“Despite mine parents’ skepticism and my own hesitation, ns went from offering $6,000 in my very first 10 days come later coming to be the #1 rep in my division and climate moving into a monitoring position v $475,000 in career sales. Vector has given me the confidence and also knowledge to create my own success, quite than expect someone else does it because that me. Ns went from who who never ever looked outside his lull zone come someone that does it daily.”

I remember once I said my mom I want to start marketing kitchen velvet in high school.

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“What type of brainwashing cult did girlfriend join?” she asked, as panic and also fear spread across her face.

Turns out, my mom isn’t the just parent concerned around their kid(s) offering kitchen knives—even if they are really phenomenal knives, handmade in America.

I digress, though.

If did you do it made it to this page, climate it’s likely you have a couple of questions—or probably a couple of dozen—for us to answer prior to you let your boy start selling cutlery (even if it deserve to be done virtually from home). The good news is: we’ve acquired answers—good ones.

What’s the story behind Vector Marketing?

To know the story behind Vector Marketing, you very first have to understand the story behind CUTCO.

In 1949, two companies (ALCOA and Case Cutlery) started a joint-venture through the score of producing the absolute finest houseware knife top top the market.

They succeeded, and also the result was the an initial CUTCO knife, developed with the help of industrial Designer Thomas Lamb.

Two things made CUTCO’s knives particularly special.

For one, it has the perfect handle, practice designed by Lamb.

Two, its knives are made in America and also come through a “forever guarantee,” meaning, at any point in time after purchase, you have the right to send the back, and CUTCO will polish and also sharpen it. If the defective, send that back, and they’ll replace it.

This is how the mantra: “Buy once; use everyday; never replace,” concerned be.

So CUTCO had this phenomenal product, now, they had actually to number out exactly how to offer it.

At the time, the encyclopedia straight sales version was a popular method of marketing products because it was really convenient.

You had a product expert visit your home, whereby you could try the product prior to you bought it, and also the skilled would answer any kind of of your pushing questions about the product.

CUTCO adopted this direct sales model and worked with a bunch the independent providers that marketed its commodities for them. One company stood out amongst the rest—Vector Marketing.

Vector Marketing was so successful since of that systems and also processes, for this reason CUTCO acquired Vector Marketing together its own direct salesforce.

“Our two sons have actually had very different, yet positive experiences. Seth continues to make Cutco a job choice. He has actually grown right into one the Vector’s numerous success stories, to win awards and also enjoying his work. His younger brother, Kyle, no longer works with Cutco yet continues to benefit from his suffer as he applies it to other opportunities. In spite of our early stage skepticism, us now highly recommend both the product and the occupational opportunity.”

My child can work-from-home (remotely). Exactly how does the work?

Certain reps may be invited to interview, train, or job-related 100% remotely. Every they need is a cabinet phone and an internet connection, as the position will call for using (no cost) virtual tools and also apps—Zoom, Skype, facetime, etc.

Our digital programs have been emerged over countless years (and tens of hundreds of hours) of effort, testing, and customer feedback. There is no distinction in pay for a work-from-home (remote) rep than an in-person rep.

***UPDATE: With COVID-19 mandates, this is how our to represent are continuing to sell Cutco successfully. Exposure throughout a digital presentation (over-the-phone) is non-existent.

How does Vector Marketing pay?

Reps earn a guaranteed basic pay of $15-$18 every time they show Cutco to a default prospect, whether that be in-person or virtually. This is no an hourly rate. World sometimes think the $15-$18 every hour due to the fact that most appointments take in between 45 minutes to one hour. This is incorrect, though. It’s $15-$18 every qualified meeting given.

Why go Vector Marketing insurance pay?

Our product selling itself. We don’t need (or want) reps to press someone to buy from them, therefore we sell the basic pay as a guaranteed incentive.

Will my child earn commission too?

Yes. If the guarantee base pay fluctuates between $15-$18 per appointment, board of directors percentages room the same across the country.

We offer 10 to 30 percent commission through bonus avenues all the method up to 50 percent.

The portion you knife is based upon your overall career sales. You have the right to see just how much you need to sell in order to gain each percentage.


