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What does Andrew Mean?

Andrew is a Greek name definition "strong and also manly." It's a variant of the Greek surname Andreas, i beg your pardon is obtained from the element aner, definition "man." Andrew was the surname of Jesus' first disciple, and Saint Andrew is the patron saint that Greece, Russia, and Scotland.

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Origin: The name Andrew is a variant of the Greek surname Andreas and way "strong and manly."Gender: Andrew is historically a masculine name most frequently used for boys. Feminine variants such as Andrea and also Andi space popular among girls.Pronunciation: an-droo

Although numerous baby names space separated by gender, Verywell family believes the sex go not must play a duty in her name an option process. It’s crucial to select a name the you feeling suits your brand-new baby the best.

How renowned Is the surname Andrew?

Andrew certainly isn't a stranger come the list of renowned baby names. Odds space you've more than likely met quite a couple of people who bear the name. Andrew has actually stayed in the top 100 surname in the united States since 1900. It spent 12 consecutive years in the optimal 10 from 1996 come 2007, with 2003 gift its most well-known year. Due to the fact that then, its popular has slowly declined, and also in 2020 it held the No. 52 spot in the joined States.

Although Andrew's ranking has actually taken a struggle in current years, it's still thought about a timeless surname for baby boys. That is biblical reference has been the main source of popularity, however two American presidents—Andrew Johnson and Andrew Jackson—certainly aided make the a strong choice for parents. It's likewise a reasonably popular name across England and Ireland.

name Variations

Given the historic significance of the surname Andrew, there room variations in many different languages. This include:

Aindréas (Irish)Anders (Scandinavian)Andras (Hungarian)Andre (Portuguese)André (French)Andrea (Italian)Andrei (Rumanian, Russian)Andrés (Spanish)Andreas (German)Andrzej (Polish)
Andy: suggests a friendly, generous personality prefer actor Andy Griffith, with the entertainer heart of singer Andy Williams. He's sociable and also easy-going, and always fun to it is in around.Drew: Free-spirited and also courageous, attracted is always up for an adventure. The name says someone sensible, reliable, and unafraid the change. Whether it's the decision of NFL quarterback attracted Brees or the fun-loving personality the actor drew Carey, you're always in keep for a an excellent time.

Famous people Named Andrew

Given the name's long-running popularity, you don't need to look much for well known Andrews. Right here are few of the many notable ones:

famous Andrews

Andrew Cuomo, governor of brand-new YorkAndrew Garfield, American-British actor recognized for his lead role in "The exceptional Spider-Man"Andrew Jackson, saturday U.S. PresidentAndrew Johnson, 17th U.S. PresidentAndrew Lincoln, English actor recognized for his starring function on AMC's TV collection "The go Dead"Andrew Lloyd Webber, English composerPrince Andrew, duke of York, boy of Queen Elizabeth II and also Prince Phillip, fight it out of Edinburgh

renowned Andys

Andy Garcia, American actor recognized for his roles in "The Untouchables" and "Ocean's Eleven"Andy Roddick, American tennis playerAndy Warhol, American artistAndy Williams, American singer

well known Drews

Drew Barrymore, American actress recognized for numerous movie roles, consisting of "Charlie's Angels" and "50 first Dates"Drew Bledsoe, former NFL quarterbackDrew Pinsky, an American medical specialist and also media personality additionally known as Dr. DrewDrew Struzan, American artist recognized for producing movie posters

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