Jaymi Heimbuch is a writer and also photographer specializing in wildlife conservation. She is the author of The Ethiopian Wolf: hope at the edge of Extinction.

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This beloved armadillo gets its surname from its propensity to scream when cornered. .Robert Eastman/Shutterstock

Armadillos aren"t normally thought of as loud animals, yet the screaming hairy armadillo has actually earned the moniker. The smallest of the armadillo species, Chaetophractus vellerosus acquired its common name by being extra hairy and also extra vocal.

When tackled or emotion threatened, the screaming hairy armadillo raises the alarm. Everyone knows as soon as one of these tiny guys is cornered. Here's what they sound like:

Screaming bloody murder isn't the just fascinating trait of this species. Aboriginal to the Pampas of southern America, the varieties has adjusted to life in sandy areas. They're professional diggers the burrow to escape the warm of the day and uncover insects.

Screaming hairy armadillos have actually their very own oddball way of burrowing because that bugs. "nstead of using their legs and claws to reveal grubs and insects, screaming hairy armadillos will pressure their heads right into the ground, then turn in a one to produce a cone-shaped hole," note the Smithsonian nationwide Zoo.

Fetching bugs indigenous the sand means eating quite a little bit of it as part of a meal. Individuals have been tape-recorded with sand consisting of as much as 50 percent of your stomach content.

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You'd think that to cope with digesting so lot sand, they would should drink plenty of water. But they obtain much the what they need from the tree they eat and also thus can go long periods without drinking any water at all.

In mid-August, the Smithsonian nationwide Zoo announced the birth of two baby screaming hairy armadillos, the an initial ever born in ~ the facility. The newborns fit in the palm of a hand and also are steal the mind of anyone who sees them. Though together they flourish up, their noisy nature could make lock a small less funny to hold!