The quite thing around this is as soon as you make it come a details level—even if you take it a offering hiatus—you never ever earn less than that percent going forward. As soon as you do it to a certain level, you continue to be there till you make it to the following one.

Is my son classified together an employee?

No, your child is classified together an live independence contractor, aka a freelancer, which 40 percent of America’s workforce will certainly be by 2020(or 60 million people).

Being a freelancer, or independent contractor, your child has actually the deluxe of setting their very own schedule approximately classes and also extracurricular activities.

How execute taxes job-related for elevation contractors?

Independent building contractors do not acquire taxes taken the end of their continual pay, so they space responsible for taking care of their taxes in ~ the finish of the year.

Because an elevation contractor is favor a small business owner, they have the advantage of writing off business expenses once tax season roll around.

We encourage reps to save year-round for this reason they are ready to pay your taxes once tax season rolls around. Additionally, us prep reps with filing best practices. Learn more about submit taxes with a 1099 here.

How often is my boy paid?

Reps submit your orders and timesheets, which contains a list of your appointments, every Monday. They are then paid the complying with Monday through direct deposit or file check, i m sorry takes around two days much longer to process.

What will my son be doing?

Work varies from day come day, however usually involves:

Scheduling appointments with prospectsDemoing the product because that prospects  (virtually or in-person)Submitting stimulate forms and completing timesheetsReviewing performance and also receiving feedback with their regional office manager (either virtually, over the phone, video clip calls, or in-person)Attending one optional weekly team meeting at the office or virtually (Zoom, Skype, facetime, etc.)

Are there any kind of upfront costs?

No. None.  If your son will it is in meeting v customers in-person, fine loan him/her a Cutco sample collection at no cost. IF they want to buy their kit, they have the right to for a massive discount. Sales reps conducting virtual presentations do not require a sample set. They just use a tablet computer or computer system to walk with product alternatives with client virtually.

Do you administer training?

Yes, we’re one that the few companies who provide professional training.

Fun fact: In 1979, young workers obtained an median of 2.5 weeks of cultivate a year. When data is not simple to come by, about 1995, several surveys the employers discovered that the mean amount of cultivate workers received per year was simply under 11 hours, and the most common topic was rectal safety—not building brand-new skills. Through 2011, one Accenture study verified that only around a 5th of employee reported gaining on-the-job maintain from your employers over the past 5 years.
depending on where she located, early training take away place in between two and three days, yet there’s likewise ongoing maintain opportunities. Virtual training options can be discussed with the local manager.

My child is studying . Just how will this benefit her?

Today, ~50 percent that managers feel current grads are prepared for a permanent job when 87 percent the grads think they’re an ext than ready. It is a huge disconnect.

Employers check out the biggest need for development in the “soft skills” arena. Soft skills are skills that room useful across industries, and also therefore periodically referred to together “transferable.”

Students learn a broad array of valuable transferable skills working because that Vector, including:

Presentation skillsPublic speak skills“People” skillsGoal settingTime managementPositivity in the workplace

These an abilities are crucial to any type of professional today, in a world where jobs salary an typical of a $8,853 more than those the don’t call for “presentation skills.”

Likability matters in the expert world, yet plenty of young world have little to no idea/experience professionally communicating with human being in real life situations.

Fun fact: “Likable civilization are an ext apt to it is in hired, get help at work, get beneficial information indigenous others and have failure forgiven. A research of 133 managers last year by researcher at the college of Massachusetts found that if one auditor is likable and also gives a well-organized argument, managers tend to comply through his suggestions, also if lock disagree and the auditor lacks supporting evidence.” Source

Vector teaches reps everything from exactly how to make eye contact, confidently existing themselves, questioning questions, and also stand up because that themselves in a trusted manner. They’ll learn just how to efficiently network as well, which is so crucial when you think about the truth that most jobs are secured through weak ties.

Is training paid?

No. Your son will no be compensated because that the two- to three-day training. We believe we are offering a massive advantage to students by to teach them this basic, but complicated to acquire, soft skills that employers extremely value yet aren’t training young human being for.

