A square procession that does not have actually a procession inverse. A matrix is singular iff that is determinant is 0. Because that example, there are 10 singular


,<0 0; 0 1>,<0 0; 1 0>,<0 0; 1 1>,<0 1; 0 0><0 1; 0 1>,<1 0; 0 0>,<1 0; 1 0>,<1 1; 0 0>,<1 1; 1 1>. " />

The adhering to table gives the numbers of singular

matrices for particular matrix classes.

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matrix typeOEIScounts for
, 2, ...
A0579811, 33, 7875, 15099201, ...
A0579820, 8, 320, 43264, ...
A0467471, 10, 338, 42976, ...

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