Hey guys, I'm working on a blog around different interpretations of beauty. So i am posing this question to you all being that you it seems ~ to have actually some form of attention in beauty beauty lol that doesn't have to be makeup related. Just a basic question. If you had actually to define what beauty beauty or the word beautiful meant to you, what would certainly you answer? many thanks in progressed :)xox


anything that renders you look and also feel good about yourself....its simply a plus as soon as others dig your style...not saying anyone will however people have different beauty styles like princess, goth, punker, skater, etc..i think the genuine beauty is the you think that beautiful for you!!! great Luck :)XOXO


Beauty come me is something that originates from within anything. You just be that you are from within and let your true beauty shine!!! as soon as someone is beautiful the is due to the fact that they deserve to be confident and also be who they were placed on this planet to be. Anyone is beautiful and also has true beauty, beauty in every street! labeling beauty as what human being can check out is a bunch of crap! the word is something the cant be seen by appearance however what is displayed through what we make and present oneself as!!! :D




Beauty come me is to be happy inside and out. Not having actually to worry about getting the approval of society and simply being 100%YOU!

beauty is so vast to me...pretty much, you must feel beautiful inside and also out. Make sure to be yourself; don't shot to be someone you're not. Beauty synchronizes with confidence, therefore make sure you stick toit!

The ascendancy of ignorance for gift a truly beautiful person is that it originates from your individuality and also grace.Whether or no you space beautiful aesthetically, your true colour come out v your personality and actions. If you space a beautiful person, you will glow and shine radiantly through beauty and also happiness.But if you are an ugly person on the inside, people will concerned learn that you room actually one unnattractive being, no matter just how beautiful her body is. Beauty, beauty comes with kindness, elegance, loveliness, andconfidence.

Apr 29, 2011

Soma S.

Confidence, integrity and a strong foundation to was standing on. If friend don't feel good, you don't look at good...

May 15, 2011

Nancy-Lee C.

Beauty to me is confidence. Pure and simple. The doesn't matter what surname is top top the brand in your clothing or what colour the bottom of her high heels are. What problem most, come me, is having actually confidence to command every ones attention. Even when you're the just one in the room. Xoxo

May 22, 2011

Robert Ivan L.

beauty, beauty is gift comfortable in your own skin."Or a kick-ass red lipstick!"

Nov 09, 2012

Linda C.

beauty, beauty is happy, confidence in yourself, a huge smile and heart. Loving and caring for others. Assembly is awesome, but without the above, it's justmakeup.

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