What kind of world succeed in ~ Vector Marketing?

Not everyone will succeed in ~ Vector, and also we don’t accept everyone.

The right person for this job is someone that can existing well, has a confident attitude, is passionate to learn, committed, and also shows evidence of an inspiration and grit.

And just because your boy is more of an introvert doesn’t median they i will not ~ succeed in this position. The right human being can be coached to succeed very well in ~ Vector.

In fact, Adam approve proved that actually no the extroverts that succeed in ~ sales, yet rather the “ambiverts,” which are world who have the right to operate in both modes whether they swing one way or the other.

How does my child discover customers?

Reps start by practicing demos (either online or in-person) through close family and friends for this reason they feel comfortable and also relaxed in a safe, low-pressure setting.

On average, each customer refers five world to a rep ~ the presentation. So while they begin with friends and family, they’re easily introduced come friends the friends. Together such, reps are much from running “friends and family businesses.”

Is Vector Marketing safe?

Yes! We defend reps by having actually them start with their immediate network the friends and also family.

They don’t knock on arbitrarily doors, and also there is no cold calling.

Instead, reps work on referrals readily available by your friends or family members and speak with the customer prior to the appointment. This put the reps in regulate of that they see and when they watch them.

Will my child’s qualities suffer because of working at Vector?

Vector strives come teach skills to student that will certainly inevitably enhance their grades.

For example, reps collection up their own appointments, finding out time administration from their very first day the training.

The practice of time administration becomes a habit, so representatives waste much less time due to the fact that they know exactly how to reliably regulate a calendar and schedule.

“C” college student often end up being “A” students simply by getting these foundational skilled skills.

By becoming more efficient, castle procrastinate less, and also productivity, parallel to grades, increases.

Is Vector Marketing affiliated with any type of colleges?

Eighty-five percent of ours reps space students.

And every year, us donate a total of $40,000 to full time undergraduate students, who excel at offering CUTCO. In the fall and spring, the height 25 students space awarded, and also during the summer, the top 50 space awarded.

We proudly support and sponsor plenty of colleges throughout North America. Currently, our sponsorships include: DECA, i m sorry prepares college student to come to be leaders and also entrepreneurs and Pi Sigma Epsilon.

And we’re also a member of the following organizations:

Does Vector Marketing have good reviews from professors?


Can my child get internship credit functioning for Vector?

Yes. Vector supplies internships to your representatives, and also they are paid. The Campus Recruiting Team is happy to help Vector representatives navigate your school’s requirements. If eligible, the university or university might offer internship credits.

Here are much more Vector Marketing reviews.

Glassdoor is an government on what it’s like to occupational for various companies. Previous employees, who have actually no reason to to speak anything untruthful, will often post about their experiences and also Glassdoor needs them to say the great and the bad. Here’s are an ext than 2,155 mainly reviews that Vector Marketing ~ above Glassdoor. To put this in perspective below are evaluate of other influential companies:

Working at Vector Marketing prepares you because that life.

Working at Vector has helped a massive number of students uncover who castle are and also what they’re good at, all while acquiring hands-on skilled experience and making money.

Jacob Gordon, a Vector Marketing Assistant Manager (CK), shares about his experience:

Because of this job, i’ve met all kinds that people, from every walks of life. I’ve seen brand-new and interesting parts the the city I grew up in and also reconnected with a substantial chunk that my distant family. I was able to pay my method through school, and I had the chance to teach and also develop reps of my own. Today, i realize what it truly method to it is in independent the the environment approximately me.

Cameron Brown, boy of former Cavs head coach Mike Brown is an additional success story. Clock him share about his CUTCO experience below:

Vector is a platform for opportunity.

Your boy doesn’t really want to market knives; they desire to grow professionally and earn if they learn in-demand skills.

They want to do well in school and succeed and be happy through their skilled life. They desire to make something that themselves, however they just can’t uncover the help or maintain they must jumpstart that process.

That’s why offering knives no so bad to them—it will gain them closer to that they desire to be. They check out it together an invaluable stepping stone.

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Want to learn more? We’re happy come answer any and all extr questions.