Everyone knows what a rainbow is. Many have also seen the multiple times. But, have you ever seen an upside down rainbow?

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The good Old RainbowA rainbow is created as a result of reflection, refraction, and also dispersion of light on highlight water droplets. What this way is the white irradiate splits into its constituent colors (VIBGYOR) in the kind of one arc. Rainbows formed as result of sunlight appear in the direction opposite come the sun. Although rainbows can be complete circle, many only have tendency to check out an arc.

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In a major rainbow, the arc reflects red on the outer component and violet top top the inside side. This rainbow is brought about by light gift refracted when entering a droplet the water, climate reflected within on the back of the droplet and also refracted again once leaving it.
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In a double rainbow, a 2nd arc is seen outside the main arc and also has the stimulate of its color reversed, through red ~ above the inner next of the arc.This is all around rainbows. But what around an upside down rainbow?Read Also: #ByeToGlobalWarming: This country Is World’s very first Carbon negative Country
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Firstly, upside down rainbows carry out exist. They no that typical though. Secondly, they aren’t rainbows. Well no technically. This is due to the fact that both space a product of different phenomenon. Upside under rainbows or circumzenithal arms are actually a kind of halo. Halos are a household of optical phenomenon developed by the interaction of light through ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. In fact, the upside-down rainbow is among the brightest and most colorful members that the halo family. Additionally, the colors, varying from violet on optimal to red in ~ the bottom, are purer 보다 those the a rainbow! because of its arc-like appearance, the circumzenithal arc is likewise referred to as a ‘smile in the sky’. Contrary to well-known belief, the circumzenithal arc is no a rarely phenomenon. It simply tends to it is in overlooked due to the fact that it wake up so much overhead.
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It is noteworthy, that it is worthwhile to look for a circumzenithal arc once sun dogs room visible because the same form of ice cream crystals space responsible for both phenomena. Therefore be sure to save a lookout!