A blank room is left before and also after a sign of comparison. Numeric setting is terminated by a space. The numeric indicator is required prior to the character that adheres to a authorize of comparison.

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Complex algebraic equations are finest enclosed in class 1 passage signs to ensure that letter standing alone and also indicators such together superscript, subscript, fractions, radicals, arrows and shapes space well identified without the need for great 1 symbol indicators.

The angle symbol is not thought about a shape. Follow print for use and spacing of the edge symbol.


When values room compared, they may be virtually equal however are not specifically equal or identical. Quantities are denoted as around equal come by the publish symbol of a double tilde or two parallel wavy lines. The braille price for roughly equal to is made v two cells; dots four five in the very first cell and dots three 5 in the second cell.

Geometric numbers are considered to it is in mathematically similar when the actions of respective angles are equal and the steps of particular sides are in the exact same proportion. The publish symbol provided to denote comparable to is a tilde (single wavy line). In braille, the tilde symbol is created with two cells: dot 4 in the first cell and dots three five in the second cell.

Congruent way exactly same in size and shape. In mathematics, heat segments, angles, triangles, and other figures can be congruent. The symbol because that congruent is a tilde over the equates to sign. In braille, the congruent come symbol is 3 cells: dot 5 in the very first cell, dots four five six in the second cell and also dots three 5 in the third cell.

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Example 7


In instance 8, the upper situation letters abc on the best side the the expression are each followed by the element symbol. The capital word indicator is no used since its effect is terminated by a non-alphabetic character, in this instance the prime symbol.

Example 8


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