The accessibility Pass, or AP, is an optional pass for the IMVU website. To buy the accessibility Pass is restricted to users who room 18 or older and also grants accessibility to a range of additional, much more mature content. Knowing exactly what you acquire from the accessibility Pass can assist you decide whether it"s precious buying because that you.

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Purchasing the access Pass enables you to see and also purchase extr items in the IMVU catalog. This items include more mature themes, such as nudity, alcohol and also tobacco use, profanity, mild violence and also sexual themes. However, these items space still minimal by IMVU"s Virtual goods Rating Policy, and also will not incorporate themes that have been considered too mature because that IMVU, such together suicide, drug use, discrimination, extreme violence, cruelty to animals or solid sexual content.

Purchasing the accessibility Pass enables you to view any kind of sections the IMVU that room deemed more mature. This includes groups and also public rooms, as well as two forums devoted respectively to general conversation between access Pass users and the discussion and also request of accessibility Pass contents in the IMVU catalog.

A cost-free age confirmation token is contained with the acquisition of the accessibility Pass. This token grants you a distinct badge for her profile; this argorial assures world who check out your profile that you are as old together you claim to be. If girlfriend have currently bought an er verification token before buying the access Pass, you will get a refund because that the price that the period verification token in the type of IMVU credits.

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Purchasing the access Pass unlocks added animations in the IMVU customer and allows you come restrict her public room just to accessibility Pass holders. Additionally, you have the right to restrict your entire homepage or components of it only to accessibility Pass holders and create one accessibility Pass minimal group for free. If you have bought her avatar name and signed up together a contents creator, you can also create access Pass minimal content and also upload it to the IMVU catalog.

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