.

For example, friend can add celery seeds to your salads with small issue, but including celery salt might make it as well salty. However, some world do add celery salt to food like potato salads and also coleslaw. Foodstuffs that call for a hints of salt prefer popcorn or fries can make use of celery salt too.


Whole vs Ground

Knowing the difference in between a celery particle vs celery salt is just one component of the equation. You also need to understand the difference between the totality vs ground. When should you usage each?

The kind of celery particle you use affects the texture and also the taste the the food you space preparing. Once using these, it’s finest to pay close fist to her recipes to ensure that the outcome of the food will certainly be delicious.

Ground celery is do by grind the seeds right into a powder, offering a well texture the is best for making sauces or smoothies. Entirety celery will have the whole, unground seed. Totality celery seed deserve to retain that flavor because that a preferably of 6 months, if the soil version have the right to last for as much as 3 months.

If you’re unsure that which come buy, friend can always get whole seeds and also grind lock yourself when the recipe calls because that it. All you have to do is to buy a spice grinder and also you can make a ground version from your whole spices.

What Does it Taste Like?


The tastes the celery seed and celery salt space the very same as the celery vegetable. It has actually the very same aroma and also flavor as the produce, making that a good addition to recipes once you desire to taste celery yet do not have actually the really celery stalk.

The soil celery seed is much more bitter than the entirety seed. Meanwhile, the celery salt additionally has a similar taste that celery however with a bit of saltiness included to it.

Can You instead of Celery Seed rather of Celery Salt and also Vice Versa?

The substitution that celery seed and celery salt is complicated. If you deserve to substitute celery seed for celery salt, you cannot substitute celery salt because that celery seed.

You i will not ~ have problems making usage of celery seeds in ar of celery salt in your recipe. You deserve to simply placed in celery seeds and include salt to your ingredients together needed.

However, making use of celery salt rather of a celery seed can pose a trouble to the taste. If you execute not require extra salt on your dish, climate substituting celery salt for seeds is no recommended. However, if you execute not have any type of celery seed and need to usage your celery salt, simply change the salt contents in your original recipe.

Do Celery Seed and also Celery Salt Provide comparable Nutritional Benefits?

Celery seed includes a many nutritional benefits. Celery is composed largely of water, yet it does have actually dietary fiber too. It additionally contains antioxidant such as selinene and kaempferol, gives Vitamins, K, C, and A, and also minerals like zinc, iron, and calcium.

Celery salt consists of the over nutritional benefits, but in smaller amounts. However, it has actually sodium content and can carry out a part of the recommended everyday sodium intake that the human body needs.

Cooking through Celery Seed

Celery seeds is a good addition to creamy salad dishes prefer potato salad. The is additionally an amazing means to an increase any recipes that require tomatoes such as a creamy tomato soup or tomato salad.

Moreover, it deserve to serve together a substitute for the actual celery vegetable in countless dishes. Make brine and pickle blends often additionally utilize celery seeds. It can even add an ext flavor come meat marinades.

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You can additionally use celery salt on something that requires celery seed v the problem that you make adjustments ~ above the salt level. Bloody mary cocktail recipes even make use of celery salt. The can additionally be used as a vegetable juice flavoring, as well as seasonings because that meat.

Recipes v Celery Seed

Are you looking for a cooking recipes that makes use that celery seed? here are some quick recommendations: